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Kyle attempts to livestream on multiple platforms. Topics include: the Fuentes gay pron “hack,” chosenite over-representation before the Reich, White people getting fed up, effective activism, and more.


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Kyle talks about healthy living, how we’re being attacked from conception to grave, the re-emergence of Nick Fuentes on X, how White conservatives are being fooled into supporting Israel, and more. Others join him.

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Kyle talks about some current events with the ongoing wars, the invasion of our countries, and how the Abrahamic conspiracy ties in. Aurelian joins.

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Kyle talks about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the plan for Greater Israel, the Muslim invasion, and more.

Kyle talks to Patrick about some of his recent and upcoming articles and books, going over a great number of topics relating to the suppressed history of the Aryan race around the world in ancient times.

Patrick’s Site: https://altarchaeology.com

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Kyle is joined by some people to discuss matters related to stopping White genocide and routing out bad elements holding us back. The space ended abruptly for some reason.

Axis Sylfaen returns to continue with his presentation of behaviors to increase racial consciousness. A number of others participate in the discussion.

Kyle hosts, Aurelian co-hosts, and Axis Sylfaen joins to go over his ideas for increasing racial consciousness. Others join to give their thoughts as well.

Kyle and Aurelian discuss controlled opposition working for our enemies and how to present ourselves. Others join the space to cover issues related to organizing, the situation at the border, raising racial consciousness, developing Aryan spirituality, and more.

Kyle and Aurelian start off by talking about ancient Aryans and how Christians subverted the Third Reich, then talk to some other speakers about a number of issues related to the Abrahamic conspiracy, iconoclasm, messianism, and bringing about the end times. 

Kyle and Aurelian talk to a number of people on this space about a number of issues: reaching out to the MMA community, the importance of framing our message, controlled opposition groups and degenerates, building community, resilient and redundant networks, and more.

Kyle and Aurelian host a space to discuss the recent Fuentes documentary, how to create short content for X, staying in shape, learning self-defense tactics and skills, revitalizing our movement, the role of religion, and more.

Kyle goes through much of the evidence against Nick Fuentes, which comes right from the horse’s mouth. This should be enough to seal the deal for anyone with any amount of common sense.

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Kyle talks announces his retirement from broadcasting and discusses some issues.


Kyle talks about current events, the transpocalypse, and the alien agenda.


Kyle talks about some current events, pride month, anti-White violence, and mind control.

Kyle talks about how blacks are being used by Communists, the little Mermaid, gingercide, and much more.

Kyle goes over some recent events, talks about how the Legend of Zelda is obviously an allegory for our struggle, and talks about how we are rapidly reaching a tipping point.

Yeah, I know it’s not “on time” again this week. Deal with it!


Kyle covers a few recent stories and then gets into the sordid history of Communists sexualizing and abusing little children for their pleasure and political gain.


Kyle talks about high time preference, impulse control disorder, and planning for the future.


Kyle talks about the importance of the air we breath, how we breath, and the nature of spirit.


After going through some current events Kyle talks about the alchemical principle of “solve et coagula” and how the idea of the “divine androgyne” is being manifest in a very vulgar way.


In a world where people think “You Only Live Once” there is obviously a lack of courage and responsibility.


Kyle talks about our polar origins and how our knowledge of the world tree has been hidden.


Kyle talks about the war on trees and how people all over the world once rightfully revered trees.


Kyle talks about who the people of darkness are and how they created the dark ages of history and today.


Kyle talks about some current events and then covers the topic of alternative reality games, which could be more prevalent than we think.


Kyle talks about how White people are being discriminated at every level while our oppressors and their pets are turned into gods.


Kyle talks about current events, the robot revolution, the all-seeing AI, the internet of things, and more.


The future must be ours or there is no future.

Kyle talks about some current and past events, then takes calls.

Kyle talks about current events and takes your calls.

Kyle talks about how the “dissident right” is full of rape promoters, much like society at large.

NOTE: This show will be live at 8pm Eastern.

Kyle does a livestream and invites callers to join him, with two eventually doing so. He goes over some current events and the overall sickness of our society. 


Kyle talks about a variety of topics, including current events, the Andrew Tate scandal, White genocide, and more.

Kyle speaks with Eternal Truth, an author at Renegade Tribune, about how he came to understand the world, the massive shilling operation for Russia on the right wing, and his own ordeal with harassment for speaking out.

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Kyle goes over some recent stories from the past week and other interesting content.


Kyle goes over the recent Ye interviews and some of the strange connections with his accomplices before getting into some other stories.


Kyle goes over some recent news stories regarding the dystopian future of the great reset and then gets into some topics related to anti-White racism and “anti-semitism”.

Kyle discusses “the red wave,” this week in “anti-semitism,” and then gets into how Ace of Base was actually “based.”


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