Arcane Semantics: Israeli Aggression & Iranian Sovereignty (4-30-18)

This airing we discuss some of the recent aggression and incidents from Israeli and the United States. In the second hour Iranian sovereignty is discussed, including some historical chronology dating back to ancient Persia. Rollie Quaid joins us as co-host. Some additional topics are also included.

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Christian zionism, Islam, Judaism, Mormomism, diversity, conservatism, liberalism etc. At the top all are controlled by the same people.

Anthony Roberts

“Iran lied,” according to mass-murderer Netanyahu and US sec. Pompeo. More jew theatre to legitimize Trump’s pulling-out of the 2016 deal on May 12th, and set the third goyim slaughter in motion. israel have all these (stolen) docs, that say nothing new, but jews break every international law going. What will it take for our men & women to wake up to these b’s? Good show guys.


What will it take for people to wake up? TV bonfires across the planet would be a good start.


Good question. Probably nothing. If you burn their TV they will most likely end up burning you because you severed them from valuable hours of watching Kim Kunt-dashians prosthetic arse. Its fucked. Basically NOTHING has even come close to being a ball itch tot he jew monster machine. I even see kike script on the back of duracell battery packs now. Fucking hebrew shit script on my own land’s batteries, what the fuck is that? Noone will take the sword to the kike pestilence and they know it. You will NEVER win through policy because all that shit is just jewism. They will kill us but we will never raise a finger to them. I leave it up to you all to deceide what the… Read more »


The question is: do they WANT to wake up? No, they don’t, otherwise they would have done light years ago.