Arcane Semantics: Chris H – Have an Attitude (11-13-17)

Richard & Chris H discuss nationalism and how we can work beyond controlled limited thinking that only prevents us from finding our own inner path and passion. Some tech issues, but the show went on.

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Very interesting show but I would love to hear more from you Chris because you are English, how you would describe the English character or what it means to be English. Ireland, Scotland have all seen resistance movements in more modern times and are recognizable different. England has been ruled by foreign elites and has seen ethnic changes for so long and there has been so much destruction and at some point in time it seems to me that resistance died. Is this the result of economic genocide during the time of the industrialisation? Is this the reason for the extreme class differences which are shocking from a foreign perspective? Trash culture now seems to bring the lower middle class and the workless working class… Read more »

Chris H

Yes the english middle class do seem to have a superiority complex, as do many of the working class really. There is this British Supremacy that I find quite distasteful if I am to be honest. It is one big reason why I haven’t even really wanted to identify as English. Perhaps alot of this does have to do with the empire, but also the industrialisation yes. The idea we can make a better world.. but through artificial means. I am not sure if Wales would be purer (when speaking of the white population), I would suggest it would be less pure. My current standpoint is their traits are less pure often. Alot of english have very good stock. No, no I am very much… Read more »


This country (UK) is feeling more like a big prison every day.
The “((cheka)) police” spy on your every word one word out of place and they pounce. Most of the people are just battery chickens whose only purpose in life is to produce profit for their masters.
A Soviet labor camp that’s what it feels like with a vice like ring of restrictions rules and a viscous Masonic police force to enforce.


A recent study actually showed the English to be more genetically homogeneous than those in the Celtic lands (in terms of haplotype). Nevertheless, there is no use in comparing the ‘purity’ of the British nations. It must never be forgotten the length and breadth of the oppression the common English folk have suffered. We have not owned our own land since 1066, and have essentially been an underclass on our own soil. THIS is what has formed the English character, and the class structure. The upper classes are still more Norman, ancestrally, and the middle-class is simply that section of the English who have tried to keep up with the upper class to some extent. So yes, there is a genetic difference between the elites,… Read more »

Chris H

If they want to make Britain leave for their own ends then ofcourse they are going to play the “we are going to try to stop this happening” card, otherwise it becomes too obvious. They may be hedging their bets for either scenario using Cambridge Analytica to tell them where they should ultimately take it, or whatever other means of divination they use. A last minute change in direction on their part may happen, perhaps even they don’t know if brexit will be happening.


Thank you for answering Chris and Steed! Perhaps those topics could be discussed in a show at times? I would love to learn and understand much more. With all the lies and deception to find the own historic narrative is difficult but important and there are sure more listeners interested.

The show with Tim Kelly and Joe Atwell about the Irish Holocaust was interesting but i wonder how the English workers had to live at that time. I read their meals where made mostly of potatoes which sounds very poor. THEY did not profit but today it’s the English people altogether that have to take the blame. It was good to hear Joe Atwell change the narrative.

Chris H

I do believe England will be a proud country in the future. It is just that I connect to my wider folk. England has broken my heart as I see it, and I find it hard to connect to being English. Maybe the time will come when my love for England awakens, however then it will awaken true. I don’t want to have a sense of fake pride. If or when the time comes I can really put my heart in it, till then I am not going to be half hearted about it.


Chris of course there is a sea of sadness looking at the own people in this state of slavery. I know this myself and fake pride is not the answer. But I think we must love our own like a father or mother loves the children. If we don’t who shall? If you see how much we are all hated and who hates us you can also see that they fear us. They do not hate us for what we do but who we are. They do not hate an abstract concept but our blood. They do everything they can to destroy us because they know how dangerous our blood is the moment we unite. When I see my Volk so degraded, the beautiful young… Read more »

Chris H

Being English to me feels almost automatically anti-German. Until this changes I will find it hard to feel proud to be English. Alot has to change, otherwise I can see future destruction of our folk and this is something I can not support.

The British have alot to answer for, and the reality of this has yet to be faced. I don’t just feel a brother to Germany, to me I am a German.


No Chris I don’t think it’s anti-German to be proud English. We have to wright our own narrative. That’s what is so important and therefore I like so much what Heathen Vegan wrote. Of course I sometimes think that things would be so much better if the British people had rebelled when it was most important for our common future. But we all know how mind control and oppression work and we should neither hate each other nor ourselves. We are so similar in so many ways. We should not lie to ourselves to make us better than we are but search our own history, the history of the oppressed people we are and we should throw all our anger and disdain upon our enemy.… Read more »

Chris H

It is just that I see so little to no shame from the English / British for the crimes commited (even from those who know the truth). The fact that there is this smug pride when it stands on so much blood means I find it virtually impossible to relate to being English.

For England to truly be glorious the people need to fully grasp what crimes have been done in the name of England / Britain. If I am the one who has to point that out then so be it.

I am not just slightly sorry for what has happened, I am horrified beyond words.

Chris H

ps perhaps read what I say before answering as I did not say it was anti-german to be proud english. That is not at all what I was saying. I think I will stop posting comments for a while as they can easily be misunderstood.


Well,well. Keep in mind that English is not my language and I may have wrongly reproduced or misunderstood “Being English to me feels almost automatically anti-German” . But whatever. There is not much else to say.

Heathen vegan

Hey Elfgard. Although Chris has given an answer, I would like as myself a proud Englishman like to chip in. ” how you would describe the English character or what it means to be English” The English character has from ancient times been regarded in high esteem specially our natural ability and warrior culture. From Tacitus through to snorre our prowess and grit has been admired. In modern times it has taken a dent and our qualities perverted through constant propaganda. I mean what is being rolled out now on the entire white world first was put upon us. You do not though have to go far back to see the true nature of the English folk. We are an industrious folk well suited to… Read more »


This is the answer I hoped for! What I meant was the Normans. We all have no reason to be meek or ashamed!
“Uniting the folk should be a main objective in any resistance to the current power structure. One blood, one cause. ”

Thousendfold yes!

A man, Don Croft, thinks that divination is both “solid, etheric tech and a window into processes that the finite mind can’t fathom”. ( )

For some ideas, how about some runes, even crocheted ones?

Perhaps some Tarot, Kipper, and Lenormand cards as well? (It’s alright if no one here likes the seller of the Kipper cards all because he’s based in the island of Réunion.

P.S. The following has a review of the book “The Art of Kipper Card Reading”:


How good are you at doing readings? Can you Lenormanize me or Kipper me up with some readings?

I would like to do a reading, but I think that each kind of divination is a kind of school or way of cultivation. Therefore, I think, that I may have to choose one kind of divination.


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Excellent segment, good vibe people.