Anti-Jingoistic Joyster & Friends: Evalion, David, and Chris (12-1-16)


Joyster speaks to Evalion, David, and chris dorsey about a number of topics related to life in Canada and America, how we are being screwed, the dark crimes of our “elite”, and how best to expose and confront them.

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Great show everyone! So happy to hear you on the network!

I think it’s great that Renegade is getting out the message that we can’t vote our way out of this. And it’s too late for Saviors (i.e. Trump). But we don’t have to insult the people we are trying to reach. I will speak to any Caucasian that will listen to me about our impending genocide. This is my most important goal. <—– PERIOD And I will speak to ANYONE who will listen about the Jewish Power Structure an over representation of 2% of the population that claims legitimacy for itself but denies every one else's identity. So much so that they have a single word for all non Jews. GOY. Getting mad at our own people for believing the false narrative is a waste… Read more »

Hi Tony
Can you please give us an example of how this coaching would look, please?
Thank you

Welcome to Renegade Joyster ! Don’t worry your doing great! I really enjoy the female round table format. Especially when the whole discussion isn’t about what our roles should be as men and women. Great show tonight! As far as I’m concerned our roles should be whatever is most effective for the survival of our people. <—– PERIOD My commentary was more directed at Chris. What is his message? God bless, unless you voted for Trump then you're too stupid and there's no hope for you? Coming from a man who admits he used to be a Democrat. The party that has passed most all of the anti white, anti gun, anti free speech (unless it's perversion like NAMBLA), and pro non European/White immigration legislation.… Read more »

Well I am flattered that you think I am young.

It is no more flattering to be thought of as young, than it is to be thought of as older.

Please send me an email at and I will send you my flyer and see if this is the sort of thing that you have in mind.
Thank you Tony

I think it’s about balance – a mixture of wake up and action. We need technical people using the latest process to get the jew-problem propaganda out. But also, we need street action and confront these creatures. There will have to be a physical component. For people who hate their job, i recommend a book called “Your Money Or Your Life.” It’s not a proWhite book, but it enabled me to wake up at 36 to the evil system ( not knowing about jews then ) and escape the jew slave-trade hamster wheel relatively young at 48. Freedom and simple living is worth more than plastic China(×3) junk! PS Welcome back Joyster, nice to hear you again, and thanks to the callers. Are you a… Read more »
It is not really technical to get the messege out. Go onto Youtube’s Trending list and spam the comments with messeges about white genocide and – and heathenwomen .com to female commenters. I spammed Russell Brands channel for 24 hours and messeges every one of his fans that he is a peadophile doing Jimmy Saviles job and for them to search ‘RB is a peadophile’. Thousands of people saw it. I could do with knowing some other good websites/ radio shows to put on my mass Youtube comments truth spam copy&paste. If everyone here did an hour of spaming comments, we could see the effects by any spike in traffic to this site. I did it on that viral John Lewis (store) Christmas… Read more »

Can you please send me an email about this technique?
I think I need further instruction 🙂
Thank you

The bet places to go are ones that have nothing to do with this i.e. John Lewis. New ground. No preaching to the choir, just a total infonuke in the public domain. People will go just out of curiosity, and who knows what the net will snag.

That’s exactly the type of technique I use. I recommend that you monitor your own comments on a few big trending videos though to make sure they aren’t getting flagged/removed. If they get pulled then modify your message so kikes and Zionists are less likely to flag you while your message and links still get through.
Some of the things I’ve seen make me think it likely the kikes flag and monitor accounts to easily censor them. You may need to set up new accounts from different email addys.

Keep it up and stay effective. Watch out for neutralizing actions.

That’s a realy good idea with the protest in front of the AIPAC conference, Chris. I would join if I could.

Dennis Wise is English surely, with a Northern English accent, and an Anglo-Saxon surname…

Thank you for the correction Daniel

The comedienne Brett Butler once said in an interview that the South was the only place left in America where one could be an individual.

Definitely the only place left with a sense of history.
I was “Miss” Joy and you would be “Mr” Mike.

Good questions asked near the end of the show, thank you. how can we do without government? ??? I would also like to see the fair interview of Evalion done to refute the conniving misrepresentation produced by the dishonest news cast. I have seen videos of law enforcement beating up protestors at the g20 summit in Canada recently. How can we shame the local government and law enforcement agencies into behaving like real people who are not victims also? It seems they were programmed into believing they have to be hired thugs in order to keep the peace when we all know that they are going against decency and common sense.

It is disgusting that Canada is funding propaganda music that claims that our non-white future is inevitable. USA gov has not gotten that bad, YET

Have you seen the videos showing JustinTrudeau is Fidel Castros son? They are fucking identical and Justin looks nothing like his ‘real’ father. He is essentially a genetic kike. It explains everything he is doing.

I think he looks like Pierre quite a bit, but no matter what the paternity, he is the son of an asshole and one himself

What music are you referring to?
Can you be more specific please?
Thank you

Very very much appreciated David and chris serious tone about the very serious issues facing us, but was disappointed by Joyster and Evalions’s giggling so much. That ruined this show for me.

We are hoping to bring in some much needed levity in dire times.

December 14, 2016. Hi Joyster my name is Chris Coleman,from the Eastern Part of the United States. I am an American. Iam an average listener Great Shows Joyster that you produce daily. On your next Show on Renegade Broadcasting you can have European guests European Nationalists from Spain: France: :Ireland: Scotland: and Portugal. You generally don’t hear from European Nationalists :from Spain: Ireland: Scotland: France: and Portugal. I personally don’t know any European Nationalists from these 3 European Countries that can come on your show. If possible Joyster if you can get some European Nationalists from these 5 European Countries to come on your show, and talk about what’s happening in there European Countries for 2017.? Take Care Joyster. Chris. Coleman. The Eastern United States.

Fantastic show guys! Having Chris and Evalion on were great, these are two guests that should be on Renegade all the time.

wadiya think about the weekly show….of Joyster and Evalion…take on the world!

And David and any other awesome gentlemen out there…..

It is refreshing to hear David Deautipotomus use his mouth for something besides pleasuring Chris Dorsey.

Are you sure your name’s not spelt “Shaun”? Those who can’t “do” just use weak words to slander…

I appreciate comments that mention my name. Thank You because the words of lesser men always mean nothing to me. Keep Listening because who knows, You Might know something…