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Kyle goes over some current events and then talks about how Christians (and others) are eagerly awaiting the end of the world and our overlords are more than happy to oblige.


Kyle talks about some current events and then gets into how Christianity is a subversive religion centered around a pederast rabbi.


Kyle goes over what’s happening with White genocide, the economic collapse, and the degeneration of our nation.


Kyle goes over some current events and then gets into how the trans agenda is targeting the youth and talks about the predecessors to these perverts in Weimar.


Kyle talks about global shortages, anti-White PsyOps, the WHO Pandemic Treaty, the World Economic Forum agenda, and the new monkeypox scare.


Kyle talks about some recent current events, such as the ‘Nazi’ shooting in Buffalo, and then gets into how we are being genocided by injections from jewish supremacists.


Kyle goes over some current events related to the ongoing collapse of supply chains and gets into culture wars and more.


Kyle goes over some current events and then continues talking about the attack on children.


Kyle talks about some current events and talks about the “grooming gangs” running the world.


Kyle goes over the recent black on black violence at the Oscars, continued anti-White attacks, the dangers of a plastic world, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.


Kyle covers some recent events and then gets into how the “NWO” creates conflicts so as to gain further power.


Kyle talks about the worldwide repercussions of the ongoing conflict and how right wingers are now begging for Communism through the front door.


Kyle talks about his discovery of the Rainbow Alphabet and how the English alphabet can be found emanating from a most sacred symbol.


Kyle gives a big picture perspective about how ZOG governments are fighting a battle against the goyim in order to further the goals of the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Kyle talks about some current events, the degeneration of our nation, and how it’s not the Nazis doing this all to us.

Kyle talks about some recent news and how there is a religious war being waged between the forces of whiteness and blackness.

Kyle talks about the Joe Rogan and Whoopi Goldberg controversies and how nobody said anything when they cheered on White genocide. He also talks about jewish promoters of child rape, the Canadian truckers, and Israeli tech being at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Kyle goes over some recent news, covers the Freedom Convoy, and gets into the war on Gab involving America First.

Kyle goes over some current events regarding anti-White policies and then gets into how the right wing is shilling for the Communist Party of China.

Kyle talks about how children and adults are being abused and murdered in front of our very eyes, and yet nothing is done.

Kyle talks about the latest regarding COVID tyranny, anti-White assaults, jewish supremacy and much more.

Kyle talks about the ongoing war on Whites, the jewish criminal network, COVID tyrany, and how we need increase our efforts with online warfare in the month of October.

Kyle talks about the ongoing White genocide agenda, the covid tyrants, and how we need to save children from this insanity.

Kyle talks about the vaxx mandate and related COVID insanity and then gets into some recent in the war on Whites.

Kyle talks about the war of words ramping up against White people, semitic shilling, the pandemic of the vaccinated, and more.

Kyle talks about how “anti-vaxxers” are being demonized and having their books “burned”, how pro-Whites are hunted down and persecuted, and how White women are being blamed for all the evils of the world.

Pedo politicians have destroyed our world at the behest of their jewish overlords. Why do we allow it to continue?

Kyle discusses some of the many ways we are currently being assaulted.

Kyle goes solo to discuss some recent events, such as solar storms, masks, jabs, semitic shilling, predatory perversity, and more.

Kyle talks about the latest anti-White stories, covid BS, environmental issues, and health.

Kyle talks about how trannies are being pushed hard so that mutilate their sex organs, children kill themselves or become infertile, and pose absolutely no threat to the system.

Kyle talks about how White people are being blamed for everything, including anti-Asian violence.

Charlie talks about his future plans, covers current events, and takes calls. Email: truthhertzradio@aol.com

Charlies talks about his failing eyesight, takes callers, and gets into the current craziness in the headlines.

Charlie goes through many instances of how the tribe murders whole ruling families in order to achieve their objectives. He also covers current events.

Charlie talks about the history of the necronomicon and how people today are being abused like lab rats in a malicious experiment.

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