Arcane Semantics: T. Matthew Phillips – Legal Opposition to Mandatory Vaccines (11-20-17)

This airing we have T. Matthew Phillips once again joining us.  T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist.  Phillips advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride and science.  Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277—California’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren.  This conversation focuses largely on the upcoming lawsuit, vaccine law and science which states that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.  T. Matt begins with a short segment on the JFK assassination; we then discuss vaccines and some of the questionable figures surrounding vaccine law and activism, including Joshua Coleman and Del Bigtree among others.  We then move on to discuss Monsanto, GMOs and the bigger picture surrounding Bioengineering and Geoengineering.

Please visit:

“The Case Against Vaccines: A to Z!” – T. Matthew Phillips

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6 years ago

I like those Zion stars on the officers. You’ve got to get it out there as much as you can that Jew supremacists are behind everything. You’ve got to figure out a way of saying this as often as you can without appearing like a Jew hater to mind-controlled and ignorant people. The world quickly makes a lot of sense once you realize 1. Jews are in charge 2. Jews are orchestrating a religious agenda to create a world of their own 3. World government, the NWO, is Jewish to the core. 4. The Holocaust is a big lie. Look it up. 5. Jews are behind all the wars and Bolshevism 1.0 gives a taste of where this is going. The massacres, the tortures, the… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Thank you Richard and guest for getting this valuable info out. Don’t voluntarily take in any jew poisons; be it: vaccines, food, water etc, if possible folks.

Tomorrow is JFK’s 54th anni (5+4=9/11?). Some YT people (may be shills/agents?) are saying a possible strike on SEATTLE or NYC or BOTH, on 22nd or 23rd. There does seem to be a lot of movie coding, especially Macy’s parade on thanksgiving Thursday. If you have family or friends there, please tell them to be on their guard in the next few days – thank you.

6 years ago

I am the mystery woman “TMatt” is referring to when speaking of the song. I also have a vaccine-injured child and would like to speak to you regarding this. Are you willing to give me the opportunity to defend myself against his slanderous accusations?

6 years ago

This video should go ‘viral’. Every woman in the world should view this.
Henrietta Lacks: At Your Cervix

6 years ago

Superb stuff great guest, works well with the show. The JFK thing is such a msytery shroud. I have seen vids the whole thing was actually a mock up and JFK was not the one who was shot it was a dummy, and Zapruder “just happened” to be there at that place to film the “final shot” at that frame. Seems very set up, also not the people in the background. The background, the seemingly insignificant is always the most significant.

6 years ago

Good show but @host, please contain your enthusiasm a bit more and let the guest finish his thought. My comments on vaccines at hereby repeated, note DarwinDigest #34 (TRS or ex…?) there mentioned can now be found at – anti-vaccines proponents should study their cited book-content carefully, forewarned is forearmed. Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety (Gary Halpin)…. Fears of weaponized use go back to the c17th: “…And if ’tis possible that the ingrafted Pox can be so poysonous as to communicate certain death to all around by this method, they may ingraft as violent a Plague as has been known among us. How far the Legislature may think fit to interpose, in order to prevent such an artificial way of depopulating a… Read more »

6 years ago

TMP has a good point about putting your work out there, this psychological tactic of the jew to implant this dynamic of “oh dont do anything,we are far too powerful, lay down your weapons and worship us, we are far too powerful to oppose” bullshit. They rely on this tactic. As I have said a billion times before, they do this because they know that if we call their bluff they hold duff cards. They count on us caving in to their song and dance golem of being too powerful to oppose. Fuck that shit, the jew only wants to scare us into submission, that we will fall for the act and therefore the jew will avoid an overdue kicking and actual confrontation. The big… Read more »

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