Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 2-27-13

reconstructions_live_with_mike_sledge_2013.02.27 The first broadcast as Reconstructions Live. Tonight I will be presenting the “NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM” Manifesto. I will be presenting this manifesto for the first time. This is a broadcast that I hope can unite all the Nationalist movements globally. It is time that we stand up as International nationalists against this global tyranny. Please … Read more


Down And Out Radio w/ Mike Sledge 2-21-13

DAOR 2-21-13 Tonight’s broadcast will be about the future of movements, nationalism, conspiracy, the new nationalist front. I will be discussing “National Protectionism” as a possible future political movement for this country. The fututrist nationalist agenda for cultural survival. Technology, borders, language, and the ushering in of a new political structure. This broadcast will be … Read more


Second Look Radio w/ Will Miller 2-20-13

SecondLook 2-20-13 Today on Second Look we will be discussing the topic of World Peace movements and initiatives. Exploring the possibilities of evolutionary peace, the soothsaying rhetoric of its followers, “leaders for peace”, creating the Liberal Utopia, and the tough question that will be posed throughout the entirety of the show….How many people will have … Read more