Arcane Semantics: Vegannance – European Pagan Solstice Traditions (12-25-17)

This airing we have Vegannance joining us. Vegannance resides in Australia and joins us to discuss the European Pagan Solstice traditions. We additionally discuss a variety of other topics, including how being in touch with our authentic spirituality relates to the struggle of our folk. Vegannance aspires to provide further clarification of the spirituality of our folk from an Aryan and Druid perspective. This being one that is loyal to our race and not falling in line with perspectives of the UN controlled Pagan Federations.

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Very good show – thank you both. It’s great that we have people like Ms Vegannance cutting through all this jew bs and mystic-genation lol.

With me, it’s about keeping spirituality simple: folk, land, animals and nature. Honouring our ancestors, the sabbats and the gods inside us. We have to fight now to protect, and pass on, this vital knowledge.

PS I’m always amazed by the strength of character of our Renegade family. To hear the hardships suffered as children, teens and then as adults (like Ms V) and survive, makes me sad but very hopeful. I salute you all.

Wow! I really appreciated hearing from Vegannance. I had an opportunity to join a local pagan group but gave it up pretty quickly because of the things you spoke of, multi-culturalism, LGBT bullshit, etc. I admire your ability to get the training you needed while not actively participating in their lies. I will take a second look at my decision because of this show. Thank you Richard and Vegannance.

thankyou scarlet, Theres nothing wrong with being soliatry. yeah i take from the training what is appropriate & then disregard what isn’t. Along with big caution for I have to submit essays etc to pass subjects/classes & am on alert for any programming etc. All in all it is a nature path & myself i follow the cycles of nature with all its little changes/energies. I haven’t met a coven or grove who shares the non patriarchal or & aryan path, this includes heathen groups such as asatru. Most of these groups also have shady practices, with Modern’ Wicca as example including sexual great rites etc. The great rite is small scale symbolism of planting seeds in the ground for the coming harvest of crops… Read more »
Hey vegannance, great interview. I totally agree with you on the moon being just as important as the sun. The moon is my favorite planet in my birth chart, it gives me a lot of my abilities that are similar to yours. The moon helps with intuition and dreams. I have similar abilities as you like premonitions, telepathy, psychic abilities, dream work divination etc. I don’t know much about norse or celtic paganisim. I just had innate abilities and was drawn to dreamwork, divination,and numerology. I did get a message in a dream once and it was a name of a greek goddess that I had never heard before. I googled the name/word when I woke the next morning. Her energies were influencing my life… Read more »
Beautiful, & thankyou for sharing 🙂 Such experiences are important to share.. You would have a good platform to being a wic (wise one) with access to theses things. A worthwhile study (albeit takes a while to grasp) is the hedonistic mansions of the moon, the Greek system gives context to astrology & another level to divining with tarot cards, & extra keys/correspondences to interpretations. There’s a wonderful story about Athena & arachni you may know but if not do some searching to find it. It’s way today why we classify spiders as arachnid.. Re the celtic & norse paths in shamans/druids (latter derived from druir the oak tree) the world tree is something we can climb up which is what happens when we communicate… Read more »

THanks for all the info. I have been using tarot and astrology for 12 years so that is why I identify more with the greek and roman paganism. I have done a little with the runes but I do not have all the meanings memorized like with the tarot and astrology.

I hope you come back on the show! Love it!

thankyou kelly. I’m currently in the thick of working on our celtic ‘chakra’ system yes we have our own Aryan system… based on spirals & duality. Hoping to be done with my findings by Feb. A great interest after teaching yoga for over 25, I never felt comfortable with all its paths & only had some familiarity with the Yoga chakra systems… but never quite fitting’ 🙂

Vegannance that would be so interesting to hear about!
I would consider myself an ex-yogini now, since, same as your sentiments probably, the brown version never seemed quite right.
Sometime in the fall, Sinead talked alittle bit about Biryani (?), or the Russian equivalent to yoga..
I would love to know where you girls find this information!
I love my Aryan ancestors and I love to stretch and use my body!
Warm wishes to you both Sinead and Vegannace!

Oh that’s so cool!

Very excellent program, thanks to the host and guest! The information and discussion was highly informative and providing of practical matters – such as being aware of the fake pagans, any and all promoted by the JewN (UN). Hopefully more will be learned/heard from Vegannance – soon.

thankyou 🙂 Yes many are ‘fake, but most are misguided thanks to the pagan organizations at the top.. you cant help like many of these pagans for their commitment to a folk path, but these self destructive ideals pushed by a pagan fed is a massive problem. Especially at a time where many are returning to a nature based path after being disillusioned by monotheist religions such as the christ insanity. Another issue is the push of heathen ways which has been recorded by christian monks & our enemy’s.. Some feels right but some feels completely wrong esp. in light of my norse ancestry. Another issue we’re facing now is cultural appropriation of our Wic, Wica (not the modern witch version) druidism & norse shamanic… Read more »

Thank you kindly, Priestess Vegannace, for taking time to make this wonderful reply with more wise information contained in it. And thank you for keeping alive/revitalizing the ways and memories of the Nordic (Northern European) ancestors, Goddesses, Gods, ; my feeling is that your work, knowledge, wisdom is making re-appearance at this time for specific reasons -one of which is that many of us (of Northern, Central, European ancestry) have completely shaken off the mental illness of the desert-dwelling Afro-asiatic, abrahamic death cult “religions”, such as “christ insanity”. Good Yule to you and the Gods be with you as well.

Anytime, we should be able to talk freely & share. I will always reply fully for you never know who else it helps beyond the initial com-mentor… Yes, we are at war – which is manifesting in the physical. It has & is also affecting our gods, goddesses, spirits & everything else that is part of our authentic aryan spirituality.. Ps not a priestess yet 🙂

also when i do get to the priestess level, nance is just fine… (No need for titles 🙂

you’re absolutely correct about our being in a war, a full spectrum, physical and non-physical war; with, as you say, the authentic Aryan spirituality being a main front/battle field. the Renegades, you, for example, are our leaders, or at least, many (of us, who have been long lost) look to you for guidance until we can again stand up against the enemies. ;anyway, thanks again Nance;

i will do everything i can 🙂 O/

Loved this show so much! Thank you Vegannance. It would be fun to design a home school curriculum to teach our children about this stuff.

thankkyou 🙂
fantastic idea… this was what handing down journals/grimoires was supposed to do but as you know or folk ways were interrupted with christianity so on & children sent to ‘schools’…
maybe some time in the future we can put our heads together & create a curriculum as such to include herbs, paths, symbols, correspondences, energies & so on..
I just still need to get to a certain level before such, but is definitely worthwhile to consider, who knows it may even get some of us adults out of the controlled mind traps…
may our ancestors & gods be with, Nance

Thanks for the interview! Caveat: no offence directed toward the renegade gentlemen of this forum. I believe, in its purest and truest sense, Wican is a study and system created for and by women. Nature is the Teacher, Oracle and Guide. 13 is a powerful number. The moon is a powerful planet and not a nefarious satellite as we have been told by some in the alternative community. The Earth–this planet –carries animated and refined consciousness–intelligence that the human heart can understand when trained–entrained. Cycles are the planet’s life force and they are ever changing as consciousness itself. A wise man will allow women to rule/lead/guide/heal. A wise woman will lead with wisdom, knowledge and grace. Gratitude will be celebrated by both sexes and taught… Read more »
thankyou for your share… The calleach (pinned as the old hag’ or crone the waning part of the moon) is an area if your not familiar with that may add another level. Especially in the regards to prophecy ie divination etc pre & at the time of the celts. She is the old hag jewood like to bash, the mother earth goddess, wise & with a funny sense of humor. The other strong figure is the morrigan in which is the calleach is also an aspect from. A good book is the guises of the morrigan in which all references are sited on the bottom of the pages. There were wic men – just saying. part of my path studies Im doing for my priestess… Read more »

an old prophecy given by the morrigan re the path the celts were heading on ‘fishless seas, bad judgement s by old men, false precedents of the lawgivers. Ref. Cath Maige Tuired.

Pagan “Federation”… what the fark? What is this commie bollecks? That collectivist Borgmatrix premise is in itself another The Thing, jew cell blooming like a mushroom in timelapse. Great show BTW, great content.

hahaha, yes it isnt natural that all pagans, witches etc are being pro ‘lgbtq whatever alphabet or that we are all one nonsense’ it is coming from some form of conformity in order to recognized in the least..


the federations pieces of shyte…. note christ tard nonsense of “Do what you will, as long as it harms none” – thanks to modern wicca
… Its very much like the UN, all nice on the surface, until you start pulling things apart, yet alone come across its own bullying tactics to make it we are all one claptrap…

If anyone is interested in the wheel of the year dates, I finally got around to blogging the write up (richard read parts of it)

‘the solar wheel of the year’ by (me) Ravenmor Fox is the magick circles name so dont mind that.

I have also made up some savable pics to break it up for reference O/