The Solar Storm: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Preventing Our Planned Extermination (4-23-17)

[Download] Kyle speaks with Christopher about the unfolding crises around the world, and how they are leading to a planned Bolshevik extermination of the White Europeans race, one way or another, and the remaining world ruled over by the jewish elite from Greater Israel. They get into controlled opposition such as Marine Le Pen, Trump’s … Read more

The Solar Storm: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein the MAD Scientist (11-6-16)

[Download] Kyle talks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes about his new book E=MC2 and The Jewish Agenda. Topics include: the promotion of the fraud Einstein, the development of the A-bomb, jewish espionage leading to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), Cold War politics, Israeli nukes and the Samson option, Putin’s power plays in the West, the election and much … Read more