Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 2-27-13

reconstructions_live_with_mike_sledge_2013.02.27 The first broadcast as Reconstructions Live. Tonight I will be presenting the “NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM” Manifesto. I will be presenting this manifesto for the first time. This is a broadcast that I hope can unite all the Nationalist movements globally. It is time that we stand up as International nationalists against this global tyranny. Please … Read more


Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 2-24-13

Drachenhohle 2-24-13 Thomas Edison, Walt Disney & the DEGENERATE Jews in Hollyweird – I will be discussing how these scumbags ripped off Edison’s invention, how they treated Walt Disney,  as well as the relationship between Howard Hughs and Walt Disney. I will also cover a list of actors who changed their names so as to not sound … Read more


Down And Out Radio w/ Mike Sledge 2-21-13

DAOR 2-21-13 Tonight’s broadcast will be about the future of movements, nationalism, conspiracy, the new nationalist front. I will be discussing “National Protectionism” as a possible future political movement for this country. The fututrist nationalist agenda for cultural survival. Technology, borders, language, and the ushering in of a new political structure. This broadcast will be … Read more