Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & Drew Host (6-25-16)

Kyle and Drew talk about implicit pyramid schemes and other current events before talking to Keith, Jeb and Johnathan about an assortment of different topics, such as: mind control, transhumanism, controlled options, implicit and explicit Whiteness, how to resist, and...Read More »

Circus Maximus: Lark in Texas - Communitarianism (6-24-16)

Nick Spero speaks with Lark in Texas about the history of Communitarianism and why we should be concerned with it today. It appears the Fabian Society boys have one hell of a future laid out for us.

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Two's Company, Three's Allowed (6-24-16)

Shaun speaks about Cody the faggot pigmy and his pet Mooshell. He also discusses Aborigines and their incompatibilities with people of White European descent.

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Firestarter Radio: Triggerpocalypse (6-21-16)

Sinead goes solo for the whole show and shares a series of recordings from the week. Topics include: The infamous autism gang, hypotheses on the origins of ephebophelia, the triggerpocalypse of the alt right, gender roles from a pre...Read More »

Truth Hertz: The Electric Universe (6-21-16)

Charles comes back from his hiatus to speak more about his mother before getting into the topic of the electric universe and how gravity does not explain most things.

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The Solar Storm: Arthur Bliss - The Myth (6-12-16)

Kyle speaks with Arthur Bliss about The Myth, which is a video audiobook about based on Alfred Rosenberg’s magnum opus. We discuss Rosenberg’s place in the Reich, as well as his views on ancient civilizations, religion, feminism, dysgenics, non-Whites,...Read More »

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