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Kyle and Sinead talk about some jewish degenerates, new stories, and controlled opposition.

Kyle goes over some current events regarding anti-White policies and then gets into how the right wing is shilling for the Communist Party of China.

Kyle and Sinead talk about some recent revelations and cover some of their work from the past decade.

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events, Roald Dahl’s “anti-semitic” Witches story, the witch hunt against White women, the trans agenda, and much more.

Kyle and Sinead cover some current events and then call out the front organizations pushing White sharia, raping girls, and anything possible to turn people away from defending White interests. Watch MAGA Opus

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events living under ZOG.

Kyle and Sinead talk about Mr Beast’s big Team Seas fundraiser and Ghislaine’s plot to “save the oceans”, then Kyle gets into Covid tyranny, murder by injection, and anti-White news.

Sinead talks about how Disney programs girls to want certain things out of life, which will definitely not lead to happily ever after.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the flu world order, anti-White nonsense, pedos in powers, the tribe of terrorists, and much more.

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Special video broadcast! Kyle and Sinead do a video broadcast, covering topics such as the anti-White agenda, COVID tyranny, jewish supremacism, and women issues. Please excuse any technical issues, as we will be improving quality/ settings in the future.

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Kyle goes over recent stories related to vaxx deaths, anti-White insanity, and jewish supremacism.

Sinead’s Soundcloud

Kyle goes over some of the latest news involving COVID, jewish supremacism, pedos in power, and White genocide. Sinead comes on in the second hour for a lively conversation.

Kyle talks about how children and adults are being abused and murdered in front of our very eyes, and yet nothing is done.

Kyle does the first hour and then Sinead comes on for the second hour. They talk about our situation in the zoo world order.

Kyle talks about the latest regarding COVID tyranny, anti-White assaults, jewish supremacy and much more.

Kyle talks about the ongoing war on Whites, the jewish criminal network, COVID tyrany, and how we need increase our efforts with online warfare in the month of October.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the how White people love the fall and pumpkin spice products (like at Heathen Herbs!), resistance to the flu world order, predators in our midst, and more.

Kyle talks about the ongoing White genocide agenda, the covid tyrants, and how we need to save children from this insanity.

Kyle talks about the vaxx mandate and related COVID insanity and then gets into some recent in the war on Whites.

Kyle talks about the war of words ramping up against White people, semitic shilling, the pandemic of the vaccinated, and more.

Kyle talks about the predicament in which we find ourselves, being starved out unless we accept the clot shot. Sinead then comes on to further the discussion and talk about the latest in controlled opp.

Kyle talks about how “anti-vaxxers” are being demonized and having their books “burned”, how pro-Whites are hunted down and persecuted, and how White women are being blamed for all the evils of the world.

Kyle and Sinead discuss the real purpose of the “vaccine” and get into some power plays being made by the jewish supremacist cabal.

Kyle and Sinead go over recent news related to Covid, jews and White genocide and then get into how Julius Evola spawned a bunch of fashy faggots who hate women and lust after boys.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the many jewish contributions, anti-White activities, Covid craziness, and much more.

Kyle and Sinead talk about door-to-door vaccine shilling, protected pederast predators, and Judas goats like Nick Fuentes.

Kyle goes through some recent news stories that highlight the anti-White agenda and then talks about the power of words. Sinead then comes on to talk about how the “Nazis” are still blamed for everything and what “freedom” means in America today. This is a special (almost 2 hour) show for Independence Day.

Kyle talks about some current events and then brings on Sinead for a discussion about the pedo-promoting subversives.

Kyle covers some news stories and then is joined by Sinead to discuss the reaction to her exposes of the GDL and other shills.

Pedo politicians have destroyed our world at the behest of their jewish overlords. Why do we allow it to continue?

Kyle and Sinead discuss the important issues.

Kyle discusses some of the many ways we are currently being assaulted.

Kyle goes solo to discuss some recent events, such as solar storms, masks, jabs, semitic shilling, predatory perversity, and more.

Kyle talks about the unmasking of America (for the vaccinated of course) and then brings on Sinead to discuss other current happenings.

Sinead’s Spotify

Kyle and Sinead talk about how schools today are actually prisons that abuse children in a number of ways.

Kyle and Sinead talk about how we need to do much more than just consume. We need to be creative.

Kyle and Sinead discuss Chet Hanks and his White Boy summer, the sad story of White Boy Rick, Jake Paul’s wiggerish ways, and some current events.

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