American Freedom Party Talk Show (4-23-15)

Sean Donahue

Interview with AFP’s candidate for mayor of Hazelton, PA.

Discussion regarding 51 million immigrants to the US in 8 years.

Discussion regarding April 2015 AmRen conference.

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5 months ago

This guy looks super jewish. We were so naive.

5 months ago

Wasn’t the founder of the AFP discredited right here on Renegade during an interview when he was confronted about not calling out the jews? LOL!

5 months ago

I now join my White Family to Defend Western Civilization, can no longer watch the horde destroy what my Ancestors died and worked to create.Im sorry i sat around playing video games instead of educating myself. Forgive me. I am willing to sacrifice all if need be. I love you all. My education continues. I was a Lefty before 2016 election, i was sure i knew i was rite untill Hillary and Trump opened my eyes. I cant believe how brainwashed i was. Wow

5 months ago

Its hard to except Truth When your unable to get it. I was red pilled by 911 but it took untill now to realy grasp how broken we have let Western Civilization get. Im so heart broken.

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