Arcane Semantics: Stephen Christopher – White Survival (1-29-18)

This airing we have Stephen Christopher joining us. Stephen is an English identitarian writer and activist. A former British National Party employee, he has written a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel – White Survival – along with some short stories and poetry. He is currently working on writing more of each, as well as proofreading and translation work for a couple of other nationalist organizations. The discussion includes how nationalism in political parties and movements can vary in potential, effectiveness and approach among different nation states. We consider influences upon censorship from corporate tech monopolies of the internet and their connections to anti-white agendas and policies. Additional topics include similar negative influences of the corporate entertainment industry, educational environments, importance of how we influence our youth, the power of art and writing in inspiring our folk and much more. Rollie Quaid also contributes to the discussion.

White Survival is available to buy on and

The author’s blog is at

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

I don’t want to speak ill of a fellow Englishman lol, but has one given up Stephen? Of course all the Brit groups are jewish controlled, but you look elsewhere. You look for folk telling the whole truth. Hint: Renegade.

Why agree to an interview if you have so little to say? Was it just to flog ya book? You are either very bright, but lack common sense, or……

PS Very good effort Richard. You really earned your Aryancoin tonight – phew, very professional. Thanks to Rollie for quaiding in also.

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Richard was very professional, if it was my guess, I’d say “your on a talk show, talk goddamit.” I suggess u read Stephen Christopher book, i read it after the show, I can see it as movie. Im going to talk about my idea of making a film in the openning my show fri. Stephen Christopher is a good writter, he maybe intervened and he might need an extroverted guy to turn his book into a script. Where can we find an extroverted writter??? Oh, yeah Rollie MFin Quaid!!!

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Rollie Quaid
6 years ago

Lol, where do you get the time (or shekels) to read a novel, look after four children, and cook & consume 12 eggs for breakfast Mr Rolls? I hope you aren’t putting too much on your wife. She’ll be leaving you for Bob Arum if you’re not careful and attentive lol.

I just wished Stephen had been more enthusiastic about being on the network; especially with all the hard work put in behind the scenes, by Kyle and the hosts. He was talking about having our own media, yet didn’t take his opp. I hope he joins Renegade, we need smart young people to get us out this jewmare!

Ghost Man O; War
Reply to  Rollie Quaid
6 years ago

Rollie, ol’ Man. Dig this: Just a gift from an old timer. It’s the treasure chest ya hear about. You will find this archive reader most supreme to anything of it’s type on the interlink. I found it 10 years ago or more and folks just won’t take the time to try it. The Nameless War, Controversy of Zion, The Jewish System Indicted, The Outline of the Jewish Conspiracy are just a few you’ll find there. These are 9 out of 10 times in NO library you can’t walk into. BUT they are here in archive ready to read to you hands free so you can multi task at home with kids and such. Just a bit of boost for your jets. I know… Read more »

Foster XL
6 years ago

Richard, please try to get interesting & motivated guests from now on. This interview was definitely a fail despite your efforts to drag responses out of the guy. I thought maybe you were saying way too much when asking him questions rather than simple direct ones so maybe he was having trouble responding. However he was definitely a bit of an uninteresting dead fish to the point of occasional cringe in his responses so who knows. I definitely wouldn’t bother getting this guy back a third time – unless you’re a masochist! Just my 2 cents.

6 years ago

This was the “Chris H.” phenomenon LARPing as (dysphasic, silent-treatment) author “Stephen Christopher”. Am I right or am I right? And/or was this a psych-lab test to see how much pain could be inflicted without anyone complaining or questioning? Look, there have been some great – and I mean, GREAT – shows on Renegade in the past. At school, college, in any learning process, review and revision are a necessary part of any process of growth. If Renegade considers itself short of content, why not simply stream some past shows? MIR do it (or did). Selecting items for repeat airing might be a problem, but listener suggestions could work. And for starters, pick just about any of some 80% of Nick spero’s shows – they… Read more »

Chris H
Reply to  NomenNescio
6 years ago

NomenNescio ” @Heathen Vegan – thanks for pulling Chris H. out of the train wreck.” << concern troll (just to show you have a track record at this) Some of those shows with Heathen Vegan would not have happened if I hadn't turned up, and I did get him on in the firstplace. I turned up knowing I might not have come out sounding top quality, but I promised I would be there. So a few shows with some lag somehow means I have nothing to say, and I do 1 show where I read articles because I had no guest late on (not without trying) and somehow I have nothing new to add. Me thinks this was meant as a passive aggressive (forget… Read more »

Chris H
Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Just ban it already.

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