Arcane Semantics: Europoid Paths & A.I. Counterspeech (1-22-18)

This airing we discuss a variety of current news and topics.  Discussions include the European Genome, A.I. social media content scanning, social media NGO collaborations and news manufacturing, some updates of war zone conflicts, immigration and racial demographics, sources of content in media and more.  We are joined by Vegannance, Rollie Quaid and Chris H. throughout the discussion.

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Informative show guys and gals. What Vegannance had to share about the Celtic chakras and the true meaning of the” oneness” narrative leaves a lot to be discussed and discovered. And Rollie’s managing to make a living doing what he loves and perhaps is meant to do, while earning a living to support his white family, while also finding the time to gather pointed information is really commendable. Everyone contributing to Renegade these days, the founder, hosts, authors, guests and callers have done wonders to dispel the despair that is so easy to fall victim to these days.


Well, that was repetitive…. should have been sleeping.


? repeat as much as you like 🙂 I don’t mind reading from you O/

Rollie Quaid

Awee.. thank you for wishing me well, it makes me feel good.


You are my kinsman, I wish you and yours only the best of things… always.

Rhys Vegan

What about the idea this reality exists within the mind of an absolute power/intelligence? A fundamental underlying oneness, for example, we all run on the same electric force. Doesn’t mean we should race mix though.


Great show Rich.