American Freedom Party Talk Show (5-28-15)


With host Bill Johnson, Atty., AFP Chairman and co-host Sean Donahue.

Guests include Robert Ransdell. A former candidate for US Senate in Kentucky, Robert Ransdell seeks to show White people the facts regarding the Jewish role in America’s decline as well as highlight the destructive effects that multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness have had on this country.

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Outside opinion listening in . I heard a lot of Arguing & different ideas for solutions but no consistent message or solution everyone agreed with . Trying to change something working in a system of control that is promoting the genocide of your race is a waste of time . The agenda of the rich world controllers CONTROLS EVERYTHING (Maybe even the Free. ..Part..) . IMO separating into small secret White race ONLY communities is the way to move forward Until more Whites , of the White race , Awaken to their White genocide & want to make a real effort to stop it from continuing. Join( secretly if you want), the W.P.P.O. The White Phenotype Preservation Org. Y-Groups , Its all explained in the… Read more »


Dear Mr White Genocide, Seeing as you are so critical of everyone else around you (as evidenced by ALL your comments on Renegade so far) and like to tell everyone else what they “should” be doing, it is obvious that you possess the knowledge that all the rest of us plebs seek. The best way to get others moving in the right direction is to lead by example. Please post a Youtube video of yourself taking some of the action you speak about so that everybody else who is not sharing a “consistent message or solution” and “arguing” with each can clearly see what “real effort” you’re actually making to change things for the better. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, YES! SO PLEASE SHOW US… Read more »


PS. Can you please fix the link to your website in your name so that we can get the info we crave? At present they seem to be broken and are going to domain sellers or some other bogus sh^t. Maybe you were hacked by some jew? :massiverolleyes:


The host cut off Ransdell one too many times. Ransdell had some very interesting lines of thought that would have been nice to hear to completion. I’d also suggest learning how to bring hosts up with out interrupting any one who is speaking. It would make for a smoother listening experience.


Good god, I’m 30 minutes into this audio and I absolutely, positively do not trust the host. He minimizes Jew involvement every chance he gets. Does any one have pictures of this guy? His verbal episodes absolutely remind me of a jew. I doubt I’ll be listening to any more of his shows regardless of who comes on. The guy smells like a rat. Thank god some of these callers are calling him out 39 minutes in. He also promotes isolation rather than trying to build bridges with others who opposes jews. I don’t give a damn if it’s a mexican or a black. WE ARE ALL CHESS PIECES ON THE BOARD AND IF WE DO NOT MOVE IN UNISON AGAINST JEWS THEN THEY WILL… Read more »


Very rude to Robert Ransdell by some idiot obsessed with symptoms not causes.

Anti-White Dot Tried to post response to your last ? but this site didn’t take it . Censored by Anti-White moles I guess.


Thanks, DOT, well said.


“Jews HAD a lot of power, but it is waning”. Johnson is liar, idiot, or coward.

Todd Parker

I listen to the Renegade Broadcasting podcasts all the time, didn’t even know there was a comment section, but the treatment of Robert Ransdell was so offensive and off-putting I decided to look for one.

Host and myth-maker Bill Johnson was ill-mannered and painfully uninformed, and worse, has more in common with Mitch McConnell than Robert Ransdell.

Would advise these younger, Jew-wise, racially aware activists to avoid these older, often technically illiterate out-of-touch, out-to lunch Whites who have allowed themselves to dry-rot into irrelevancy.

All this female-like henpecking and endless advice giving is unreal. It’s giving me a headache; I don’t know how Robert could stand it.

Todd Parker


The last thing an alpha male like Robert needs is to get involved with a couple of old nagging beta males for “some funding” It would just go on and on, and the strings attached would never end.

It is very uncomfortable just listening to them. I see it all the time. Basking in the glow of post World War II, their’s is a very sheltered, innocent world that isn’t going to get anything done in the “Kill Whitey” reality of today. Just imagine what their wive’s have to put up with.


This was really irritating, and I couldn’t finish listening to it. Ransdell deserves a hell of a lot more respect than he got here, and Johnson sounded totally ignorant. Anyone who has been around for the past decade or so knows who Ransdell is from his past with the NA, and more recent activism. Johnson is playing dumb or just is dumb; either way, he made himself look like an idiot. Regardless of how one might disagree on the “With Jews We Lose” slogan (it’s not my personal favorite), this is the issue Ransdell is focusing on, and someone has to do it to expose the Jews. That should not be an issue. I prefer the #WhiteGenocide stuff, and maybe AFP doesn’t want to take… Read more »

Randall Tillotson

Today I played the 05 – 31 – 15 Solar Storm interview with Robert Ransdell. Not hearing the previous interview Ransdell did with the American Freedom Party Talk Show host earlier, I played it. My god, if this is a sanctioned radio program for this party, I will NEVER give them a penny of my money! I couldn’t believe how totally uninformed the host is. His glaringly ignorant statement that “Jewish power is waning” is insulting. He’s probably never heard of Gilad Atzmon that writes about Jewish power, where he tells us that the secret of Jewish power is that it is impossible to talk about Jewish Power! That is how much power they have. Waning? My god, who needs Jonathan Pollard-types to spy on… Read more »