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Charlie talks about what has been happening with the “new world order” coming into view thanks to the “new normal.” At the end he starts talking about the occult Beatles.

Charlie talks about what is happening around the world, especially with Trump here in America and COVID craziness, and takes a lot of calls.

Tonight Sinead talks about child predators Ethan Ralph and Dick Masterson/Dax Herera and their predator proclivities.

Charlie takes a whole lot of callers and then gets into the history of the Students for a Democratic society, and how the tribe is doing the same thing today.

Charlie talks about what is going on in our crazy world and takes some calls.

You might be wondering how one could be conservative, Christian, and Communist all at the same time. Tune in to find out!

Tonight Sinead discusses Dr. Andrew Kaufman and his concerning ties to wireless monitoring technology, his psychiatric background the recent shillfest that took place at Trafalgar Square and more. Closing song: ‘Is This Reality’ by Born Days

Charlie talks about the funded Antifa & BLM agenda and takes a look at the Weather Underground’s previous terrorism.

Charlie talks about some current news items and takes a lot of calls.

Kyle reads an article about how a psychopathic deity leads to a psychopathic people.

Charlie talks about the history of poisonous AZT being prescribed for AIDS and Fauci’s leading role with this scam, and how it all relates to what is taking place today.

Charlie talks about how we are getting hit from every angle these days.

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events in America, some geopolitical happenings, and the different ways our efforts are sabotaged.

Charlie talks about the Spanish flu of 1918-1920 and how it relates to what is happening today.

Charlie talks about how badly we are all getting screwed by sellout liars and takes calls.

Kyle talks about how racial stereotypes are often founded on fact and how pretty much everything White people do is now racist.

Tonight Sinead talks about RKF Jr.’s shady connections to jewish Hollywood and politics. She also touches on Del Bigtree and other “pro vaccine choice” limited hang outs. Closing song: ‘The Enemy’ by Carl Louis

Charlie goes over some Biblical “cures” and how our modern medical establishment is not much different.

Charlie talks about current events, such as protests, tyrannical plans, and Elon Musk’s brain chip, and takes callers.

Kyle theorizes that the king of Wakanda was take down by being sodomized, which is being promoted to youth as a healthy and fun lifestyle choice.

Charlie goes over some hidden practices of the Heebs and covers the history of the Dancing Plague.

Charlie covers current events, such as geopolitics, corona craziness, BLM and antifa chaos, child predators and more.

Kyle and Sinead cover the week’s most important events.

Kyle reads an expose of Dugin and his massive team of subversive who have been leading the Alt Right, New Right, and Identitarian movements in the West in order to create the (((Eurasian))) empire.

Charlie talks about the directions things are heading and continues talking about how the Christians are deluded into thinking they are the special people who will be saved in the end.

Charlie discusses some of the developing stories from the past week.

Kyle and Sinead talk about staying mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy amidst the madness and go over some of the sickness infecting our world.

Kyle talks about Scott Wiener’s move to decriminalize pederasty in California, Faceberg banning any mention of jewish power, anti-White attacks and the jewdicial system, and heeb vaccine pushers.


Charlie talks about the unbearable stench of Christianity and how Christians are weighed down with the words and “will” of Yahweh.

Charlies goes over some recent headlines and takes lots of callers.

Kyle and Sinead go on a trip to get some food and talk about our situation along the way.

Kyle talks about his own experiences trying to stay sane in this crazy culture.

Charlie finishes up his presentation on the “loving” nature of God and Jesus, talks about the prideful boasting of Christians, monkey see monkey do, and more.

Charlie talks about the recent covid craziness in Dr. Fauci’s neighborhood, along with loads of manufactured racial strife. Put on your goggles and get aboard the trolley.

Kyle talks about the “globalist” CovidPass, intersectionality in battling “the virus”, how White racism is a public health crisis, and more.

Kyle reads through some articles that complain about how “far right extremists” are promoting organic living, veganism, and environmentalism.

Charlie gets back to some good old Bible bashing, showing how Yahweh is not a loving god in the least.

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