Arcane Semantics: Paul Edward Stevenson – Jewish Power & White Genocide (11-27-17)

This airing we have Paul Edward Stevenson joining us. Paul is the host of “Revelation” on Revolution Radio. Paul joins us to discuss Jewish power, white genocide and controlled opposition within the independent media and nationalist organizations. We consider the Judaic origins of Communism, the N.W.O. and Global Corporatism. We also discuss lobby pressure groups, immigration, multiculturalism, operatives and opportunists, among related topics.

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“let’s try to focus on lifting people up instead of putting them down. there are only a select few among us who know it all…I wonder if there necks hurt from the over full brains holding those heads up straight”

You’ll never see me say dumb shit like this to Kyle and Sinead!

very clever, idiot

That’s not very uplifting 🙁 Stay classy 🙂

Why does this guy keep excessivley sniffing? Must be snorting too much of that semitic smack.

He is making it a white christmas, with a bit of “snow”.

How immature to resort to remarks about a symptom of my autism and OCD. I hold a PhD in RE, bet you guys haven’t got a college diploma between you. You’re all beneath me on many levels and aren’t brave enough to come on my show to debate me.

Enough with the PHD in RE already. I remember RE being a pretty easy ride. It is funny though, how you value the education system so much given what you should know about the state of our government.

And why do you keep asking random people to debate you? On what exactly? Christianity?

There is no debate to be had on it, there are just a few simple questions needed. Was jesus a jew? is the old testament part of the Tanakh? Was Paul/Saul a jew? Was Moses a Jew? the list goes on, but you get the jist.

And please stop ranting around the comments section like some demented retard.

Hey Richard, just curious, is there any particular reason that you named yourself after a dead man?

I am using the proper surname of my family and my parents had named me Richard. My last name is that of my father’s father. My grandfather’s surname was Karolkiewicz (He is dead now)- and as thus it is my family name. He immigrated to the Untied States from Poland when he was a child.

Thanks for clearing that up, Richard.

Somebody hand this guy a tissue, please. I’m out.

I have a lot of understanding for christian “normies” who are unaware of the Jewish problem, but not so much people who take leader/educational roles. Or maybe at least not at renegade where it’s refreshingly free of Jehovah’s influence. Although it’s true even prior Christians, who were heavily indoctrinated during most vulnerable time when their minds were moldable, still struggle and relapse with their faith sometime, at least rationally they’ll still admit the inconsistencies and blatant issues of plagiarism, historical innacuracy, or of course who wrote the damn thing. Some people are just blatantly stubborn and ignorant in their own emotionally-driven conclusions. Even scientists admit their conclusions are theories, even if we trust those theories with our lives in some cases. A lot of Christians… Read more »
I think a lot of people still see Christianity as a European religion which muddles their thinking. Christianity was almost exclusively a European thing for a long time as far as adherents go so I can understand their confusion. It’s roots were not European of course but not everyone looks into it. Personally I always found Christianity to have a foreign feel to it. It wasn’t really a hardcore religion to most people when I was growing up so I didn’t hate it but stories about hebrews and the middle east just held little interest for me. If you’re brought up to think you are a Christian and your entire family is the same way plus much of the population then it’s hard for most… Read more »

Making fun of my OCD and autism is disgusting. I should perhaps make fun of your ugly face as I’m sitting here with your picture in front of me, you’re offensive to my eyes.

What a saint.
Ya know what really irks me these days, more than ever?

I thought Christians were supposed to turn the other cheek? You best be careful lest your evil thoughts of revenge get you slapped down from the imaginary sky jew.

Poor Paul… sounds like he need’s more Renegade in his life to help him see through the blood stained veil of christianity – perhaps Truth Hertz specifically.
Thanks to the comments, I was able to avoid wasting my time listening to this arrogant ignoramus.
Sad, I know quite a few strong, family oriented ”Christian” white men, who if they put their brains back into their skulls and detoxed the kool-aid, they’d be such great defenders of their race, their kin. Instead they spin their wheels defending the jewish holy book.
So much misplaced passion in the world.
Thanks to all the Renegades who are committed to the truth, no matter where it leads.

Listened to this whole show & wish now I hadn’t. No slight on you Richard but this guest brought nothing new to the table whatsoever. Everything he brought up & his attitude can be heard everyday on all the run-of-the-mill troofer shows out there that just run around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off getting nowhere & providing no actual real-world solutions. Hey Paul – we’ve all heard this shite 1000 times before you boring cunt! If I wanted to hear this crap I’d just go get drunk & sit in the Mami’s chatroom with all the other deadend troofers who whine about shit but actually DO NOTHING!!

I am astounded to discover that the Paul on this comment board is the same Paul that spoke on Richard’s show . Paul, you came across as an educated and reasonable person until you chose to go into attack mode on account of my mild commentary. Perhaps you received my comment as an attack on you personally . I find such a reaction to be strange and unsettling, and actually validates my argument that your spirituality acts as some kind of virus on the mind . Frankly , I’d really like to see less vicious name calling and more intelligent conveyance of ideas . We all have the intelligence necessary for such an endeavor , and it doesn’t take a PhD .

On a final note, may I just say this particular comment board has been strange and full of shenanigans. I put in a vote for me and all other sane people to move on and stop feeding the beast. Just my humble opinion.

Will the real JohnSmith please step forward?

The thing is the sheep must be governed, how do you govern superstitious half wits that are dangerous without Christianity? This is a big problem to have to overcome. Very few people have the IQ or tenacity to seek and find the arcanum. We would have to train them from, birth, redo the entire school curriculum. Even the “Nazis” knew this was impossible and simply used it to their advantage. We have to turn the Christians back on their masters, not destroy their illusions. We have to remind them the Jews killed Jesus, and what is an anti-Christ if not a Jew? A Jew is the very definition of an anti-Christ, this is the angle we need to press. Tell the Jews were the devils… Read more »

Much easier to simply attack “diversity”. Every anti-White policy being promoted these days is bring promoted under the banner of “diversity”. It’s fully retarded for any society to have “diversity” as it’s prime objective. I really can’t believe that so few people really understand just how stupid it is to be talking about “diversity” as if it’s some wonderful new ideology/religion. As a concept it’s way more retarded and harmful than marxism or even christianity. A nation can survive marxism and christianity but no nation can survive “diversity” for any length of time.

I agree Diversity is a symptom. Come on my show

Diversity is the disease not just the symptom. It’s the justification used to promote White genocide. Most big organizations have “diversity” officers to implement anti-White policies. Anti-Whites are always talking about how important “diversity” is to them.

Diversity is nothing more than a codeword for White genocide. It really can’t stand serious criticism which is why anyone who speaks out about it is fired if they work for anti-Whites.

Your show is entitled, ”Revelation”? No thanks. No character from any book is going to save you, your children, myself, or anyone else for that matter. Ever. As the saying goes, ”it’ll be a cold day in hell”. Pull up your boot straps and kick the habit. Your children will thank you for it. Best of luck to you Paul. I hope you innerstand, that unless you are in fact some kind of flavor or Ashkenazi, most of the commenters here are sincerely wishing you well – in that – all who are aware of the nature of the genocide we are living through, wish you would wake up, and walk away from the infant mutilating, wife loaning, animal sacrificing, generally psychotic cult of the… Read more »

You weren’t brave enough to call in and debate me when the host opened the phone lines. None of you were. Not one person. Actually one person did get through but completely crapped himself when asked what he’d phoned in for. His reply “I’m just listening”. You’re little cowardly boys the lot of you.

So you didn’t realise Renegade has a listen-in phone number & many people phone it to listen to the shows on their mobile devices? LOL! What a dumbass! Guess that silly little PHD that you flop out at every opportunity doesn’t really get you too far in the REAL world ay?! 😀

You weren’t smart enough despite your piece of paper (from a kosher controlled institution) to realize that renegade listeners aren’t into abrahamic insanity cults? You’ve studied lies so long that reality right in front of you is hidden.

I vote Richard leaves the network. Get that semitic shite away from us.

@ James V

I am completely against Christianity, James. This guest started preaching and I did not appreciate that but I only tried to have him on to discuss concerns for our race and people which he does share with us. I have a show set to be on Monday, December 25th this year. Check out that show to see just what I think of Christianity…….

Okay. Then you thoroughly suck at debate.

@ James V I had really hoped to pretty much avoid the topic of religion altogether and focus on the concerns of our race for this interview. Perhaps this was wrong of me from the very beginning in this case. I am capable of debating someone on a given topic if this is something I want to discuss in the show. I did not invite this guest on here to debate his religion. Were I to have done so I would have made that clear to him ahead of time. I felt I should tell him our views on religion once the topic had been brought up, but I really did not want to debate religion with this guest as a topic for the show.… Read more »

You can’t predict how the guests will act, but the christiots seem to go into a stone avalanche for their jeebus

I think the guest took this as an opportunity to push the jew. What made me larf was how he tried to deflect what vegennance was saying through the chat about christidiocy by using red herrings.

🙂 0/

I think the show would have ended there to be honest.

Yet you were all too afraid to come on and debate me when the host opened up the phone lines. The one caller who did get through completely crapped himself. My intelligence and authority on the subject scares you, it takes you out of your comfort zone, for which I will not apologise. – it’s called growth you should try it some time.

No I wasn’t, I don’t listen to the shows live. No the whole thing has already been destroyed years ago, you are late to the party. After about 10 minutes it goes in circles and the same old yard just goes around, and aroundddd and arooooundddd.

Richard is a good guy and very bright it’s just a shame there’s so much dead air time when responding to my points/questions. What’s with the lag?

Maybe he just thought you were about to sneeze after every response what with all the sniffing & stuff going on there pal! Sounded like he was politely giving you time to get it out of your system to me.