Arcane Semantics: Heathen Vegan – Replacement Immigration, Conditioning & Diversion Tactics (3-5-18)

This airing we have Heathen Vegan joining us.  H.V. has been a contributor to the station with his own shows and has come from a long past of both racially aware and conspiratorial investigation.  He joins us discussing a number of topics including: replacement immigration and white genocide, conditioning and social engineering, diversion tactics, importance of historical research in the preservation of our folk, the Alt-Right Psy Op and Red Ice transition, internet tyranny, unconscious and secondary programming techniques and the fight for not just race among the European Nations, but a fight within each to preserve their specific ethnicity and discreet distinction.

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I was a redicemember for years, i listened to 90-95% of everything they posted.
I know exactly when the BIG CHANGE happened, after the interviewed Dennis Wise the maker of ”The greatest story never told” They where bought off or became put under pressure after that.

Henrik was almost feminin in the beginning, and the aggressive and fast ”honey trap” introduction of Lana in his life is straight from the mossad operation manual.

I’m not sure if she works for mossad, but i am certain that she is an enemy agent.

Fuck redice, ”you can show mercy to an enemy, but never forgive a traitor”


RedIce takeover is a study case. How their message has softened, what are forbidden topics, obvious guests not invited,…


Takeover or suspect from the start? Remember, they were covering all the conspiracy bases back in the day including alien BS & were one of the first to have a paywall system in place. I always considered them just a money-making operation from day 1 so always kept my distance.
What’s also obvious now is the people who shill for Redice AND attack Renegade at the same time. Radio Wehrwolf is a good example. They occasionally put out some ok stuff but then shill for Redice, attack Renegade AND even promote this ridiculous Siege crap! It’s easy to see them as not particularly high IQ ex-skinheads who really just don’t get the whole big picture but surely they can’t be THAT stupid!


Red ICe never did anything for me. There were a couple of shows I left comments on but all in all, they were weak sauce. Oh and RED ice, red commie ice I am sure.


Dont get me on the brown majority rape cases. I saw something in the TV (by accident as I never intentionally watch TV) that someone was kicking of about Pakistani rape gangs and then some half nigger came on, squawking about how we should not just single out “minorites” in these cases. Are you fucking kidding me? The pederast empidemic that is happeining under enveryones noses and the best they want to do is have some half nigger whine on about how brown people are being pointed out. ….


TV bonfires around the world can’t start soon enough.


Heathen was talking about English kids being made guilty over colonialism or whatever “evil” their ancestors did. Tell the English kids “yeah we kicked a lot ass back when we weren’t scared of being called names by our enemies”.


The nigras LOVED colonialism, because they had way better living conditions and were treated much better than their fellow groids. The problem is once again the jew twisting things again.


New interviews with Ursula Haverbeck:
Perhaps a native speaker can add subs?
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Ah man see what the White farmer should have done in this case is to hold those jew niggers to ransom: A formal international broadcast on how the groids NEED White farmer TO EVEN LIVE, and just refuse to do anything until there was a total submission to signing a contract to those facts and a full declaration of the incapability of the negroid to survive without the White man. The problem is that we need to understand that it is fine to let the smack fall down when it is necessary and it is often necessary with the brown majoriites to not just put them in their place, but occasionally remind them OF their place. Whyyy is his so goddamned hard?