Arcane Semantics: T. Matthew Phillips – Vaccine Abolitionist (6-11-18)

This airing we have T. Matthew Phillips once again joining us. T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist. Phillips advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride and science. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277—California’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. We discuss and critique many talking points from anti-vaccine activists including a ten point vaccine fact checklist. We address examples and some of the ways in which many vaccine activists are controlled and consequently present limited hangouts. Some damaging effects of vaccines are consider. The vaccine court is additionally discussed and explained a bit during the second hour. We take a call from Elena during the final segment.

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WTF????? My blood is boiling. Lawyer’s Challenge: A Child Molester as a Client “Attorney T. Matthew Phillips sees himself as the champion of a principle, an issue larger than any single human being–the right to be left alone. But Phillips says he is having a hard time elevating the level of debate in Placentia, because the man he wants left alone is a convicted child molester. “People think you’re consorting with the devil when you have a child molester for a client,” said Phillips, who has filed a claim against the city of Placentia on behalf of Sid Landau, a 57-year-old man who has been the subject of intense scrutiny by local police and residents for three months. “Our Constitution and our system of government… Read more »


You may want to sit down for this.

Seriously Richard, this does not look good for you either.


here’s what the link says : WHO IS T. MATTHEW PHILLIPS? TMP IS Controlled Opposition (CO) behavior to the core. The goal of Controlled Opposition is to deflect and control the energy of a movement. CO’s design is to reduce the effectiveness of Grassroots movement efforts by diverting people’s energy and attention, and by creating chaos and confusion. When we all spend our day posting and talking about TMP, when we all spend our day asking “Who is this guy?” “Who is that guy?” “I’m confused, who do I trust?”, it is evidence that we’ve been infiltrated by CO. It’s a divide-and-conquer strategy to fracture the movement. TMP has proudly stated this is his main purpose: to divide movements, 1) Anti-GMO and now, 2) Vaccine… Read more »


Suing the ”State of California” seems amorphous to me. It’s like going after a corporation. They want you to to go after corporations because they see them (corporations) as people… It’s all about obfuscation! Why not go after the director or a vaccine manufacturer and make it personal? Corporations are NOT people! Neither are states! What about go after the governor or whoever is directly responsible for signing in such horrific legislation? What about the director of Bayer or the CDC? The state is just an untouchable entity, but there are people who put pen to paper and ”sign” this shit it… who are those signatores and why doesn’t anyone sue the shit out of them? Make these fuckers show up in court! How does… Read more »


”TMP also uses his license as an attorney to file bogus and non-productive lawsuits that actually hinder the progress of any grassroots movement” – EXACTLY what a jew would do, and what Elana calls the abusers/controllers want for us – to be caught up in bullshit, go nowhere legal battles that are slanted in every way against us. They LOVE for us to be wrapped up in court cases, wasting our precious time and resources as the genocide of not only us but the extermination of our natural world just keeps chuggin’ along.. more and more ”immigrants” in your neighborhoods, more and more guns in the hands of gang members, more and more opium and pharmaceuticals in your friends and families veins, less and less… Read more »


I knew there was more to this guy that I didn’t like than just his voice.. just a tiny bit of research shows this guy as a subversive degenerate. If memory serves me correct, ‘T mat’ was one of your first guests Richard. I could be wrong, but I remember being very turned off by you and your shows when I caught the re run. I was tolerant however, and trusting, and just figured I wouldn’t pay attention to your shows, as they just weren’t overly interesting at the time anyways. Lately though, I thought you might have ‘hit your stride’ and have been somewhat enjoying your shows… until this shitty guest made his third(?) appearance? His slick talk and constant deflecting onto how other… Read more »


Amber makes some great points. I find it extremely hard to believe that Richard didn’t know who T mat was. For gods sake – how f-ing stupid can you be?


Once again, I will be discussing this in greater detail tonight on my show. It can be all too easy to cast criticism from the shadows. These people criticizing me personally should probably listen live tonight and call in if they have anything to accuse me of. Being unaware of something is not indicative of one being “stupid”. I research guests most of the time of course. In this case I did not, and the way in which I had become aware of this individual had made me inclined to make this error. I certainly have learned from this mistake. Basically, even if you are clearly against one’s opposition, that should not be a reason to blindly accept. This was my mistake with regard to… Read more »


A basic google search will tell you this dude is a scum bag. Why do you not do basic research on your guests? You had on a pedo defender. No one is over reacting.


I just addressed this on my show yesterday. I generally do research my guests. This was a situation which began at the former station which I had been on. Jewish Hollywood people including Joshua Coleman from the controlled opposition Vaxxed film were opposed to T. Matt. We had trolls related to many topics over there, regarding everything from vaccines to geoengineering. In this case I incorrectly gave the benefit of the doubt that although I saw negative information about T. Matt online, that it may have only been disinformation about him. Therefore I did not look into such information in this one particular situation. I notice many people attacked in these ways on websites online. Not all of them are true. A few sites out… Read more »


Joshua Coleman & T. Matt evidently had already been engaged in an ongoing feud before they had even interacted with my former radio station. T. Matt was booked for an interview. At that point Joshua came in contact with the station. T. Matt was dropped from the interview and Joshua was booked in his place. They were each criticizing each other on just about everything at that point. My station had openly admitted trying to establish and nurture a connection with Joshua Coleman and these controlled opposition Hollywood Jews from the Vaxxed film for further collaboration as the reason why they had dropped T. Matt from an interview.


It’s been many years since I saw the movie ”Vaxxed”.. I am wondering, in brief, how the movie is controlled opp?..
Do they still push ‘limited’ vaccines in the movie or that crap where maybe one at a time is ok?

It’s pretty easy to prove that the disinfo about me is false. The fact that this guy defended a pedo is verifiable and T Mat obviously never tried to deny it. I see Renegade as my home and when peso defenders are invited in I see red and go into mama bear mode.

pedo** not pesos

I’m a bit uneasy about Mr Phillips framing his campaign in abolition terms. It seems to reinforce the jewish slave spin, and puts “it’s those evil Whites – again,” in most ordinary folk minds. Referencing jewish lies and prop from Nuremberg, is a basic error too.

I thank Mr Phillips for his tireless efforts in trying to protect our newborn, infants & teens from these jewish genociders. He just needs to be mindful not to unwittingly help them with their overall anti-White narrative. Another great show as always Richard.

Agreed. Providing better alternatives for terminology would be useful.


ya know, there’s just something that doesn’t sit quite right with me about ‘T Mat’.. When he was on awhile back, it was his voice.. that alone sounds silly, but then he brought up (in a previous show) how Josephine county Oregon voted to ban GMO production – and won. While that is/was true, the rest of the story is that even though the citizens of the county voted against GMO production in overwhelming numbers – the entire vote was ignored, and the supposed ”ban on growing GMOS’s” was ”struck down”. GMO’s are grown in that Oregon county, the majority know and don’t like it, although it isn’t directly in their faces, and even after months of petitions, rallies, protests, and ”winning the vote” –… Read more »


Why the Anti-GMO Community thinks T. Matthew Phillips is a Whackadoodle

An interesting quote from TMat: ” Because we hope all free-thinking people will rise up, all Christian people, all people of conscience, all people of all faiths and all religions, whether that by Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, if I forget any religion, please forgive me. We need to wake people up and we hope our lawsuit will do it.” Jews aren’t a religion TMat. They’re a race.


Also, the way he talks using “bitch” and “cunt” is pretty telling. What a gentleman and scholar! (NOT)

And, really? This is the photo he uses?

Another clown. (circus music plays in the background)


I knew it.. another subversive schmuck posing as a do gooder savior set up to promote false hope and waste time while the genocide slowly, painfully continues.

Just like his other interviews with Richard, I can only tolerate an hour of his slick well spun storyline.
Had I been listening live I might have asked him the questions I’ve posed here in the chat.. maybe he’ll read them and respond?
One more question for TMat the ”abolitionist” (barf), prey tell what might your ethnicity/religion be, specifically, would you consider yourself jewish?


Arguing the defense of a ”high risk to re-offend child molester” after he has already been convicted twice…


”He just needs to be mindful not to unwittingly help them with their overall anti-White narrative.”
I wonder if anyone thought that in regards to Tommy Robinson/Lenin disrupting the case and actually helping out the Islamic child rapist gangs in London.
”He’s our guy! He’s on our side!!”
(Turns out he’s an intentional weight designed to pacify and drag the white race further into mire via legal distraction and stall any efforts or cohesion in the right direction…)


Relating to tortured children :,1,,, Possibly OT : After watching -”The Big Picture of Child Trafficing and Mind Control Culture” and ”Pizzagate and Beyond”, I have been coming to the conclusion that I should probably be able to know and recognize the FBI peadovore symbols so that I can explain what is going on to the gullible goyim that just can’t seem to see what is right in front of their faces. Just like Sinead mentions, this is a world and a topic I wish I never knew of, and the details I would love to ignore, but we can’t. We simply can’t allow this horror and abuse to continue. We have to use the resources available to us to shed light on this… Read more »

What CDC has posted re: Historical Vaccine Safety Concerns


What are the odds the vaccine business is run like the holocaust business.

Excellent show Richard.


The way I had come to know T. Matt was from a very different perspective. His past clientele were not something which I had researched. Those opposed to him had seemed like the controlled opposition back when I had met him. I will be explaining all of this in greater detail on my show this coming Monday~

T. Matthew Phillips

The truth is, you cannot have an ABOLITIONIST on your show — because you crave advertising dollars too much. You are controlled by pharma — by their advertising dollars.


I’m 1000% anti vax, but if your going to use the term ABOLITIONIST – why don’t you work to abolish modern day worldwide jewish supremacy and slavery?
Abolish Anti-Gentilism!
If you were going for that, you’d probably gain quite a following, and be able to END TOXIC VACCINES as a side benefit!

Aha. Once again. Off to search for previous…