Arcane Semantics: Cannabis – Health Benefits, Pharmaceutical Patents & Profit (2-12-18)

This airing we discuss cannabis- its health benefits, pharmaceutical patents and profit.  A bit of the history of cannabis as a medicine is explored.  We address multiple studies and cover much of the misinformation based on the testimonials of multiple medical doctors.  A comparison and contrast between tobacco and cannabis is covered, a number of the many physical and psychiatric conditions for which cannabis is an excellent, if not in many cases the best treatment; and also a bit of discussion of the many confirmations of cannabis oil curing cancer.  The properties as a preventative medicine are additionally confirmed along with properties which tend to strengthen the immune system.  We consider the agendas of moving away from the pure landrace heirloom strains toward the hybrids and ultimately toward GMO government controlled cannabis as a future concern.  Rollie Quaid also contributes during the final segment.  The sativa and indica differences are touched upon, and the widespread misinformation which presently circulates concerning which of these could get you “high” or perhaps merely more cognitively aware of their reality.  We consider what is really the truth about whether the sativa strains or the indica strains have more of the true healing therapeutic “medicinal” properties, both physically and mentally, and which side of the spectrum has more of the physical and coping therapeutic uses and treatments.

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One thing that I did not directly address in this show but meant to is to confirm that the widespread belief that cannabis kills brain cells is in fact incorrect – It does not.

Additionally, and quite contrary to this, cannabis smoking actually stimulates the growth of new neural pathways connecting throughout the brain, thus enhancing and increasing cognitive functions and potential.

It does give you some unique insights and can help you concentrate on specific tasks. Long term use though generally offsets the benefits causing lack of ambition and just general laziness. Unless used as medicine or painkiller I wouldn’t recommend it to people.

This lack of ambition and laziness might develop a bit due to long term use with some of the strains more on the Indica side of the spectrum. This would not be an issue, however, from long term use of a good quality Sativa. One can still be fully functional, alert and energetic throughout the day with many of the Sativa strains. It is the CBD content which contributes to the symptoms which you describe, but not usually too much once one develops adequate tolerance relative to a given strain, even among the Indica strains. Pure Sativas have absolutely no CBD and would not at all lead to the lethargic effects which you describe whatsoever. Even a good Sativa dominant strain (approx. 80% Sativa /… Read more »
These days it’s a lot easier I suppose to select the plants properties than when I was a teenager. We used to smoke whatever was available just based on how strong people said it was. This was before hydro setups and the net became a thing. We never had any idea what type of plant it was. One major problem for pot smokers today is drug testing. With many employers now requesting drug tests from potential employees being a regular smoker will cut your employment prospects quite a bit. They have roadside tests now for drugs as well. The ones here will pick up pot in your system if you’ve had a smoke within 12 hrs I think it is. That’s going to be a… Read more »

On point, Richard!

Lack of ambition already exists in people and they seek out that which enforces that trait, also paranoia is enhanced by cannabis but the person is already paranoid. It draws it out. It is good though, becuase you can use this to emphasise inner problems and then work on them with EFT and the like.

Great topic & show – I’d love to add so much to the show…2 hours isn’t enough! As we know…people go nuts about cannabis but do the “uhhh ya…he’s on “good” pain control…”.

Yes! “He” IS ON INSANE pain control….”AFGHANISTAN MUCH?”

Sorry, I don’t “tweet” or have twitter so I don’t do the #.

Anyways. Cannabis strains….I’d love to have that…nevermind. GOOD SHOW RICH!

Sorry..forgot to add the opioid insanity. (Not saying OPIUM…a plant…is “bad” or “good”). If you got confused above…..

Cannabis enhances creativity that is a fact. Funny they NEVER mention that dull, pointless daily grind labour for no money, kills brain cells. Which is definitely the case.

The mom and pop, ”black market” Cannabis industry of Southern Oregon and Northern California, also known as the ‘Emerald Triangle’, is going through the typical USSA Collectivization. In the past five years there has been a noticeable number of jews and their mexican pets moving into the areas buying up the lands and pumping big money into ‘big grows’. So many ”good goy” have been jumping through hoop after hoop, trying to ‘grow legally’, coughing up money hand over fist trying to keep up with the fees, permits, ect.. Meanwhile, the laws change daily, so these same good goy are all scrapping together paying incredible lawyer fee’s to ‘cannabis industry specific lawyers’. It’s been a pretty sad thing to watch, good goy’s just trying to… Read more »

Same happened with alcohol. Same old shit going on to stop the backwoods home grow and get that o’ dependence on the state jew poison.

In the next few years, you will only be able to find ‘State Grown Monsanto Certified Cannabis’, unless of course you grow it yourself, under their heavy restrictions and limitations, because there is NO WAY the silly goy can get ahead, or healthy, by growing a plant! For heavens sakes! No way… wandering, rootless, people with no past – how can they have a future, most can’t stand on their own today! It’s USSR/USSA Collectivization, people just don’t see it because they are totally ignorant to history and are too afraid of being labeled – BAD GOY! Your right, the same thing happened with alcohol, tobacco, cotton, every crop, invention, creation of the Aryan must be under the patented thumb of the jew. Every day… Read more »

People see it but are too afraid of downvotes from society.

The best way to consume marijuana is to juice the entire plant. You will not get high as THC must be heated to make you high. The marijuana plant can also help the body repair from EMF damage. I love CBD oil and use it regularly, but it infuriates me that the manufacturers are required by law to remove the THC to trace levels. CBD oil is exponentially more powerful at healing the body if it contains THC.

This short docu has that subject in it, good shout:

“I love CBD oil and use it regularly, but it infuriates me that the manufacturers are required by law to remove the THC to trace levels. CBD oil is exponentially more powerful at healing the body if it contains THC.”

I feel the same way. CBD oil is fantastic though as just a greater overall mood elevator, never mind if you deal with anxiety and/or depression.

Great show Rich. Although I have heard that the original strains are being hybridised out, I am not sure if you can get pure strains. Hybridised cannabis is ok but the balance is not how it would occur naturally, but what can one do?! Perhaps there are sources out there that are not GMO because there may be commercial grows that are pushing jewMO cannabis that has been violated by a rabbi for the goy.

Great Rich, I hate the term marihooana, it makes me cringe. Cannabis, it is cannabis. RIght on m’bother,

Cannabis and LSD are two great psycho-active substances that make you realize that there is something else then material world. And of course what you eat (or rather NOT eat).

With all the talk of cannabis and veganism on renegade I imagine this as the uniform we’d all be wearing in a fourth Reich.

comment image

Maybe you need to just stop listening & go back to the alt-right where you belong then? Starting to get real sick of seeing your BS assumption theories all over the comments every day here! I hope you realize I’m probably not in the minority with that opinion. Oh that’s right, you justify your continual spewage by say merde like “I’m not fussed about voting on my comments.” Va te faire foutre!

Do you have a problem with me posting some Miami Reich fashion on renegade? It’s a nice look for next time you head down to the discotecha. Why do you feel the need to mention that your opinion is the majority opinion? That type of thinking is why we’re here in the first place. People wanting to fit in and parroting the latest merde “diversity” talking points to virtue signal how “tolerant” they are is only different by degrees from your statement of being in a majority. If you can only voice your opinion when the majority agrees with you how are you different from the sheeple? Do you change your viewpoints if you find too many down votes on your comments? Like a sheep.… Read more »

“Do you have a problem with me…”
I have a problem with someone who comes here everyday & feels the need to share their feelings on every single topic everyday when most of the comments are just negative reinforcement & are obviously just opinion based on assumption rather than experience. I’ve been listening to Renegade since Day 1 but have only recently been checking comments when I have time. Do you actually have a life? Please post your usual barrage of at least 10 replies all saying the same BS…

I usually just ignore people whose comments I don’t agree with much. It’s not hard to do. Why is it you and some others feel the need to insult me instead of doing the same?