Arcane Semantics: Bita Wolfram – Diet & Race (2-26-18)

This airing we have Bita Wolfram joining us. Bita has been part of the Renegade Broadcasting community as both a listener and previous contributing guest to the station. Topics we discuss include: Strategies for removing cravings, juicing, coffee enemas, supplementation, intuitive preferences, types of food, food combining, food quantity, methods of cooking, eating tips, movement, food based on your Aryan sub-race, natural tooth care, foods for great teeth, holistic self dentistry and the metaphysical meridians. Some additional topics are included.

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Fasting is one of the absolute best things for the body. I did a three day fast last week and it was a beautiful experience. Absolutely no cravings and, actually, just a treat to be away from food for awhile. As everyone here knows, the food supply is unbelievably jacked up. Even that “organic” produce you get at Whole Foods is grown in degraded soils and sprayed with “approved” chemicals. I fasted yesterday and am still in a fast. This one, I will break when I feel hungry. That may be an hour from now; it may be five days from now. I only drink distilled waters during a fast.


It depends if you have the lifestyle. If you have a physically demanding job then it is not possible to sustain yourself this way. Ideally though, yes.


I know it sounds gross and perverted, but if you can ever start drinking your own water, it will change everything. The kidneys are the ultimate distiller. Drink your own water and you will find strength and healing you never dreamed possible.


I know what you mean. I am actually looking into this, one of my many projects. It is good for dental/oral antiseptic, wounds of the flesh and skin cleansing. Although drink pure water first because you will taste what you drank previously.


The purest water is machine distilled water. It has literally zero dissolved solids. All the minerals in spring water and bottled water are inorganic minerals that your body cannot use. The body gets rid of what it can, but the rest goes into your joints causing arthritis, your arteries causing plaque and your eyes causing cataracts. You always hear people saying distilled water leaches calcium and other minerals from your body. That is true in that it pulls inorganic minerals out of your body. It does not, however, pull organic minerals out of your body. For the absolute best info on distilled waters, check out Andrew Norton Webber. I actually met him at an art fair where he was setting up his wife’s both. We… Read more »


Although in favour to you, I did try on a long weekend not to eat anything but only drink water throughout the day, and beyond a point, I did feel somewhat a shift in myself. The whole system starts to clear itself out. I would like to do this and see what happens.


If it’s on TV, it’s fake.


Meridian tooth chart that I mentioned on the show:

Anthony Roberts

I had a gurgling sound for 4 days last week – food poisoning. It may have been my lack of hand-hygiene, when snacking on fruit & nuts. It’s so easy to forget to wash your hands when picking up things during the day. Or of course, delicious but deadly organic dried dates from Pakistan – damn isis fruit!

PS Superb info Bita and great show Richard. I think i’ll pass on the Starbutts enema though. That reminds me, Brit child-raping jew & (((national treasure))) Stephen Fry attributed his recent recovery from prostate cancer to getting the ju-flu jab lol. No mention of the thousands of willies shoved up his wonka for 45yrs as being the cause of his cancer, strange that – atispoo!

Anthony Roberts

Just to be clear: we were quite a monetarily poor family, but i wasn’t dragged up lol. Mom instilled good hygiene routines for me and my two older sisters.

I wash my hands after every bathroom visit, preparing food and before eating a meal. What i was alluding to were those moments, for example, when offered a vegan cookie with a cup of tea (sister’s birthday), as a guest; or when you have a few nuts from the bag etc. Those pesky bugs will find a way into your system, unfortunately.


… only if the system is already damaged. Jmho.


Stephen Fry is a kike so probably never had it in the first place. Likely more play acting as a goy and pretending he doesn’t have jewish privilege of “kanker immunity”.

Good Dictator

Great second show with Bita (first with Kyle and now with Richard), thanks! Is there a way to contact Bita or a website or something? I have a few questions. For now just a couple: a) I haven’t tried yet a coffee enema, but I found this procedure: 1 litre of distilled or mineral water; 30 gr of ocean unrefined salt (or himalayan salt); half a litre of coffee, prepared as follows: 3 tablespoons of organic quality coffee powder in half a litre of water. Boil for 3 minutes and leave for 15 minutes as an infusion. Filter (with paper filter) and mix with the rest of the water. Is this okay, do you have any suggestions, or would you do it in a different… Read more »

Bita Wolfram

Greetings Good Dictator: You’re welcome I’m glad you enjoyed the two shows I have done thus far. I do the coffee enemas with 4 cups of filtered water and 3 heaping tablespoons of therapy grind coffee, which is higher in caffeince and palmitic acid. Bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes. Let cool and strain. I use a metal strainer to filter out the coffee grounds. If any water has been evaporated in the cooking process, add more water to make it 4 cups. After the coffee has been administered into the body, lay on your right side for 12-15 or as long as you can hold it. It is best if you void your bowels before the enema and have a small piece… Read more »