Arcane Semantics: Local Perceptions & Foreign Policy (5-7-18)

This airing we discuss some recent developments in areas of censorship, hate laws, flag desecration, Iranian nuclear deal, foreign policy disinformation, unscrupulous data mining, tech giant companies, war agendas and more.  Rollie Quaid joins us as co-host.

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Great show guys!

Rollie Quaid

Thank you very much Scarlett I’m glad you enjoyed the show


Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal

I often learn illuminating information from your research, thanks. But some (I hope) constructive criticism: could you do the shows from somewhere where you are in privacy? There’s always some noise of other people in the background; it takes away from the potency of your input I feel. Maybe a better mic too. Best regards.


Send him the money for the new mic. Just saying. Oh yeah, and a babysitter.


Yea Iran is just another business expansion. Can’t wait to get a starfucks coffee from the Arab shopping mall. Just like you have MDonnies in Russia after the Iron Curtain fell, you can now shop for the same shit in another country and get them hooked on international jew debt slavery. Good business is where you find it, and that is what “war” is.


@ Rollie. I agree with your assessment on the Ventura vs Chris Kyle case. There were no witnesses to corroborate his story on Bill O’Reilly. It’s really disgusting how the media slandered him purely motivated by the popularity of Chris Kyle. It’s a sad state of affairs when the general public could care less about the facts. We really have to deal with this all or nothing, hero or villain mentality.