Arcane Semantics: Cavalcade of Current Events (10-2-17)

Richard discusses the vote in Catalan, the shooting in Las Vegas, Trump, Israel, North Korea, meritocracy, anti-White propaganda in universities, and other pertinent current events.

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Mr Host: Please explain to us why you comment on the “Las Vegas Shooting” as though it was not a STAGED ATROCITY. Do you know what STAGED ATROCITIES are? Do you know how to analyzes things like this? Why are you supporting the “OFFICIAL STORY” here without even wondering if this thing was faked? Why? WTF? Do you also believe the OFFICIAL STORY of 911? Do you really think people “DIED” there? Should we just go to CNN now?

Well the host’s naiveté is indeed astounding. Even the “good firefighters” story from Catalonia is just repeated as if in this case the media are telling the truth or the Catalonian government is just not able to pay PR agents. This story seems to be made up for the US marked with all those hero stories and TV series about heroic firefighters. Small narratives like that, which have only emotional value should ring the alarm bells. They should have brought some puppies into the picture to reach my heart. Las Vegas is so well crafted for the gun loving Folk music community it’s so obvious a tool. How is it even possible not to question the thing. I’m so fed up with all of this… Read more »

Elfgard, I’m trying to be polite and I know you are too. But I really have had it with this mind virus that causes even some of our radio hosts here to parrot “official stories” without first trying to eviscerate them. No…they go right ahead and give their “opinion” that is confined within the boundaries of the “Official” LIE.

Do we need to provides an educational program for these people?

What the fuck?

Are you suggesting the Ministry of Truth is lying?

@ Pat

Sounds like all you two do is jump on people instantly. All I have done is pointed out some of the lies in the official story. Information is still coming out and it would be premature to do too much speculation. I am not going to state that I am certain of anything without the sufficient evidence. Pat, you are welcome to call in sometime and add whatever you wish to the conversation. That way I might be allowed the opportunity to clarify before getting unjustly criticized. Regardless, I know that I am here for all the right reasons. Are you, Pat?

Ask Kyle if I’m here for the right reasons Richard.

@ Pat

I do believe you are here for all the right reasons Pat. Additionally, I am indeed sincere about your calling in to my show some week. I would enjoy chatting and believe you truly care about everyone here and our devotion to our race and people. Clearly these things can get frustrating for all of us from time to time.

Richard, I’m not trying to tear you down. If you would like some info on how to assess news stories I may be willing to do that. But you need to understand what the “News” is here in the US. It is an “Opinion Shaping” device. It’s not there to “Inform” you. It’s there to “Convince” you of something to further an agenda. You’re now saying that news is still coming out….forgive me for laughing out loud. Sure…news will continue to come out and you will be seeing various conflicting accounts of the alleged event. Fortunately, these operations are pretty easily identified as operations especially if you know what kinds of things to look for. The problem I have with your show is that it… Read more »
@ Pat I will make it more clear for the listeners in future that I do not believe these official stories. I thought I had been implying that well enough but perhaps I have not. I do not want to give any listeners a false impression, so thanks for that. All good points but most all of this I do know already. I have interviewed many people in the past year on my previous show and network regarding these topics and I certainly have not trusted the corporate media for many years now. Some independent media platforms do exist which do not tow the line of the Kosher Press. These are generally the sources I will consider, and I realize even they can be flawed.… Read more »
Richard, the media situation here in the US is far worse than most realize. The CIA is embedded in EVERY major media company. Many of these companies are CIA fronts that are actually owned by the CIA through controlled organizations and operatives. The real problem here lies in “how to know they’re lying” about a specific thing. That comes under the topic of “Counterdeception”. Counterdeception is an entire science that allows you to know when someone is trying to deceive you – and how they are doing it. Deception these days is getting more sophisticated especially with the use of advanced computer technology. Counterdeceeption methods an cut through all of that. I suggest you become as well versed as you can on Counterdeception if you’re… Read more »

Elfgard If I see puppies in the next FF event, I will know they were getting info from RB.

Oh no, I didn’t think of that!
So for the record :You reach my heart only if the puppy is not hurt but acts as a hero, saving hundreds of lives and is munching a healthy meal at the end of the story in a nice family home without a TV. If you even fake to hurt the little one it will only make me more angry. Understood?

I predict puppy death next time. According to the rules of escalation, I predict 500+people, plus some homo transsexuals, plus about 6 puppies all shot in the nose. I called it. ;-P

Thank you Skylgarir for making some fun. Pat is right and the situation is depressing. We need at least some level of common knowledge to stand on before we can walk. I have to learn so much myself and step by step they close the internet Russian style.
After you disclosed the plan they can’t do the evil puppy massacre and that + Charles Guiliani’s return are two very good things for one day.

@ Elfgard

Wow, it seems you cannot wait to criticize one of your white brothers contributing to the cause here at RB……. I am not naive Elfgard, I am simply stating the information available thus-far on independent media. I never bother with corporate media. I also do not bother to speculate too much without any evidence to support such. I think we all know around Renegade here that this was a patsy. I do not feel I need to hold anyone’s hand in determining that fact.

If the alternative media only parrots the narrative Richard Karolkiewicz what is it worth? You have been led by emotions in the Catalonia case and not by reason. What the hell do you think this firefighter story and “oh, they only wanted to vote (illegally, as it is) and now the police punches them, tells you above emotional kvetching? And what is 90% of the votes worth when not even half of the people voted? The population is split in half pro and contra as it seems and the “movement” was in need of dramatic pictures and emotions. We all know this tactic, don’t we? You had your teary “beach boy” moment. That can happen to most of us if the right trigger is pulled… Read more »
@ Elfgard I agree with all you mention here. Catalan was a situation where I chose to primarily just state the information we do have about. I stated at the beginning that these are the things we may be facing more and more in future. I never stated that I believe any of these movements in Europe are not controlled. I believe that most often they all are and are doomed to fail. I apologize for accusing you of not showing respect and reserve, I have indeed seen this to be your way in most previous comments. I believe you are loyal to your white brothers and that comment of mine was emotion getting the best of me. Some of my response was ugly and… Read more »

Richard – PSYOPs are specifically designed to evoke and leverage emotion. We know that emotion ALWAYS trumps logical cognition.

Emotional appeals make it impossible for critical thought. This is a scientific fact. This is used all day long in the advertising industry.

The recent Las Vegas event is a big problem and signals the fact that the Trump Regime is no different from the last one. This Regime IS using PSYOP tactics against the domestic population here to achieve Political goals.

I think that fact alone invalidates the legitimacy of this Regime.

Elfgard – There is no value in an Alt Media that does not know how to approach Regime Media Narratives. Alt Media that parrots their themes do more damage and don’t do anything to help break the spell of the organized liars. The Las Vegas fact pattern “conveniently” lines up with UN small arms treaty that cites civilian ownership of small arms as a “violation of human rights”. FBI controlled “hal turner – like” Alt Media characters will all be parroting the “official story” and recasting it in “racial” terms or maybe in terms of the “police state”. They WILL NOT analyze the story itself to determine how we know it was a PSYOP. They WILL mockingly ask if “Everything is fake”? They WILL try… Read more »

How do you know its fake buddy. Your telling me all shootings are fake. No one dies in homicides. There are fken psychos out there. I see people crying and these were not fake tears. They were scared.
Show evidence if fake! A country of 300 million there are real whackjobs who kill because of the mass media glorification of violence.

Show evidence that it actually happened besides mainstream media telling you it did.

Listen you dumb fuck – I can easily prove it was fake.

Vanguard – what do all these people do you fucking retard? 4th Military Information Support Group (4th MISG (Airborne)) consisting of the following Battalions: The 3rd Military Information Support Battalion (A) (Media Dissemination Battalion) The 6th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to European Command (EUCOM) The 7th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to African Command (AFRICOM) The 8th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to the US Central Command (CENTCOM) The 8th Military Information Support Group (8th MISG (Airborne)) consists of the following Battalions: The 1st MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) The 5th MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM)… Read more »

How can we get those people putting out pro-White propaganda?

How can we get those people putting out pro-White propaganda? We would first have to take control over the Federal Reserve. All of those PSYOP people obey orders common from above. That is how the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity was done.

Why do we need the fed? Aren’t most of those people White? Do they not have some care for the future their children and grandchildren will have to face?

The FED chair has ALWAYS been a jew. “We” definitely don’t need tie Federal Reserve – but the jews do. It provides them with literally “Unlimited” money. But that’s not all. They have to power to control the amount of money in circulation and that directly controls the cost of everything that is purchased with that money. But the catch is that if you trade your labor for pay (which most people do if they have a job) the purchasing power of your earned money is directly affected by what the FED does. If the FED wants to fuck you over, all they have to do is to increase the money supply. That will result in a corresponding reduction of the purchasing power of the… Read more »

@ Pat

I could have not said any of that better than you just have. The Jewish private central banks have always been the greatest obstacle for us to overcome.

Another tool the jewish Central Banking Cabal has is the FOREX market. They use that to leverage against entire countries by manipulating relative currency valuation and capitalizing on that. How? Here’s an example: You run the FED and I run the EU CENTRAL BANK. Right now the exchange rate is 1 US DOLLAR = .85 EURO. That means I only have to give you (the FED) .85 EURO to buy 1 US DOLLAR. So I start with .85 EURO and I buy 1 US DOLLAR from you. You and I both conspire behind the scenes and arrange for the exchange rate to change to 1 EURO = 1 US DOLLAR at the end of the month. When that happens, I trade that 1 US DOLLAR… Read more »

If you want to know how those people assemble Deception Operations and how to detect them – I can answer that for you.

But as you can see – there are a LOT of PSYOP units out there who specialize in staging FAKE shit.

@ Pat

Hey Pat, I do generally appreciate all that you add to the comments sections. I have been merely pointing out some of the holes in the official story, based on the information which has been available thus-far in the independent media. I never bother with the corporate media, for that matter. Information is still coming out and it would be premature to do too much speculation. I am not going to state that I am certain of anything without the sufficient evidence. I hold thus-far that this was a patsy who was killed in his room and blamed for whatever the public is set up to perceive has happened, regardless of what did or did not happen.

Richard, let me help you out here. How do you know that real bullets were fired? How do you know that people actually suffered gunshot wounds? Do you have any independent connections at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center or the University Medial Center? Do you know any of the doctors who allegedly treated any of the alleged victims? Or are you just taking all of this on “Faith”? I’m sure you understand that what you’re seeing on media channels is exactly what they want you to see. Any idea on how to get around that? You think the “lone gunman” was a patsy and was actually killed? He was a real person? How do you know – because of some video? What other evidence… Read more »
@ Pat You tend to make many assumptions and conclusions on what I believe which are completely incorrect. I realize I am a new host to Renegade Broadcasting so I will make this more clear right here. I do not “believe” any of these things. I do not even currently “hold” any of them to possibly be true because I have no reason to think such. I expect all the listeners to reserve final judgement on all this information just as I do myself. The bullet information I sourced from someone in the independent media who cares about the truth in analyzing events but no I cannot and do not assume any of this information is credible to base these theories on. I present it… Read more »

Richard, you are completely free to do and say whatever you want. But you really need to tell us all if you think this video is credible proof that a “Shooting” happened in Las Vegas

@ Pat

I would say that video looks pretty staged and fake. It reminds me of the ads for crisis actors used in military and police training as well as for event staging such as this. These often have cover themes such as the “Zombie Apocalypse” crisis actor drills and exercises.

Richard, knowing how they do these Staged Atrocity events – I can say with confidence that they didn’t shoot anyone and that nobody died. If you look hard enough you will see VERY CLEAR evidence of stone-walling and information-blocking to make it harder for the casual observer to figure out how fake this thing was. If I was doing shows, I would explain how this is done. How many US Army units specialize in this kind of thing. The methods they use. How many Israeli military units specialize in this stuff. The methods they use. And how to apply COUNTERDECPTION to figure it out. The bottom line is this: The Regime Media in the US is no better than PRAVDA was in the old Soviet… Read more »

@ Pat

That sounds good, I think I will plan this as a theme for a show. Would you be willing to join me some Monday that can work for you to contribute to this? Two minds would be better than one and it sounds like you pretty much can have a show planned around this already. You can email me at if interested and we can set something up.

I would recommend to be more careful about Catalonia. I had been very excited with Scotland independence and even Brexit for some time until I realized that the controlling system can use all sorts of smaller national units and even mock NatSoz nationalistic movements like in the Ukraine to deepen control and put us against each other. What happens in the Middle East on a bloodier level can happen in Europe too. So Catalonia may just be the European Kurdistan with lesser Nations involved directly but many effects for the EU. I’m not triggered at all when I see those police forces in their black star war outfits and the people crying and struggling but I sadly see it as theatre with some real blood… Read more »
I’m Scottish and the Scottish National Party (SNP) are nothing but Marxists. One of their main policies is to flood Scotland with third world invaders. Most people here in Scotland cannot understand the paradox of a nationalist party, who should be looking after the affairs of the indigenous folk but care more for these invaders. In my home town I see more and more blacks, sub-Saharan blacks, everyday. I ask people the question “why are they here” and all I get is a shrug of the shoulders. I was invited to go along to the SNP annual conference last year. Guess what? They had a holohoax stall there. I went up to it lifted a couple of brochures then asked the woman behind the stall… Read more »
I was a fan of Scottish Independence because I read so much good about them in US blogs and nearly got into a verbal fight with Scottish relatives that called the whole thing marxist. But then I looked myself and saw all the happy diversity and open border spiel. My relatives live in a white part but it’s a very poor and downtrodden place. They are busy volunteering to help the poor people but sadly not aware of the bigger picture. The BBC and the Times are still their sources for information. I can only try to bring up some questions here and there. Sometimes this works. What makes me sick is that so many poor white people in that still white area are so… Read more »
@ Elfgard All good points you make here. Unfortunately I was not emotional on a personal level about these events with the police there as I am always highly skeptical of the legitimacy and validity of any and all of these movements myself as well. I have seen many of these patterns with orchestrated independence movements as I have become more aware in recent years. Not really a new tactic either the more I study of history for that matter. I cannot help but feel that there is still an obligation to remain somewhat positive and optimistic toward our future, especially when reaching out to people on a network such as Renegade, although it must be balanced well enough with logic and realism to be… Read more »

I appreciate your friendly answers Richard. Thank you. Did you read “catalonia-independence-activist-jewish-community-split-over-secession-vote” on “the Algemmeiner”? They state that Catalonian Independence has it’s roots in Zionism and was created parallel to Israel’s independence and this is very possible as we know that Vladimir Jabotinsky (Netanjahu’s father worked with him) was a promoter of nationalism and separation in his days in the Ukraine. This may be something to look into. Again, too look on the map is useful. Jabotinsky’s legacy may be at the root of the “White Zionism” Spencer is talking about.

Hey, is Charles Giuliani’s picture going up in the Wednesday slot? A little birdie told me it is! Great news!!!!!!! He’s baaaaaaaaack!

Charles has tons to talk about now.Wow.
Cant wait

Did this guy seriously just say that RT news is fighting the New World Order?

@ Sinead

I pointed out last week, while discussing Alexander Dugin and National Bolshevism, that I do not believe Russia can be considered against the Judaic New World Order agenda. This faction of Judaic influence in Russia, however, does not seem to conform to the current Israeli military agenda in the Middle East. This is likely to reduce, or at least limit, the current Judaic Middle Eastern consolidation of power and the Greater Israel Project. My statement here was merely that this at least is a good thing, for countries such as Syria and Iran to continue to be free of Israeli control.

Lol, that follows the premise that “the era of Israel will end within a decade” – Kissinger, and all our troubles are over type of thing, Richard. What does it take to get the idea out (and it’s not exclusively my opinion) that “Israel” is a False Nation (Mock Nation) specifically created for a task, both militarily and psychologically till it’s use becomes outdated and complete ? Adolph Hitler described the idea as such, ie: a criminal enterprise in the Murphy Translation of Mein Kampf thus: “For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It… Read more »
@ Paul Davey Yes, this can all seem an impossible situation at times Paul. I would never go so far to suggest that Global Jewish power would be affected much either way whether Israel ceases to exist or not. It is certainly used as a diversion, attempting to take attention and blame away from all other Jews. Many will blame Zionism and Zionists exclusively and this goes along hand in hand with the Israel narrative. I have known all too many of these types of individuals, this was actually even part of why I came here to Renegade. The pseudo nation state of Israel and its influence does add further insult to injury, none the less. I will check out those sources re: Iran &… Read more »
Thanks Richard. Here is something i’ve thought about: “The Boomerang Effect” (a jewish theme) This Aerodynamic Novelty was invented by (the now mostly non existent) Ancient Persian Aryans, and is not Native to the Australian Ab_origines as we are told, nor was it designed for Hunting (it’s completely useless in this regard), but this is also what we are told the Abbo’s use it for. They don’t and never have done. So how did this come about ? Misappropriation by you_know_who. “Pride often comes before a fall” (another jewish theme goes with the boomerang effect), in other words, if we follow their example we only have our selves to blame, “it’s your fault you stupid goyim”, and even if we don’t see it that way,… Read more »
Richard, what do the facts tell us? The facts tell us that Putin is a loyal jew. He has jewish blood. He was a member of the KGB and the COMMUNIST PARTY. Today he is the ultimate Russian OLIGARCH. Putin is essentially the head of the Russian/jewish Mafia in Russia. Do you deny this? Putin will remain in charge of Russia for as long as he is alive. He is a dictator – like Stalin. So what’s going on with the Syria thing? Obviously the US’s boss Israel wants complete control over the Middle East region. They want control over the natural resources there. They don’t want any unfriendly regimes. They will tolerate puppet regimes. What is Russia dong? Why didn’t Russia step in and… Read more »

Gee – can anyone figure out why RT’s comment section is so heavily censored? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Russia ranks about 175 out of 188 in Freedom of Speech? Can someone please explain this to me 🙂

RT is owned by “Tribe Media” and it is based in Los Angeles.

For others:

Just for a tickler re; Trump, Billy Joel (Jewish) sings a song called “we didn’t start the fire” … it was always burning since the World was turning” (Album: Storm Front, Released: 1989), haha, he also mentions Roy Kohn in that song.

RT and Sputnik are both operated by companies funded by the Russian government. In 2013 the KIKE Vladimir Putin insisted that RT was both “absolutely independent” and created “to break the Anglo-Saxon monopoly on the global information streams”. LOL What a fucking KIKE comedian.

Seems you’re correct. He’s known for double speak too.
Why that, i’d like to give him a bunch of fives ! 🙂
Check the comments: 🙂

Richard, are you fooled by this? Watch this and tell me the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity was a real event LOL

@ Pat LOL – Yeah that does look pretty damn staged. I generally never find photographic evidence to have any credibility. It can be doctored all too easily these days. This one seems engineered for drawing in emotion to be sure. It really does not matter whether people have died or not, that is wasted energy. What they want us to believe, why they want us to believe this and who benefits are all I am ever really curious about. In retrospect, perhaps I should not have even given these incidents as much airtime as I did. I ultimately believe we need to start controlling the narrative more consistently and ignore these incidents. They are distractions and only suit the agendas of our opposition.

Richard – I would suggest that you have a great opportunity to inform a wider audience about just how deeply the Regime Media is lying to the people.

As you say – does it “really matter” exactly how they did the magic trick? Maybe not. But it might help some people to know that they do FAKE these things and that those people are Actors.

This crap is LEGAL here and they DO NOT kill people. They just want you to THINK so.

Richard, here are the specs on this video: h.264, 406 x 720 AAC, 22050 Hz, Stereo (L R) Have you ever seen 406 x 720 before? Usually it’s 480 x 720. This is making me think they degraded the 480 down to 406 because it was just too obvious that the people in the field were actors.

My phone isn’t even the latest and it takes 4k ultra hd video. 480×720 is super old school.

I don’t think you can even do 406 x 720 unless you do it “post processing”. It looks like they needed to “adjust” the video to hide detail.

Looks like (((they))) have clocked onto using “personal” phone videos now to give it the semblance of credibility. It just makes it look so fucking appalingly fake. The actors are appalling, it isn’t as if anything else helps to boost the credibility.

Has anyone seen the tranny cab driver video? It is really fake and the “gun shots” sound like they are coming from different locations. The worst part about it is the tranny asks to be given correct pronouns twice to the “victims”.

Nyx – And how were the “victims” allegedly transported to the hospital? Did normal ambulances driven and staffed by normal people that others know and have been doing that job for more than 1 year respond to calls and take them?

OR – did the “alleged victim” “hitch a ride” “somehow” with “good samaritans”? LOL

As we all know – hospitals are very controlled environments and not open to public scrutiny. Very easy to “say” this happened and “that” was treated, etc.

For those who want to see it look at the map how small this multi ethnic white nationalist paradise Catalonia will be and how near it is to Marseille, the French city with a big Muslim population and a Muslim Mayor who called for military to help because the Muslim migrants are in possession of lots of heavy weapons and use them frequently. Unfriendly departed from Spain as a neighbour the micro country of the future with jews and Muslims inside has not only Marseille as a neighbour on the other side but the beautiful Mediterranean “our connection” with the Middle east, as it is called today, in front. They sure will need a best ally in the region. That’s the geographic situation and it’s… Read more »

fantastic show once i sat down to listen, I enjoyed the multiple topic & bringing up various news from round the world without the jewish media lens. I have no tv no watch no news, relying on propaganda headline only in my email provider. So again thankyou. Re catalan – yes more independence everywhere, scotland hope so .. as long as its not another civil war like the jews caused in spain before..
Odin bless & heils

As much as I wish that all peoples reach self-determination (and sure for my own) I do not see how we could gain this by separating us from our relatives while letting the (((ruling class))) eat us just in smaller bite-sized portions and maybe even make us fight each other. It’s the same with Scotland. Open borders for everyone from the third world but the English are evil. I have to do some research but it seems that Catalonia will not end the mass emigration or define it’s citizenship by blood. If they would they would see much worse police brutality and real oppression of their movement. The UK left the EU and white dissidents are thrown into prison and an open border independent Scotland… Read more »

Scotland is ran by Jews through their masonic control.

Oh, this illuminates a lot! I always have problems to recognize structures but try to become a bit smarter. What I could see is the very deep as it seems for German eyes invincible split between the classes even in a small town. It’s the pyramid. Thanks again!

hello 🙂 im suspicious of any large government holding power over a country hence controls to be broken up.. but people regardless of state to be united by blood, western lands & the nature that binds us. Governments we have today are to big (hence the tyranny they can unleash – staged or not it has effects even if its psyops) of a host for the JEW parasite for they have created the political arena we see as much as their designer abrahamic religions that fight each other whilst some open doors to everyone but their own kin. I do not fully trust the catalan independence movement for the blood is so ‘mixed’ there now & wouldnt be surprised in jew agenda somewhere there. In… Read more »
I have to disagree Vegannance. It’s better when people sit in the pub than do things that have very bad consequences in the real world. Take Charlottesville and this is small compared with Catalonia. Even knowing that pictures are used to lie I am very concerned when I see the commie fist in the Streets of Barcelona shown by those who are perceived as nationalists by good white people abroad. Remember the civil war in Spain. Led by jews and unimaginable brutal executed by jews and those perhaps up to then good people who followed them. This Vegannance is what they want to do to all of us and if young Whites do it for them they truly love it and kill them a bit… Read more »

I wonder if the cops will put out a “keep gambling Las Vegas” video in a couple of weeks time.

I’ve been enjoying your shows and certainly don’t mind a different perspective on things.

If some people are looking for an echo chamber, I guess they can record talking to themselves.

I mean Chicago bodycount homicide rate.

Its all fake! Being fececious.
I guess the 300 plus homicides are all fake no one really dies. Everyone is a saint. No one kills, no one fucks on the side committing adultery, no one rapes.
We live in a dreamworld. Are we even alive!!

Emotion triggered = “Its all fake! Being fececious.”
Logic applied = “Cui bono!”

Yea because 300+ homicides won’t have anyone seeking TRUE justice and blow the whole shit-rade open. Damn, those convenient fake deaths that can be shown once and forgotten, because no one died and everyone is in on it. Shit, I can’t believe I even thought of that. I could make money of being a fake event consultant.

Skylgarir – What do all these people do? Nothing??? 4th Military Information Support Group (4th MISG (Airborne)) consisting of the following Battalions: The 3rd Military Information Support Battalion (A) (Media Dissemination Battalion) The 6th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to European Command (EUCOM) The 7th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to African Command (AFRICOM) The 8th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to the US Central Command (CENTCOM) The 8th Military Information Support Group (8th MISG (Airborne)) consists of the following Battalions: The 1st MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) The 5th MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) The 9th… Read more »
Everything is “real”. And there’s no such thing as PSYOP. There’s no such thing as the 4th Military Information Support Group (4th MISG (Airborne)) consisting of the following Battalions: The 3rd Military Information Support Battalion (A) (Media Dissemination Battalion) The 6th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to European Command (EUCOM) The 7th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to African Command (AFRICOM) The 8th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) with regional support assignment to the US Central Command (CENTCOM) The 8th Military Information Support Group (8th MISG (Airborne)) consists of the following Battalions: The 1st MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) The 5th MIS Battalion (A) – provides support to the… Read more »