Arcane Semantics: Infiltration & Subversion – From Bandwidth to Brazil (6-18-18)

This airing we discuss the infiltration and subversion within the independent media, journalism and activism.  The Net Neutrality Repeal is considered, including how it may relate to the independent media, corporate “bandwidth warfare” and censorship.  The subversive nature in many forms is addressed as well as varying reactions and opinions.  Choosing values over business is considered.  We discuss some of the racially conscious, white activist figures and eras from the past.  The results of National Bolshevism, miscegenation and weaponized immigration are discuss including some of their effects upon nation states.  Brazil is addressed and suggested as a possible look into the future of what might result from much of this.  Strategies and attitudes are discussed in relation to a variety of areas including activism, racial consciousness, the monetary system and more.  Steven, Rollie and Elena contribute to the discussion.

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With Mike Adams, Heath Ranger at Natural News, it’s not about what he says but about what he doesn’t.


Mike Adams is a crypto jew. His cousin is David Wolfe. And David Duke is a 100% crypto jew. Can’t believe I’m hearing anyone on Renegade extolling his (nonexistent) virtues.


I shoulda known. Thanks, Renny.


Provide proof that David Duke is jewish or recant your words.

As a disclaimer, I do not endorse him but he has written some valuable books.


I recant nothing. I can’t believe you fall for that crypto. Like a jew has never pretended to be white and said a lot of fancy things to tickle your ears. If some “white nationalist” is on the electric jew flappin’ his gums and stirrin’ up trouble, you can bet your last federal reserve note the douchebag is a crypto.


Like many gatekeepers, Duke has made some valuable contributions. But the fact that he’s on the Trump Train told me all I needed to know… Duke is only slightly more palatable to me than Trump’s cheerleader Dinesh D’Souza which isn’t saying much.


IDK. Duke doesn’t have to be Jewish in order to be a shill. Ever heard of a Shabbos goy? It’s a matter of credibility. If we go around making these claims without concrete poof, people won’t listen to us.

Look at Duke pre plastic surgery and get back to us.

The most rabid ‘antisemites’, usually with their hands out, are JEWISH!

Any questions? The ‘former anti-African’ Jew, had a nose job and converted to an ‘antiJew’ Jew. Proof?comment image


T. Matthew Philips was definitely a subversive, you should’ve cut him off the moment he started to talk about so called crimes of nazi doctors. Does he realize what network he is even on? That is clear as day even without all that pedo crap that he is working for the enemy. He even defined fascism in ZOG terms, as government and corporations versus the people. As far as I understand, Mussolini tried to unite all classes under one umbrella of common national interests and he started out as a socialist. Corporation derives from latin ‘corpus’, meaning ‘body of people’. Some countries call even student unions or fraternities corporations and I doubt there was any corporations in 1920s Italy in modern sense of the word.… Read more »


This TMP character did have some — and I emphasize the word some — good information. Throughout the whole show, though, I kept wondering: Is this guy a jew? He probably is. I think Renegade should have a standard policy that all guests are asked point-blank: Are you a jew? Of course, some would lie, but nine times out of ten you can tell if someone is lying by changes in their voice.


His facial structure doesn’t look semitic, but that doesn’t matter. There are tons of compromised individuals in our race that do damn good job on behalf of the Jews. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in such deep shit as we are now.

Ask it thusly, “Are your parents of Jewish heritage?” Or, “Do you have Jewish BLOOD?”.

Otherwise, they’ll double talk with crap like, “I’m not Jewish I’m Lutheran.” or “I’m not Jewish I’m Scottish.”

These snakes are in ALL religions, especially the atheist religion; there is some jewsee stuff here:

(Fyi, apparently, your site changes the %23 to # which disables the link behind the ID.)