Down And Out Radio w/ Mike Sledge 12-27-12

DAOR 12-27-12 Tonight’s broadcast is called “Chicago: The Beginning of the End”. The Talmudic Cycle of Power. From the 68 Convention to the Chicago school of Neo-Con power, to Obama and Cass Sunstein’s Bolshevik takeover of America!! From the War of the Roses to the Rose Law Firm. Oprah, Hillary, Cass, Barack, Rumsfeld, and beyond!!!


Greg and The Debil 11-19-12

Greg 12-19-12 Greg from New Jersey gonna do a show about business sense and common sense. Lock up your wives and daughters, the Devil himself may be dropping in. Any Jew Satanists with dildoes sewn into their foreheads are not invited. Neither are people under the impression that such wankers are actually even associated with … Read more