Arcane Semantics: Tabitha Wolfram – Generations 1890-Present, Leadership & WWII Programming (7-9-18)

This airing we have Tabitha Wolfram once again joining us.  We take a look at the generations spanning from 1890 to the present day.  The name and notable characteristics and traits which have generally identified each generation and set them apart from others are discussed.  We address many aspects of life within these eras.  Many difficult conditions, extremes and challenges which had been building just before the turn of the century are very much recurring in the present era.  Further study of this former era may assist us in learning from so as not to repeat too much of the past.  We additionally address the importance of the year 1939 as it was a pivotal year with many major happenings – This was a crucial year for shaping the G.I./Greatest Generation as well as the generations that were to follow.  The conditioning and programming which the Greatest Generation were fed via the war shaped the Silent, Boomer and so on.  We address the topic of leadership in regard to our current era.  New leaders capable of taking the initiative are always required within each age group and generation.  The value of local organizing is similarly addressed.  We take a call from Steven with some of his perspectives on the WWII influence upon our culture.  Some related topics are also included.

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2 years ago

Differences Between Rich And Poor In Victorian Times


Street Life In London, 1876-1877


1929 – Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US


History Brief: Daily Life in the 1930s


Europe 1895-1900


1900 Victorian Time Machine – Extended Ride Through Town in England


Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

I’ve noticed how hard it is to get a consensus on the timeline for the different generational groups. This is a deliberate ploy to keep us blaming each other imo.

Wonderful show Richard and Tabitha – thank you. This information smashes the “White Privilege” lies, and will help educate our folk to fight back.

Tabitha Wolfram
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Thanks for your kind words Anthony. It was great to hear your voice on Heathen Vegan’s show as well as your input.

2 years ago

You’re onto something with framing these generations by the programming and level of freedoms, and lots of insights in the show so thank you Tabitha and Richard. My parents were the ‘silent generation’ and so silent I didn’t even know that was their name. As a ‘Gen X’ so-called individual, I’m amazed at the freedom we had as kids going around by ourselves, not wearing a seat belt, going in and out of everyone’s houses on the street. The shellshocked soldiers of WWI were studied intensely by post war MK / ‘social engineers’ to gauge the effects of trauma on the nervous system. Using Pavlov’s findings, they looked at sustained stress on the nervous system until there was a collapse into a zombie state. And… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram
Reply to  Callwen
2 years ago

Hi Callwen: I’m glad you enjoyed this broadcast. I really enjoy helping out and spreading our message as much as I can. We can all do our part in our own way. The world has changed so drastically in my lifetime, and it continues to change with more rapidity as the days carry on. Our collective return to our natural racial path is our true destiny. I hope to be one of many guides working towards the destiny of our folk.

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