Wildcard: Wardo Rants - The International Threat of Odious Debt (3-21-17)

Eddy gets on the air to discuss how chaos and cruelty are unleashed upon the world by the familiar criminals, taking a look at Russia, the US under Trump, Africa and elsewhere. He takes a number of calls on a...Read More »

Firestarter Radio: Daphne Rimmel - Real Talk (3-20-17)

For the first hour Sinead has on Daphne Rimmel who runs a youtube channel that talks about health, conspiracy, beauty and real talk. They discuss Daphne’s channel, the Tiny House scam and it’s ties to Agenda 21, how tranny’s can’t...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Trans Fats and Fat Trannies (3-19-17)

Kyle discusses the average American diet, the effects of consuming lots of meat and dairy, how diet effects testosterone and estrogen levels, the terrible nature of trans fats, how diet is leading to early puberty and hormonal issues, the explosion...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Nick Hosts (3-18-17)

Nick Spero hosts the show and speaks to Seth, Alex, Brigid, and Kyle about a wide variety of topics, including Israeli influence and spying, censorship campaigns, what we can learn from the Irish, energy weapons, and a lot more.

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Brigid's Readings from the Tribune (3-8-17)

Brigid reads a selection of articles, mostly related to the world we are seeing unfold before us and the real possibility of massive war, and what we should do about it.

...Read More »

Wildcard: Eddy - American Arrogance & The Prince of Profits (3-6-17)

Eddy covers some current events, reads Mahmoud’s letter to Donald Trump, talks about what Erik Prince is up to, Bayer, Chabad, and more.

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Wildcard: Harijs - Reich Revisionism (3-6-17)

Harijs reads from a great selection of pieces on the Holocaust fraud and offers his own comments.

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Truth Hertz: Yahweh's Chosen Slave Masters & Kosher Coups (3-6-17)

Charles talks about how the Bible is the ultimate slave religion and then talks about some of the coups and attempted coups that our insurrectionist “allies” have orchestrated over the years.