Arcane Semantics: Cannabis – Sativa for Cognitive Enhancement & Pure Landrace Preservation (2-19-18)

This airing we expand upon the previous show discussing cannabis. Here we further outline and analyze the sativa and indica plants and some additional points about the health benefits, properties and misinformation of THC are discussed. We address the potential of sativa for cognitive enhancement, the potential of sativa in particular for its physical and mental – true healing – therapeutic “medicinal” properties, as a preventative medicine and the properties which tend to strengthen the immune system. We discuss the value of the pure landrace heirloom strains of cannabis and why their long term preservation is so important. We further consider the corporate agendas of moving away from the pure landrace heirloom strains toward the hybrids. We analyze the motives behind the popularization of selectively bred feminized and auto-flowering strain variations and ultimately toward GMO government controlled cannabis as a future concern. Some other motives from factors viewing cannabis as competition of various means are discussed a bit, including the psychedelic factor and its exploitation within governments and established agendas. Rollie Quaid once again contributes during the final segment.

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Sativa is head/cerebral Indica is way more in the body such as sleep, pain relief and calming. Cannabis has pain relief properties that are still effective where opioids fail due to tolerance and dosage. When you build up a level of cannabinoids you can feel normally and have all the nerve responses but things that are painful just seem to taper off into the realm of “dont care”. It is really wierd to explain because it is not like novocaine where you go numb, or opioids where you lose all your feel reception. It is almost “smart” pain relief. You can feel and act normally but things which would cause you pain are cut out. I remember I kept checking myself for cuts and bruises… Read more »

I watched this program, a typical environmentalist, government subbed, BBC broadcast about plastics and how we (the council) can recycle plastic and what we can do about plastic containers, wrapping, packaging. I’m sorry the only thing that came to mind was…… HEMP, HEMP IS THE SOLUTION YOU DICKHEADS HEMP HEMP HEMP REMEMBER ALL THE USES FOR HEMP!

You done it againRich, excellent show.

Wouldn’t the feminized plants appeal to everyone? No one smokes male plants in Australia. Is it different in the US?

It is because the female plants have the buds. I would not vanquish the male plants out of principle, and you can still smoke them or juice them. It i just that the high concentrations are in the buds. You can even make a cannabis leaf “tobacco” from the leaves like a cigarette rollie. I find that being too cained you lose grip of your creative faculties and it is no good. A light to medium high is the best for creativity and sleep, especially if you have to work and you don’t want the residual space head the next day.

People normally rip up their males before they fertilize their females. As soon as they show balls they’re gone. Extreme feminism is the norm in the cannabis world.

It might just be a coincidence but almost all of the states that Hillary won in the 2016 election have legal cannabis.

Maybe it’s just the demographics in those states but I’m suspicious of changes made by the government. It’s not like they have the people’s best interests at heart.

Yeah I know that Trump is just hopium for the masses but voting Hillary was definitely a vote for diversity.

Dont forget that they have to make concessions or they will blow their legs off. They have to move with the public consciousness and remain out of the realm of suspicion, and as it happens a lot of people understand cannabis now and are making a noise about it. Sure it can be jacked, but those aware will keep that in mind. The thing is that they cannot keep a clamp on everything or even the pork knuckle head public will sense that something is amiss. This CAN be used to our advantage, and get them to concede themselves into a corner.