Truth Hertz: Slaying the Beast & Jesus in the East (2-22-17)

Charles takes a number of calls, talks about a variety of issues with Christianity, and begins his discussion of Jesus’s potential time in India and connections to the Buddha.


Sinead flies solo to clear the air on several issues, a few old friends of the network stop by to say hello and she also shares s a few random recordings from the week.

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The Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm - Destruction of Our Nature (2-19-17)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about her pizzagate investigation and insights, the hypersexualization and rapid physical development of youth, the destruction of our environment in so many ways, the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, her store Avatar Products, and...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts, Then John (2-18-17)

Kyle starts out hosting, talking about the recent film release, and takes calls from Leifkin and Frank. They discuss the multi-pronged assault on us and why many people won’t do anything about it. Then John Smith takes over and takes...Read More »

Circus Maximus: Wardo Hosts - Crypto History & Present Predicaments (2-17-17)

Wardo hosts for Nick Spero, who took a needed sick day. He takes calls and covers a number of topics, including an analysis of Trump’s swamp, the role historical hatreds play in everything, Khazaria, Greater Israel, Cryptos, Syria and so much...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Psychopathic Sadists & Jesus Journeys (2-17-17)

Charles talks about the audio/video that appears to be of John Podesta (aka Skippy) torturing a child and explains why has this man not been arrested. Then he gets back into the extensive journeys of Jesus.

Truth Hertz: Jesus the Wandering Jew (2-16-17)

Charlie starts off talking about some PizzaGate issues and then gets into the true nature of Jesus the Wanderer.


Brigid reads some hard-hitting content from the Tribune, particularly about the terrible tragedy unfolding today and what we must do about it.


Charles concludes his discussion of the James Ossuary and then talks about religious delusions, taking some good calls.

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Aryan Talk: Billy Roper - Our People's Past and Folkish Future (2-14-17)

Patrick speaks with author and activist Billy Roper about his thoughts on the ancient past, including the Solutreans in America, different possibilities for our future, some current events like Trump’s presidency, and the role of jews in the ongoing...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Religious Self-Abuse & The James Ossuary (2-14-17)

Charles continues his discussion of people mutilating and torturing themselves to get closer to their psychopathic god. He then moves on to discuss the archaeological findings in Israel concerning the brother of Jesus.


Charles talks about some very strange and “Satanic” things about the Waldorf school, gets into the religious tradition of self-flagellation, and also talks a bit about health and nutrition.