Arcane Semantics: Keith Preston – Tribalism, Anti-Statism & 4th Generation Warfare (11-6-17)

This airing we have Keith Preston joining us. Keith is the chief editor of and the host of the “Attack the System” online podcast series. He is the founder and director of American Revolutionary Vanguard, has been a contributing editor at and a former instructor of sociology. Keith is also a former regional delegate for the Industrial Workers of the World and a former member of the National Committee of the Workers Solidarity Alliance.

Topics: Tribalism, Anti-Statism & 4th Generation Warfare; Anarcho-Pluralism; Pan-Secessionism

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According to Mr. Preston, jews don’t control the world! And National Socialism was too concerned with race! I get a major nazbol feel from this pathetic article. He also links to Jack Donovan the homosexual who brags about “pulling prime ass from dudes with daddy issues” and that “women pollute the space”. And surprise surprise! This “man” is deeply involved with the faggot alt right and Dicky Spencer. Keith also links to an Asian who calls her readers “cunts” and takes topless trashy photos with her fake breasts. Maybe a tranny? That’d be pretty fashy huh Keith? What kind of trash is this guy and why was he invited into our home (network)? First you ask on the filth known as “Curt Doolittle” and… Read more »


thankyou, 0/

David Marshal

Keiths views have twisted and turned a great deal over the years. In his youth, for well over 10 years, he was basically an anarcho- communist who belonged to the leftist Industrial Workers of the World … then suddenly he became attracted to Libertarian ism during Ron Pauls presidential runs in 2008 and 2012….about this time he also became chummy with sections of the far right/ white nationalists. He is opposed to NatSoc and fascism, and he accepts the holocaust mythology.

Richard Karolkiewicz

I find it healthy to debate people whom you do not completely agree with at times. Listeners like guests rather than just monologues for every show. I am fully aware of NS ideals. I am well aware of most information about my guests as well for that matter. One can have people on a station whom one may not agree with one hundred percent, and it will not necessarily reflect upon them or their station in such ways. Quite the opposite, it shows that one is not afraid of an open debate and is confident in their views and perspectives. Everyone clearly heard the things I stated on our behalf and the questions and issues which I had brought up to the guest. Where he… Read more »

James V

Richard, where was the debate? I didn’t hear you ask him why he promotes literal faggots and jews.

Imagine if I had an anarchist woman on my show, who promotes lesbian writers who talk about how men pollute the space, links to blogs of naked black men, is deeply imbedded in the third wave feminist movement that wants men’s rights taken away, and I never even addressed it on the show? . You think listeners would be suspicious of me? Yes. They would. And rightly so. You say you wanted to debate him, yet never evem addressed his blatantly jewish and degenerate connections that he proudly displays on his site

Chris H

Maybe Richard hasn’t fully grasped what Renegade is about. I believe Richard was trying to be diplomatic, however diplomacy has its limits. I don’t want to be seeing these kinds of guests on Richard’s shows anymore, and if they are he needs to act like a Renegade. That is just my take on the matter. Anarcho-Pluralism; Pan-Secessionism? Let’s create 1000 more vague memes and narratives and listen to people in Collar, Cuffs & Tie

Richard Karolkiewicz

@Sinny @Chris H I actually do agree with you both. I should have been a bit harder on Keith with regard to those topics and issues. I did not know about the Jack Donovan link. I cannot see him having anything he could say to justify that, although had I noticed it prior I agree it would be a good question to ask. I do not think either of you have to worry about future guests, they would not be on here without justifiable debate appropriate to their stances on these issues. I never thought Keith contributes to the white race, I just mean the information some people have can be useful at times, about science, art, political strategy, etc., even though they may not… Read more »

Richard Karolkiewicz

@Chris H BTW, I wanted to praise and thank you for the Wildcard you have just done. Many including myself agreed that it was a very good and inspiring show. I do look forward to more you might contribute in future. Regarding Keith, I did not think this would reflect on myself so much, as if I support of do not understand or recognize Anarchists, Communists or Antifa as a threat and issue just because I had him on the show. I certainly do understand what Renegade is about. Hitler took the good and left the rest with regard to socialism. He chose a fusion which was most appropriate for his time and place, and this is exactly what we must do. We must examine… Read more »

Richard Karolkiewicz

On that note, with regard to stance and direction, I had really appreciated “The Purity Spiral Purge” Wildcard which Kyle had done.

I do understand and support the decisions which Renegade has made.

Chris H

Just don’t try to squeeze blood from a stone Richard. ps much appreciated.


anarcho plura.. what? Yes, lets make up pseudo schools of thought labels that don’t point out the fact that it is the jew behind all of this, despite how obnoxiously bold they are about it. At this point anyone who dances around the jew problem or does not directly hold the jew accountable, is either taking the piss or a shilling bum boy. All these isms are just the myriad splinter groups of the ultimate evil ism of all juda-ism. It has bee the way to continuously cause unrest and confusion and at the same time hide the jew from attention.

Richard Karolkiewicz

@Skylgarir Some of those terms did seem suspicious from the beginning to me as well. In some ways it just seems to suggest a “live and let live” political philosophy for what groups and tribes may form as nation states and such throughout the world. From this perspective it is perhaps on its surface favored by some as a philosophy rather than, for example, the Totalitarianism and Imperialism assimilating the entire world over of NATO or the intolerance of hypocritical Antifa figureheads. I figured I would submit them as topics since I had noted that Keith has used these terms previously and see what he had to state during the interview. Tried to objectively look at different political strategies with this guest but this show… Read more »


I see where you are coming from. Sometimes you just end up digging in the wrong field as they say.

Lol, he mentioned Troy Southgate, sorry boyo, it’s another Anarchist Yewe:

comment image

He certainly gave the impression that it’s a White Anglo-Saxon problem more than anything else, and as it turns out, this is what Putin says on his RT network.
Abby Martin is also a jewess formally of RT and an “Anti-Nazi” ..

James V

Isn’t this guy a self admitted jew? He also calls himself alt right and says Chrolottesville was not a psy op. Not sure why he was asked on this network. Rich seems to love the alt right cons.


Jews like a good ‘ dialectic ‘ to achieve their goals. Why try and subvert a genuine counter movement by infiltration if you can achieve your ultimate goal much easier and more efficiant by creating that apposing force from the get go. They also create the Illusion of justice and democracy as a byproduct. The human mind instinctively wants to recognize ‘ dualism ‘ as something genuine and natural. Jews are masters at recreating this and willfully herding ‘ us ‘ to the slaughterhouse. Coke or Pepsi simply is not a choice. The way I see things these days…….if its on TV, the news, or any alt – right outlet, even if demonized and however attractive at first glance…….its almost certain to be Jew created.… Read more »


So how do we get away from these Jews and get them to leave us alone?


call them out everytime, tiring but they dont like being outed..


They won’t leave us alone. I think that is clear enough. Here you go


Drag them from their mansions and palaces that WE built and funded and kick them all to death before flinging them into the void. THAT is how we should deal with them.

Not to be rude, but could someone post a summary of what has been said about fourth generation welfare? Thanks for reading.


I don’t think Keith Preston reflects Renegade ideals. That being said I don’t hold anything against Rich, it was an interesting show and at the very least we get an idea into how people like Keith think.

But I’ll ask the question. Was it just me or did Keith sound a little uncomfortable near the end when he asked Rich what kind of audience he was addressing? To me, Keith sounded a little surprised and segwayed the topic of Jewish power with WASP power. He was talking very quickly as if trying to take up as much air time to himself to avoid what he might perceive as controversial.

Richard Karolkiewicz


That is a very astute observation, Bill.

I totally agree with your assessment.