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Charlie talks about the Jerusalem AIDS Project and the larger scam of HIV/AIDS.

Charlie talks about the latest developments in the parasitic plan to shut everything down and shut us up.

Kyle talks about how masks are making people sick, the vaccines will make everyone sicker, and it is all by design.

Kyle covers some recent news stories about COVID hospitalizations, vaccine bioweapons, anti-White attacks, and more.

Truth Hertz –

Charlie talks about how the first US Secretary of Defense was killed after he became problematic to the establishment.

Charlie gives updates on the COVID conspiracy and how this is just the latest manifestation of kosher poisoning.

Kyle and Sinead discuss the stay at home orders in Commiefornia, vaccine news, wealth consolidation, shillstreams, and much more.

Kyle talks about how our “rulers” are telling us to do things that they do not even do themselves, since they consider themselves to be exempt as our betters. He then gets into the crime of mask mandates.

Charlie continues with his breakdown of the actions and teachings of Jesus, which reveal his true nature.

Charlie talks about the news regarding the political circus, vaccines, lockdowns, and the rest. He takes some callers.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the White guilt Thanksgiving narrative, “enriching” Christmas ads, “pro-White” hasbarats, and some recent news.

Kyle reads Marcus Eli Ravage’s “A Real Case Against the Jews,” which explains how judeo-Christianty has been the real jew coup.

Charlie goes through the evidence proving Jesus, if he even existed at all, was a complete jew.

Charlie covers the headlines of the day and how things are getting worse by the day, although a backlash is building.

Kyle and Sinead talk about things. Lockdown insurrection, vegan alfredo, JFK, Bobby Fischer, and some semitic shenanigans.

Charlie gets into his proof that Yahweh is a psychopath who turns his followers into screwed up sheep.

Charlie talks about Covid19Propaganda.com and the terrible fake news that bombards us on a daily basis.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the million MAGA march, imminent civil war, commie lockdowns, as well as baking and designing.

Kyle reads chapter 9 of Maurice Samuel’s You Gentiles, which discusses how and why jews destroy the world of the “goyim” with their brand of social justice.

Charlie talks about Covid19Propraganda.com and then concludes his series about the Beatles and Paul McCartney’s murder. He then gets into his new series on the evil Yah monster.

Charlie takes some calls and talks about current events, including Biden’s supposed election, the continuing COVID clampdown, and much more.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the joys of gentrification, cooking from scratch, the obvious rigged election PsyOp, anti-Whiteness and lockdowns.

Kyle talks about how the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the UN’s Agenda 2030 are ushering in worldwide communism through the manufactured COVID crisis.

Charlie continues with the topic of the replacement of Paul McCartney and talks about the election and CV-19 BS.

Charlie starts by talking to the person who put together a website and print books for Charlie’s pandemic work at Covid19Propaganda.com and then covers the headlines of the day and takes calls.

Kyle and Sinead how the current society is turning people into the walking dead.

Kyle talks about the riots and looting in Philadelphia following the police shooting of Walter Wallace.

Charlie talks about some current events and then gets right back into Beatle Mania, this time focusing in on the Paul McCartney murder mystery.

Charlie talks about what is happening in our messed up world and takes a bunch of calls.

Kyle and Sinead talk about the Hunter Biden October surprise, the coming Dark Winter, the devastating effects of continued pandemic lockdowns, and how we can take inspiration from Arminius, a real renegade.

Kyle talks about the October surprises and then gets into how obvious the White genocide agenda is these days.

Charlie talks about what’s happening in the world, takes some calls, gets into the Beatles some more and brings up Jimmy Page.

Charlie covers what is happening in the unending nightmare and takes calls.

Kyle discusses how we are being experimented upon like human lab rats and how our tormentors use their knowledge of psychology to get us to act against our own self interest. Although we should not blame ourselves for the terrible condition in which we find ourselves, it is our responsibility to change things for the better.

Kyle talks about how orthodox jews around the world are refusing to abide by ZOG’s draconian lockdown mandates, since they are “chosen” and therefore exempt.

Charlie covers some current topics and then gets into the occult/ cabbalistic themes with the Beatles.

Charlie talks about how the rich keep getting richer, while the poor get muzzled. He talks about some current events and takes calls.

Kyle talks about the pressing issues of the day, which are so serious and real that we cannot ever have fun again.

Tonight Sinead and Kyle discuss some current events and also get into the story of how Pat Little inspired Anders Breivik. Closing song: ‘Land and Sea’ feat. (Molly Parti) by Emancipator

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