Truth Hertz: The Strategic Defense Initiative (1-13-17)

Charles discusses the various facets of the SDI program and how it relates to mind control technologies.

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Wildcard: Kyle - The Horror, The Horror (1-12-17)

Kyle speaks about how horror movies imitate life and life imitates horror movies. Chris H, David, and Quad call in for some insight into our fight against the psychopathic forces out for our blood.

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Wildcard: Brigid - Readings from the Tribune (1-11-17)

Brigid returns to read from a series of articles about Good Goyim Freemasons by Axe of Perun.

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Truth Hertz: Shunning Society & The Unabomber (1-11-17)

Charles talks about his experiences with former friends and how he was ostracized for his views, then he gets into the famous case of the Unabomber and all the oddities surrounding it.

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Truth Hertz: Corrupt Politics & Hinckley's Assassination Attempt on Reagan (1-4-17)

Charles finishes up his notes on the psychopathic child abuse cults operating at the highest levels and then starts discussing the strange assassination attempt by John Hinckley on Ronald Reagan.

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Militia Intelligence Report: Defeating Jewish Mind Control (1-2-17)

chris dorsey lays out the fundamentals and symbols of mind control operations of the criminal cabal controlling world Government. chris and guests including David Dauterive expose the latest staged shooting in Turkey while connecting the incident with a larger military/government/corporate...Read More »

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