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Kyle goes over what’s happening with White genocide, the economic collapse, and the degeneration of our nation.


Kyle goes over some current events and then gets into how the trans agenda is targeting the youth and talks about the predecessors to these perverts in Weimar.


Kyle talks about global shortages, anti-White PsyOps, the WHO Pandemic Treaty, the World Economic Forum agenda, and the new monkeypox scare.


Kyle talks about some recent current events, such as the ‘Nazi’ shooting in Buffalo, and then gets into how we are being genocided by injections from jewish supremacists.


On this episode of the White Fem Podcast, Sinead discusses how the burden of birth control should be on men and not women, she finds common ground with a Mormon woman, the history of birth control shots for women and their use on sexually predatory men, the concept of “Matrescence” and what it means, the surplus of purposeless and wifeless men in India and China which is fueling human trafficking, the purpose of the female orgasm and more!


Kyle and Sinead talk about currents events and get into the big abortion debate going on and how it’s not as simple as people are making it out to be.

On this show Sinead discusses the good men that exist still, curated photos vs. reality, the alarming rates of children and young women getting plastic surgery and botox, how makeup trends are advocating for women to do their makeup like trannies, thus making it harder to distinguish between real women and men pretending to be women, major reproductive issues being caused by the Covid-19 bio weapon and much more!

Kyle goes over some current events related to the ongoing collapse of supply chains and gets into culture wars and more.


Kyle goes over some current events and then continues talking about the attack on children.


Kyle talks about some current events and talks about the “grooming gangs” running the world.


Kyle goes over the recent black on black violence at the Oscars, continued anti-White attacks, the dangers of a plastic world, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.


On this episode of the White Fem Fire Podcast, Sinead discusses the liberal feminist lie that women didn’t work until the 1960s, explores how women and girls can use leverage and technique to submit bigger and stronger opponents, the foolish “free the nipple” movement, perverted doctors selling G spot plasty and more!


Kyle covers some recent events and then gets into how the “NWO” creates conflicts so as to gain further power.


On this episode of the White Fem Podcast, Sinead discusses the new iteration of the “Q” Psy Op and the controlled opposition outlets that push these lies. She then discusses White Fem issues such as situational awareness, how grown men are sleeping in rooms with little girls on school field trips under the guise of “inclusivity” the 50/50 relationship drama that has the internet in an uproar, the “female delusion calculator” scam and much more!


Kyle talks about the worldwide repercussions of the ongoing conflict and how right wingers are now begging for Communism through the front door.


Kyle talks about his discovery of the Rainbow Alphabet and how the English alphabet can be found emanating from a most sacred symbol.


Sinead discusses men’s biological clocks, fertility myths, safety tips for girls and women and much more!


Kyle gives a big picture perspective about how ZOG governments are fighting a battle against the goyim in order to further the goals of the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Kyle talks about some current events, the degeneration of our nation, and how it’s not the Nazis doing this all to us.

Sinead discusses domestic abuse, red flags of abusers, lies about female reproductive anatomy and much more!
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Kyle talks about some recent news and how there is a religious war being waged between the forces of whiteness and blackness.

Kyle talks about the Joe Rogan and Whoopi Goldberg controversies and how nobody said anything when they cheered on White genocide. He also talks about jewish promoters of child rape, the Canadian truckers, and Israeli tech being at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Kyle goes over some recent news, covers the Freedom Convoy, and gets into the war on Gab involving America First.

Kyle and Sinead discuss predictive media and the COVID vaxx, media mind control, the war for the West, gender issues, and more.

Kyle and Sinead talk about some jewish degenerates, new stories, and controlled opposition.

Kyle goes over some current events regarding anti-White policies and then gets into how the right wing is shilling for the Communist Party of China.

Kyle and Sinead talk about some recent revelations and cover some of their work from the past decade.

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events, Roald Dahl’s “anti-semitic” Witches story, the witch hunt against White women, the trans agenda, and much more.

Kyle and Sinead cover some current events and then call out the front organizations pushing White sharia, raping girls, and anything possible to turn people away from defending White interests. Watch MAGA Opus

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events living under ZOG.

Kyle and Sinead talk about Mr Beast’s big Team Seas fundraiser and Ghislaine’s plot to “save the oceans”, then Kyle gets into Covid tyranny, murder by injection, and anti-White news.

Sinead talks about how Disney programs girls to want certain things out of life, which will definitely not lead to happily ever after.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the flu world order, anti-White nonsense, pedos in powers, the tribe of terrorists, and much more.

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Special video broadcast! Kyle and Sinead do a video broadcast, covering topics such as the anti-White agenda, COVID tyranny, jewish supremacism, and women issues. Please excuse any technical issues, as we will be improving quality/ settings in the future.

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Kyle goes over recent stories related to vaxx deaths, anti-White insanity, and jewish supremacism.

Sinead’s Soundcloud

Kyle goes over some of the latest news involving COVID, jewish supremacism, pedos in power, and White genocide. Sinead comes on in the second hour for a lively conversation.

Kyle talks about how children and adults are being abused and murdered in front of our very eyes, and yet nothing is done.

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