Arcane Semantics: Michael Santomauro – Free Speech and Jewish Supremacy (10-30-17)

This airing we have Michael Santomauro joining us. Michael is a journalist who has been noted by The New York Times as a world famous Blogger and Publisher. He had lived and operated a business in Manhattan previous to 9/11 and had analyzed and written about the forces behind the disaster. Michael is a noted Holocaust revisionism researcher and is publisher of the book- “Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides by Thomas Dalton.” We will be discussing Free Speech, Jewish Supremacy and the Holocaust Narrative, among other topics.

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Good show. They want to get rod of Whites because the Torah says “The best of goyim should be killed”. and they look forward to ruling over a world of easily manipulated dark peoples. Go to Quora and look at how misinformed and submissive “liberals”, “people of color”, and the third world is to jews. It’s truly, truly scary, and I tried my best to inform them but they are hopeless and a liability. They believe in not just the cliche White privilege but also Palestinian privilege, but NEVER jewish privilege and jews are always the victims. They believe jews can do no wrong, and that everything is racist and ‘antisemitic’. This is the world jews are looking forward too. archive . is/DHrHz Look at… Read more »

Another interesting & informative interview – thank you. Your guest was correct with the chess analogy. jews are indeed, decades ahead in their moves. 95% of these “revisionists” are damage limitation operatives imo.

Today is Samhain. Greet and pay homage to your brave ancestors, as they inhabit this plane once more. Hear and heed their whispers: “fight for the children.”

The primary purpose of vaccines is covertly ruining the genome of the goyim. Some damage is noticeable right away, but the vaccines seem designed with delayed and covert payloads in mind. “RESULTS: Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.” This is just one example. When you damage the genome it damages subsequent generations as well. Killing off the better gentiles and damaging the rest is imperative if a corrupt, lying, thieving, deceptive, criminal people is to take over this world.

I thought, that mesothelioma could be caused by asbestos rather than anything else. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m against the idea that vaccines can cause mesothelioma.

Good to hear Michael Santomauro. Thank you. Re: 300 jewish lobbying/surveillance organizations with funding of $10 Billion: Helpful to know the extent of financial backing for what Real Name Pro-WhiteGentile activists have been dealing with. Re: White Gentiles need more courage. Aye to that. After 20+ years of hearing excuses, I no longer have any compassion for cowardly White Gentiles who let others suffer while the cowards hide.

WOW! Didn’t know Norman Finkelstein was recently arrested! I haven’t followed him in a few years. I once saw him at Tufts giving a talk. You wouldn’t believe the security required for him. Kicking myself for not hanging afterword to him sign his book for me. He’s a rockstar on the Palestinian issue – although that’s pretty much ALL he does.

Finkelstein is nothing. He perpetuates the lie of the Holocaust.

God this host is boring and tired. Jewish power is problematic because it’s not confined to a Jewish state. It’s power over goyim colonies, over the world. While I respect those who protest Israel, I wouldn’t have a problem with Jewish power if it was confined to Israel. The problem is that Jews have taken over all the nations of the world their holy books command them to do. No one deserves to be ruled over by Jews.

Here’s something more interesting since “Jewish supremacy” or whatever is covered in this talk is just more preaching to the choir in a way that is very tired and old IMO.

Birth of a New Earth – Jeanice Barcelo

SH*T audo. I’ll pass. No excuse for it in the Current Year.
Merandering Bull*shit. USELESS!

Whining Faggot Detector in the red with this one!

Oh noes. You called me a faggot. *sniffles*

“Oh noes.”

Yep, definitely a faggot.

Jeanice turned me on to a new way of thinking but she’s a little nutty, don’t you think? And yeah, that’s coming from me

Well, in what particular way do you find her nutty? No one else seems to cover what she covers. She’s passionate as she should be. This is serious, profound material. Most of us never even think to question what these vicious monsters are doing to us at our most vulnerable.

She is very informative and interesting to hear from . Actually, listening to some of her talks provided me with some lightbulb moments but she lost me with the ovulation by will idea and that Ringing Cedars crap.

I agree she goes off the deep end in those ways but that doesn’t negate the rest of what she has to say. She also doesn’t believe Russia is under ZOG control. It’s next to impossible to find an individual who has it all figured out and who is without fault. Even Hitler would have made him mistakes and errors. That’s just the nature of being human.

OR… it’s by design. Mix a little truth with a little nuttiness & hey presto – Jeanice Barcelo (or insert shill of choice, there’s heaps, whose job it is to give the general public a certain perception of “truth tellers” reinforced by mainstream media). David Icke was the first in a long line for the modern day “truth seeker” waiting to lap it all up! No surprise that christians love a lot of these people as they’re the most gullible subjects out there! “That’s just the nature of being human” is unfortunately a very weak attitude that lets most of these shills off the hook by adding excuses like “we can’t all be right 100% of the time”. No, but we can aim a lot… Read more »

More f*cking whining from LisaP the righteous, loving christian. Hey here’s a nice simple idea christard – next time instead of listening to a show you don’t like & then adding your worthless whining opinions here afterwards just simply… turn the show off so you don’t have to expose how low your IQ actually is by making it so obvious what a complete f*cking douchebag you are!