The Solar Storm: Heathen Vegan - The Folkish Foundations of Our Rebirth (11-19-17)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan about a wide variety of subjects related to the ever-changing heathen hunt for knowledge and wisdom, how we have become convinced that individual freedom is...Read More »

VeGAINator: Criticism, Tactics, Realization & Radicalization for Our Agenda (11-18-17)

VeGAINator discusses how we should try to mimic the tactics and templates that the jews and their controlled opposition use towards corralling the masses to stay within the Jewtrix –...Read More »

Wildcard: Rollie Quaid - Kosher War Dogs (11-17-17)

Rollie does a show about the movie War Dogs and the true story it is based on. David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli are two jews who found out they could...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Fraudulent Founding Fathers (11-16-17)

Charles continues the discussion about how we were sold a false bill of goods regarding the founding of the United States, with a particular focus on heralded figures such as...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Judeo-Christian Secrets and Treasures (11-15-17)

Charles discusses some topics related to Hollywood sex cults, the jewish origin of Christians, Templar technology, and other secrets and treasures. Then he starts a series on the founding...Read More »

West World: Theater of the Absurd & Cinema's Sinners (11-14-17)

Bill shares his thoughts on some recent events and theories about Trump’s super secret agenda to dethrone the globalists, then gets into the main topic of the motion picture industry,...Read More »

Arcane Semantics: Chris H - Have an Attitude (11-13-17)

Richard & Chris H discuss nationalism and how we can work beyond controlled limited thinking that only prevents us from finding our own inner path and passion. Some tech issues,...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Countering the Cult of Ugliness (11-12-17)

Kyle discusses the war against beauty by a very ugly cult of degenerates, what motivates both sides, why art is so important, the role Christianity played in the destruction and...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Commenting on Comments (11-11-17)

John and Bill discuss some issues and then get calls from Scarlett and Richard. Topics include: comments sections, reactions to shows, triggering topics, why some hosts might get booted by...Read More »

Weekly Dossier: Continuing Education (11-10-17)

John returns in a recorded show with some discussions about the education system, a great lecture from Dr Pierce, a reading from Nature’s Eternal Religion, and other interesting topics. rahowa