Firestarter Radio: Running Free (4-19-17)

Tonight Sinead shares a series of recordings from the past month or so. Topics include: jews and cannibalism, Kuru disease, how jews are using “genetic testing” to decide which kikeotropics they want you on, the manlet punch seen around...Read More »

Wardo Rants: Cynthia McKinney - Diagnosing The Diseases of DC (4-18-17)

The first hour has rants about a variety of issues concering the system of tyranny under which we live and what is happening in the geopolitical world, and then in the second hour former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney joins to discuss...Read More »

Wildcard: Nathan & Massimo - Divine White Spirit Awakening (4-17-17)

Tonight Nathan and Massimo discuss spirituality, Zoroastrianism, the circle and the ellipse, jews, silica based life, Pierluigi Ighina, the magnetic pole, and true science.

...Read More »

Wildcard: Harijs - More Reich Revisionism (4-12-17)

Harijs reads a number of articles about the beginnings of the war and some of the moves made by Hitler and then gets into some of the realities of the conditions in concentration camps during the “Holocaust”.