Arcane Semantics: Scarlett – Dysgenic Immigration & Cultural Dissolution (7-23-18)

This airing we have Scarlett joining us. We discuss some of the basic differences between the current situations in Europe vs. U.S. and their ramifications. We address this purposeful dysgenic program and regression due to weaponized, replacement level immigration. Our countries are currently entering a phase of cultural dissolution and catastrophe due to the masses of invading hordes; whereas many among us recognize them as proxy armies. We must confront this dire situation immediately. Many of these primitive migrants, however much of lower intelligence, have retained the ability to observe nature such as watching and learning about the nature and habits of other competing species. Our natural competitors have observed us and taken into account our innate altruism and compassion for all other life forms, people, animals, plant life and even the earth itself, and they are using it against us as a tactic of war. These immigrants are not behaving in a defensive manner seeking refuge, but are moving with an offensive, predatory approach seeking conquest and dominion, an act of war. Essentially, we have allowed ourselves to become the prey of the other, less advanced subspecies. We have disobeyed nature and set ourselves above and apart from her. This is a mindset which has failed us and will ensure our extinction. This applies to the African and Arab invasion of Europe as well as to the mestizo invasion of the U.S. Additional related topics include: attempting to ally with Black or Hispanic Nationalists; new solutions to counteract conditions; future balkanized regions; the value of intentional village enclaves and towns; farming & forestry communities.  We take a call from Tony, who contributes to the discussion.

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Tabitha Wolfram

Thank you Richard, Scarlett and Tony. This was a really important show with many good points that really hit home for me. I’m a believer of demolishing the system by not participating in it. The more self sufficient we become the easier it will be to turn our back ZOG. To take this further, also living by the 9 Noble Virtues that H.V. mentioned on the Heathen Hof this past Friday will help us embrace our true path.

Anthony Roberts

Until enough decent White folk are prepared to sacrifice their current comfortable existence, nothing will change. At present there are too few of us, in any nation, to make a difference.

Thank you Richard and Scarlett for a good show and presenting the perilous position we are in as a race. We have to reject and remove zog – NOW!


Good luck to anyone who thinks the negroid race will listen to the truths we’ve uncovered about the jew. To the negroid mind, the jew is their best friend. The jew has given the negroid race affirmative action, section 8 housing and inter-racial relationships. Do you seriously think the negro is going to be upset with the jew when he learns that it is because of the jew he gets to bang all the white women he wants??????? Also, the idea that our guns will help us is pathetically laughable. Sure a gun will help you when some gang banger comes to break down your door, but when it comes down to crunch time and the powers that shouldn’t be are ready to finish the… Read more »


I have far more faith in tangible weapons than your spiritual transformation. Don’t underestimate the power of a man with a rifle. Your government doesn’t. Why do you think they want to take it from you? It’s not for the safety of the general public. It’s for the safety of those who are commissioned to enforce THE LAW, which may not be OUR LAW. They used a robot to kill the BLM sniper in Dallas 2016. He killed 5 police. If he had any backup; they may have fought their way out. Look at how they had to lock Boston down with marshal law (whether it was officially declared or not) to catch the marathon bomber suspects. Winning a battle and occupying are 2 totally… Read more »

Foster XL

Yeah I’m with Tony on this one. I just heard Ole Dammegard on The Graham Hart Show (yeah shoot me, I thought I’d give it a go as I was short of things to listen to! My mistake!). He said something to the effect that we shouldn’t use violence against our enemy & snuff them out if we manage to topple them. He said Ghandi had the best way to deal with this & that we need to do things differently if we gain power in order to move forward spiritually. FUCK THAT! There’s only one true force that rules this world – NATURE! Violence is as natural in nature as anything else. Your enemy knows this only too well & they use violence &… Read more »

They never locked boston down, there never were any Chechen marathon bombers, it was idiots hunkering down to watch their TVs and get drunk anxiously waiting for “boston strong” to prevail. The whole thing was a fucking joke that the TV show Family Guy told viewers about weeks before it even happened! And that was not about guns but the so-called “Pressure Cooker Bombs” which were similar to IEDs. I don’t know everything about what actually went on and why that took place in Boston but there was a hidden agenda there like always when these distractions take place. If you want to put your faith in weapons build a damn EMP gun big enough to take out a drone and figure out how to… Read more »

Foster XL

If you read ALL of what I said you’ll understand where I’m coming from. At some stage violence needs to be done, even if it’s only just arresting & executing the perpetrators & the outright traitors who assist them. It is not a be-all end-all but it will be part of the mix at some stage. Nobody wants all-out war but to think you can win by not using any violence at all is pure delusion or just another part of a deceptive agenda to keep you down. Use common sense.


I agree, Tony. Locked and loaded. Some substantiating quotes: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” — Gandhi, from his autobiography “I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.” — Gandhi, from his autobiography “I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor.” — Gandhi, from his autobiography Ha! Even the so-called Prince of Peace had this to say: “Then said he unto them, but now, he that hath a purse, let him take it,… Read more »

About Black Panthers original vs. New There was some serious misunderstandings about the original Black Panthers and the New very weird group that has formed. The original Black Panthers of Bobby Seale and Huey Newton were very strongly influenced by nascent Maoism that was surging in China at that time in the form of the Chinese Cultural Revolution when the cult of personality around Mao tse Tung reached epic levels and there was a massive purge of many of the older and original members of the Chinese Red Army and Chinese communist movement. The Bible of Maoism or their indispensable primer book that they all carried was “The Little Red Book” which was ‘Quotations from Chaiman Mao’. The original Black Panthers were so heavily Maoist… Read more »

Black nationalists, no, but maybe Pan-Africans. Pan-Africanism isn’t exactly popular or anything currently but they seem to be heavily influenced by Marcus Garvey — a figure who I believe would be central to any kind of alliance between Whites and Africans.

I mourned Qaddafi and smiled when Omar shaban was tortured to death. That S.OB. got off lite. With Qaddafi’s demise I don’t see much hope but I agree with you


Very good point. I heard of the Pan – African movement a while ago but it didn’t occur to me when putting together the show. I wish I had.


Why didn’t you just wait and do a “Wild Card” show? You certainly covered enough material here. Do you write for the Tribune? To be honest I have more time for radio because I can multi task. None the less thanks for sharing. Like you said it’s hard enough to find White folk that are awake. In my opinion we have to work with ALL people who are awake. Even if only for the sake of OUR interest. I keep seeing comments here to the effect that it’s all hopeless so why bother. We already know this is an uphill battle, but giving up is not an option. We owe it to all of those who went before us. What do you mean Boston wasn’t… Read more »


One key phrase included within this following video:
“…….the re-Mexicanization of the Southwest – the Latinoization of the United States.” –

Oh, Richard – I could barely watch that video – OMG – how much clearer can this be, to our white brothers and sisters? Every day, I weep for my Germanic and other Aryan brothers and sisters – the continued horrific crimes committed by our enemies is so disgusting, I just want to vomit! I have been trying to wake up my small family, but they think Trumpenstein is going to deport all of these ungrateful alien bastards! What folly – what delusion! I think we need bumper stickers that read, Stop the genocide of the indigenous European peoples, and others like it! I truly hope that our peoples will band together and fight these invaders and the (((monsters))) that have virtually destroyed our world!… Read more »

Oh, Richard, I could barely get through that video! This is utterly disgusting! Practically every day, I weep for my Germanic and other aryan brothers and sisters due to the past and continued horrific crimes committed by our (((enemies))) and their Shabbos goyim, which includes the non-white bastards who are working feverishly with the Jews to utterly destroy our folk! I have tried to explain this to my family, and how they are flooding our countries with third world criminal trash to annihilate our people, however, they believe that Trumpenstein will deport all of these illegal “migrants”! These ungrateful non-white scum, make me want to vomit – and “white supremacy”? Where? All I ever see is Hispanic supremacy, f-ing Black supremacy, Asian supremacy, damn Jewish… Read more »

Here’s an interesting example of combating cultural dissolution (which can and will bring about the destruction of humankind as explained by the Epoch Times’ editorial series How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World), made by Falun Dafa’s Chinese practitioners:

ETA: Here’s the link to the aforementioned editorial series, in case anyone didn’t read it yet, has no idea what it is, or forgot the URL simply:


Hi Guys ,
Good show I’m not quite through but it’s definitely a sign of things to come worldwide unless we do something .
We’re even getting stories of the demographic replacement over here about USA.

It is disappointing that there is no true voice to represent people like you and me on the mainstream platform it but I guards we know why .

Thanks for being a voice in the fog guys .


Placing this here, ’cause I’m not on Twitter.

Kyle, the synchronicity on that Terminator film is uncanny. A triple whammy. The name, the car, the storm.

What could it mean?, I ask myself. Too significant, prescient.

Universe bless you, Kyle.



I understand the criticality of our diminishment. Yet I know there is a fine line between pride and supremacy. Do we not help to diminish ourselves by enraging other races and turning them more solidly into our enemies? There was a suggestion thrown out for the possibility of working with other races against the common enemy, just for as long as we need their support. Then they would again become our enemy. Is that not using people and putting myself in the position of being an exploiter, a traitor? Would that not turn the quest into a sting, like you guys mentioned, the sting of the scorpion? I’d rather give it a go at being up front about the joint endeavor, owning that when through… Read more »


Replying to myself, hours later. Wracking my brain. Why did I post this? We know the situation is white genocide. My initial comment is going to get beat up, torn to shreds by smarter minds What to do? 3 a.m. A world-outcry needed. The scream of SEND THEM BACK!! Referring to the imigrations (invasions) of say, the last 10 years, when most countries’ cultural identity was still intact. The opponents of this would question, in some cases, the sending them back to oppressive regimes, but we know who keeps such regimes in place, serving their purpose of deception and control. Poland and Hungary and Iceland. Holdouts? Test cases? I don’t know. But I am screaming across earth: SEND THEM BACK. SEND THEM THE F**K BACK!!… Read more »


I’m not sure who suggestion’s you are referring to but the impression I got from Scarlett is that even if we reach out to blacks and other groups they will turn on us eventually. In other words we’re the 🐸 and they’re the 🦂. I say we can worry about that when we get there. Right now our own people turn on us. People in our movement have been disowned by their families. Don’t worry about people criticizing you. This is how we learn and grow. Everyone gets it wrong now and then.


Thanks, Tony. Yes, I was referring to what Scarlett covered at 1:17:40 mark to 1:22:17. I heard it as we becoming the stingers. You say “we can worry about that when we get there.” Well, when I align myself with something, I have to both understand the plan and be in harmony with it. Anyway, it was just those 4 or 5 minutes I mentioned above, just something that I found myself questioning, in terms of the certainty Scarlett expressed about what the other races would perpetrate on us. I just have a habit of owning what comes up for me, and this doubt surfaced. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible or even probable, I just don’t know that it is absolutely true. I say… Read more »


Liz, thank you for the comments and all the thought you have put in to the topics raised. I say topucs, but I really mean questions. That’s what the whole show actually was; questions. I don’t have the answers to our particular American situation, but I know some of the questions we need to be asking. I believe that together, amongst ourselves, we can find the answers and reach some conclusions. As for our relations with other races, I hope and wish and intend peace. However, I often question if, due to my (our) Aryan spirit, I’m fooling myself and engaging in wishful thinking. My thoughts on there being inevitable war is only an expectation of the worst because it appears to be a reasonable… Read more »


Scarlett, thanks for weighing in; I was hoping you would. First off, I have tremendous respect for your courage and your intelligence. They inspire me. And you deliver you message with a very down-to-earth energy. I’ve no choice but to settle in with the fact that answers are not that easy to come by, but your questions are so important and open doors for deep consideration. That has to lead somewhere. We keep reaching and hope for breakthrough. I do not want to be erased, and I do not want the magic that is us to be erased. I can feel the fed-uped-ness of the planet’s people. It’s at fever pitch. We are like the mime in the non-existent glass cage. Pressing on its walls,… Read more »


New Movie Trailer. Hmmm…..



Great guests, terrible host, satanic music.
Is Richard somehow “mentally challenged”? Usually, he needs a 1-3 sec to respond with a trivial answer. Guests sometimes think that line has gone down. His choppy speech is annoying trough the roof! From the start of each show is obvious he put zero effort into preparation.
Music. That’s not music. That’s torture with white noise. Can’t you find some decent ethno?
Maybe Alexa shows growth, but you are losing a quality audience.