Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – Kosher Meth Syndicate & Strawmen of Snow (3-12-18)

This airing we have Rollie Quaid once again joining us. Rollie covers material from a number of his recent articles published on Renegade Tribune. We discuss the idea of a snowman as a strawman used for a particular time. We discuss and question the validity of whistleblower Edward Snowden and whether this information is merely limited hangout. Other similar characters and examples are addressed, including Julian Assange, Q Anon, Anonymous, and Gary Webb. The Israeli Operation Talpiot is touched upon in the second hour. Later in the show we discuss a bit about the Meth Messiah – Kosher Crank Kingpin Sholom Rubashkin, whose prison sentence was commuted in December 2017 by Donald Trump. Rubashkin is guilty of a litany of crimes that range from worker slavery, sex-trafficking, drug-money laundering, gun smuggling, (possibly murder) and narcotics, none of which he was prosecuted for.

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Don’t you have a Jewrassic video to be posting?


I have to confess, I’ve enjoyed a good laugh watching that shit when I’m feeling particularly bitter, but yeah, not exactly top notch information.


Please take that picture down. So gross to look at and not good for the mind or spirit. Alex Jones is a 100% jew bitch tranny.


Google wasn’t the first search engine rollie. They’ve been around since the net was text based. The first I heard of google was on the TV. I had been happily using other search engines until that time and continued to do so after google came on the scene. It wasn’t until I got an android phone and started using the chrome browser that I even bothered to use google. As far as search engines go it’s nothing special. The net would work just fine without it.

Rollie Quaid

I remember what I exactly said but it is true that Larry page was commissioned by DARPA to make a Google search engine, can you send me the minutes of when I was talking about that and I will correct what I said on the next show.

Ghost Man O; War

Say Roll’ Your ratio of quality and quantity of work is untouchable. Just giving credit where it’s due.


It’s not that big a deal. You mentioned Yahoo and google. Yahoo was the first directory of internet sites I believe. When they started their list there were only 16 websites in the world.

Google came out a few years later.

Here’s some info on when they started.

I remember using webcrawler and altavista long before google came about. Webcrawler was around when the net was still text based.

Google was pumped up by the state basically. Like diversity. Otherwise it would have been just another stupid word.


I even remember the days of altavista. Google was the one that came a bit later and was really simple, they started that picture and search entry bar format.

Ghost Man O; War

Aol was the first biggie search engine wasn’t it? Them or Yahoo. Or smaller ones like Jeeve’s the butler looking silhouette logo. That one lasted about a week. All are probably run out of the same facility. ahhaha Coke/Pepsi, Colgate/Pepsident. Hey, pepsi/pepsident? hmmm. hahahaha Later.


AOL is more a web portal and internet service provider. A portal is basically just a website with selected links. It would be what users on AOL would be presented with login on. A portal to the net. These days google can be considered a portal because it’s most people’s entry point to the net. Especially now with gmail and youtube all bundled in. As the main entry point they can charge businesses to send potential customers their way. Faceberg is another portal for a lot of people. The same monetization as google with their massive usage. Someone once said that google, youtube, faceberg etc don’t cost you anything because you are their product. All of them are vulnerable to competition. Especially if they are… Read more »

Rollie Quaid-Anon

Hahahah… Funny photo for the show.

Darès Dutch

As always interesting ! Thank you both👌🏻

Darès Dutch

Correction; Interesting as always 😉