Arcane Semantics: Willem Felderhof – EMF Gulags & Multicultural Wars (6-25-18)

This airing we have Willem Felderhof once again joining us. We discuss the EMF torture grid and coming 5G hell – with cognitive dissonance playing a major role in maintaining the electronic control. We address the psychological aspects of why we do not see the required change in the current condition of humanity. We look back at the War in Yugoslavia as a blueprint for coming wars in multicultural Western societies. The difference between Satanism and Talmudic Judaism is analyzed. Manipulation of the entertainment industry, social media and pop culture are addressed in relation to these mindsets – These inputs constantly shape the priorities people maintain in the forefront of their psyche. Changes across Europe, perceptions of Russia, interpretations of Natural Law and a number of additional topics are also included.

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I’m not sure what it’s like in Holland, France or the States for that matter, but jews, having destroyed the White middle class here in the UK, have been filling that void with their future puppet slavemasters – the Indians (Hindu & sikh). They will be our future cattle herders, if nothing changes. Being a tad more private and less outwardly fanatical than muslims, these invaders have come up the blindside without any fuss or hindrance from (((Tommy R))), but are equally pernicious, and a major threat to White folk. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountancy, comp tech and engineering fields are all dominated by this ethnic group. The jews will probably allow a few to climb high in local & national politics. Religion, family, money and… Read more »
Good conversation, Willem and Richard, a lot of moral fiber. Willem, your story of what happened at the school with your son and the medication issue (1:40-1:47) is such an important one, especially for parents, parents who are hard-pressed to get their children educated and at the same time, save them from the educators, from toxic pills and injections and toxic brainwashing. Home-schooling works for some, but is impossible for many who must hold jobs to feed family. Seems we all have one foot in and one foot out in terms of detaching from a system that has us trapped. But it’s the one foot out that is the hope: if it keeps a firm stand it will pull the other foot over, somehow, and… Read more »

As if the indoctrination isn’t enough they want to drug our children as well. Sadly many parents are only too happy to have their children drugged.

Thanks Liz, yes our children are so much at stake and we are killing them ourselves without even realizing it. The current compulsory indoctrination system is such a mind destructor. And home schooling is not always working the way we would love to see, especially with the video gaming/social media distraction. Real physical contact in nature is medicine!

My comment was a little mild. Really, it’s everywhere I turn, seeing kids being done to in so many disgusting ways, with most parents going along. There is that unquestioning trust in “the experts,” even when common sense is denied. We have an epidemic on our hands. I certainly feel for young parents who are awake. The strategies they have to plan to escape this are staggering, exhausting, and sometimes dangerous. I refer to the escalating threat of “Comply, or lose your child.” And we all know what that means. “We’ll use your child however we want.” I thank you for your recommendation of nature as medicine. I’ll add, real human interactions, with eye-contact and genuine vibration. I think it’s gonna take some reaching out… Read more »
Thank you. Great article, such important points. You write: “Most of the children (and their parents) do not have a strong free Will to reject that madness and are completely at the mercy of the agents of the satanic control system.” So true, and I’ve often wondered just what the divide is. I mean, why are some so able to discern the b.s. and some simply go along? It may come down to those who have opened their minds (in whatever way) and are able to see through the facade, and those who have never ingested (substance or message). I don’t know how else to figure it out. It’s not like we’re disagreeing on who was the best band of the eighties. These are psychosocial… Read more »

Why were you watching TV? You should know better.

There’s a few people talking about how everyone is glued to their phones these days. That is actually an improvement on being glued to the TV for hours at a time being subjected to sophisticated brainwashing. Even small doses are dangerous to your mental health.

I watch because I AM FREE!! I (ME!) get to decide if I choose to investigate a toxic enterprise. Sometimes when watching a film on dvd I catch things here and there on the networks (I do not have cable, so only 5 stations) and it gives me insight into what the lie-machine is serving up. I then can counter it in a way I believe will be effective. It gives me ammunition, so to speak, and in this day and age we all know how important ammunition is. Ha!! 2A Forever!! I also check in with local news to hear local buzz. I am a member of my community and this gives me cultural connection and a heads-up if the local creek is overflowing… Read more »

I ask a serious question. What’s the longest you’ve gone without watching any TV?

It’s interesting that you equate freedom and being you with your decision/justification to watch TV. What if that idea came from the TV that you watch?

The programmers don’t care why you watch TV. They just care that you watch.

Oh I watch all day EVERY day, and into the wee hours of the night. I watch while I brush my teeth and while making love. I watch while cooking and gardening. Even now I watch. I am WATCHER!!! Ha! just having some fun. Actually, the answer to your question is: It’s none of your business!! And by the way, careful with your computer or cell phone, they’re also in on it. They may be convincing you to be an irritation to me. I guess I can understand that. Have we not got more important things to do, WhiteWolf? Live up to your name and it will help you go after the real enemy. I am not it. –

If I considered you my enemy I never would have said a word about your TV watching.

Okay, WhiteWolf, I’m willing to just go on from here. I know we could both say we’re givin’ what we can to the fight. If we were face-to-face we could dive deeper. Just too much to type every nuance, every impulse and reaction. Sometimes the pushing of buttons brings out the inner gorilla, but from Koko, we all know gorillas have a sweet side, too. I’ll just assure you that I am very aware of the t.v. monster, the lies, the steering, the programming, the perversion, the corruption, the degeneracy, the mood-altering pixels and frequency vibration changes which either energize or subdue, the ads that poison and pollute, the volume that rises or falls by no effort of my own, the radiation emitted, the (FK… Read more »

You sound nice and my intention wasn’t to upset you. It was a light hearted purity spiral dig at you. The nuance like you said get’s lost in type and I’m not skilled enough in writing to put it across.

The list you made is really scary when you think about it. That is some really hardcore subversion. It’s not just on the TV either. I went to the ATM today and I see some ad with a young White male Asian female couple on the screen.

Thanks WhiteWolf. Yes, they are comin’ at us from all angles and hard and fast now. Some say we can’t stop the wave but I’ve always thought every effort matters and baby-steps add up to giant-steps. So each day, we each do at least something. I cry when I think about what’s being done to us. Always in the back of my mind the words: “I will not be supplanted. I will not be disappeared.” And further thinking of Mother Europe, the onslaught there being even more fast and furious than here in the states. And knowing, the tree is nothing without its roots, and its branches must extend into a future of guaranteed freedom. Rage rises inside me, yet I try to tame it… Read more »

Good show! Thank you Willem and Richard.

What people need to do, first of all, in order to psychologically protect themselves, is reject the false dialectics of the dramatic and traumatic form pushed by the chosenite propaganda ministry in Hollywood since the 1920s as an extension of the ‘novelistic’ and ‘play’ and ‘theatrical’ and religious forms which are long-running variations of the ‘dramatic and traumatic’ psychological operation unnecessarily extended beyond its usefulness since 2000 years ago and the characters that are called “Ancient Greeks,” for whose actual existence as flesh & blood human beings who spoke their own minds there is no direct (primary source) proof that can be found. For all we know, all these old-time characters may be part of the “Grand PsyOped Parade of Lifeless Packaging” to add a… Read more »