Arcane Semantics: Jews, Putin and the Whole Multicultural Thing (5-21-18)

This airing we discuss current geopolitical events and situations. We open by discussing Italy and their current struggle with the EU. We address some current developments in Sweden, the multicultural wonderland hailed by one Swede as a “Humanitarian Superpower”; although Swedish multicultural policies are very much at the expense of its own detriment and permanent downgrading as a nation state. We discuss the current war zones in detail a bit and some of the motivations of the Israeli and United States governments. The recent Gaza massacre of peaceful Palestinian protestors by IDF soldiers is once again discussed, including some of the reactions on the world stage. The situation in Syria is analyzed and discussed, as well as predicted similar future incursions into Iran and potential consequences. Strengthening Iranian-Iraqi as well as Russian-Chinese ties are addressed as further indications of shifting pivotal opportunities and strategies. In the second hour we continue the discussion of Middle Eastern geopolitics, and also focus on the strong ties which Putin’s Russia has with International Jewry. Chris H. additionally contributes during the final segment.

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Karl Stark
5 years ago

(((Ann Ramberg)))

5 years ago

Great show, Richard.

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