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george wells
9 years ago

Having a political sign with a Black and White man side by side and saying “different species” is very provocative. Good idea for however suggested it. Being nice about #whitegenocide is not good,.

There’s a famous physiologist that published pictures of arrays of body parts from a variety of “humans.”

His comment was, “if we did not know these were all from humans, we would conclude they were from different species.”

I think pushing the separate species idea probably is valid and provocative enough to further the #whitegenocide message

9 years ago

I think it’s obvious to anyone with common sense that when you look at different species of say birds within a genus and can only see very, very slight physical differences between them then it stands to reason the same thing could apply very, very easily to humans. In fact making humans the exception to the rule that has been applied to every other life form on the planet is ridiculous on its face!

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