Arcane Semantics: Totalitarianism, Immigration Backlash & Liberty Modulation (7-30-18)

This airing we discuss totalitarianism in various forms – including unenforced or restrictive laws, unrestrained and invasive data collecting and surveillance, exploitative wars and foreign manipulation to name a few. The validity of a recent federal court case ruling is addressed which may release restraint on open-carry gun laws. Some political figures recently highlighted as “white supremacists” by the media are cited. We address the emergence of “The Movement”, a far right counterpart to the politically motivated far left Open Society Foundation which encompasses various NGO organizations such as ANTIFA. Corruption in DNA ancestry test companies is discussed a bit. We cite the importance in dividing and distributing one’s time and energy wisely. Deterrents in the forms of international scapegoats, NGO slush-funds and political dark money are cited. Some brief updates on middle eastern war zones are included, as well as some updates on Jewish control of, yet lack of loyalty to the US in such matters. An example of one voting machine company’s monopoly is discussed a bit. We include some updates on European countries who have been or begun refusing to accept or keep these countless hoards of migrants who are being globally weaponized to destroy white countries. Some positive perspectives and motivation do always seem to counter many of these challenges effectively, as we allow for such.

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5 years ago

I can’t get over the amount of unreported crime in the UK. its complete madness. If that’s what it’s like in the UK what are the rest of our nation’s like! I’m so glad I never got a DNA test before I unedjewcated myself. I was keen to do it before but could not afford it at the time. Being monetarily poor sure does have its virtues. I shudder to think what the self chosen ones will do with all those samples.

Thanks for an extremely informative show Richard. Where else can on find the pletra of crucial topics covered on Renegade. It is truly an amazing network.

5 years ago

What would anyone here think of the following physical features?

“Standards of physical beauty embodied in supermodels and actresses increasingly move toward emphasis upon features typical of hybrids: low forehead, small chin, triangular face, large eyes, and slim androgynous bodies.

It wasn’t too long ago that the “hybrid” look would have been considered disturbing and unhealthy, but today the trend has been toward the sexualization of these characteristics.” –

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Good show Richard, it is much appreciated. In isolation, these factual pieces of evidence will be dismissed by our zombiefied folk, but when viewed as a collective, wow – this is so bad.

I fear for today’s children who will have to inhabit these destroyed lands in 40yrs time. That is why it is so important for the awakened few of us here to get active, form local groups and show our defiance to jews & zog. We are the only legitimate pro-White group who can stop this genocide, by getting the truth out. Time is running out.

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