Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – Disinformation, Corruption and Corporate Agendas (1-15-18)

This airing we have Rollie Quaid joining us.  Rollie has been a Wildcard host and contributor here at Renegade Broadcasting.  Rollie works as a professional MMA Fighter, has been awakened to many of the conspiracies around us for nearly twenty years and has been an independent researcher in the truth movement for a number of years.  We discuss many topics taken in a number of interesting directions.  The discussion includes William Cooper and conspiracy-related organizations, MMA and martial arts forms, styles and real life practices, perceptions of race and multiculturalism, recent news in international media, political and corporate corruption, elitist agendas and more.

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Great show. Thanks Richard and Rollie.
Unfortunately, the background noise, otherwise the Aryan child screaming and laughing in the background 😐 was taking the quality and focus away from the information.


Ring Of Power (Full Length Documentary)

Chris H

Impressive show. Very interesting. Thanks Richard and Rollie. Very good talk radio and easy listening.

Chris H

ps Rollie please mute because it sounded like Richard had to shout over your side


Great show guys


Amazing show! I remember when Great Lugh was on the network, it remind of those days.

Rollie Quaid

Lol.. never heard of the Great Lugh, is he in the archives?


People literally learnt to love big brother with the stupid game show putting a bunch of people in the big brother house. It’s cool to be watched 24hrs a day trying to win a prize.