Arcane Semantics: Technological Tyranny & Engineered Perceptions (4-9-18)

This airing we discuss some of the totalitarian advancements in our technology and the impact this has on our society. Some of the topics discussed include: the possibility of limited hangouts from characters such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange; China beginning a “social credit” system seeking to assign citizens scores, engineer social behavior and ban travel; South Korea planning all-digital currency by 2020; abuse, exploitation and destruction of the nation state of Palestine by Israeli soldiers and tyrannical Israeli policies; the engineered nature of shooting incidents in the United States and gun protests, including some of the local and regional reactions to all of this. We are joined by Rollie Quaid. Steven W. additionally joins us during the second hour with his insights on the topics

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for love of God, get rid of that soul-crushing music!!!


Renegade plays a lot of jew music. No surprise there.


“…a lot…”

Please elaborate. All your comments on Renegade are brief sweeping statement criticisms with no qualification or annotation whatsoever. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? Further, why do you bother coming here & making such pathetic inane comments? Don’t you have a life?


For love of gods, get rid of that satanic music.

Rollie Quaid

What do you think he should play instead?


Just stop raping me with those screaming apes on meth. If your really don’t have an idea…: listening to the jet engine is far better. You will lose hearing, but at least you will retain your sanity.



Rollie Quaid

I don’t know I can stop the screaming Methhead ape from raping your ears, it is mating season in the rain forest but I can play 6ix 9ine instead

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60ties – 90ties would be a good start
Van Morrison & The Chieftains ‎– Irish Heartbeat
Yo Yo Ma
100 Most Famous Classical Pieces
Most Iconic Classical Music Masterpieces
Top 40 Musique Classique
Just from Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, you can cut out at least 50 30sec soundbites

Live Tavistock’s Frankenstein music to Michael Savage & Co. It is a culture war. Demoralization through degenerated art. Stop serving poison.

Rollie Quaid

Thank you for those links. What do you think of instead European tribial music like Heilung | LIFAof metal or punk.


“…love of gods…” & “…satanic…” in the same sentence? You sound conflicted or at least confused! Are you a heathen or a christian? Sounds like neither! Hmmm… The first thing you really need to do is actually explain what you mean by “satanic music”. What actually is “satanic music”?