Arcane Semantics: Promoting Our Perspective (10-23-17)

Richard first tries to get a no-show guest on, speaks briefly to Kyle, and then gets into the topic of how best we can promote our point of view, how we need sophisticated spokespeople, whether or not freedom of speech is needed, and takes a call from John Smith, amongst other things.

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Curt Jewlittle? Really? Do you even research your potential guests at all?

Isn’t jewlittle the douche who lives in the Ukraine and has a mud shark daughter?

let’s try to focus on lifting people up instead of putting them down. there are only a select few among us who know it all…I wonder if there necks hurt from the over full brains holding those heads up straight

It’s “their”, genius.

case in point! or is it in chief

stay classy

Here is reply from environmentalist: What would have happened to. land had not gov’t protection? more low-rent developments? The problem occurred when oil & lumber corporations allowed to profit=sell-out & personal profit- Sierra club did not support drilling on public forests and parks.

The non-showing guest’s inner voice and outward persona appear to be as mixed and sick as the values he’s passed on to his daughter.

Kudos to you Richard for staying calm, and producing a fine show, with a little help from Renegade wingmen.