Wildcard: Bill - More Racial Riots in America (5-25-17)

Bill returns for the second night in a row, continuing his discussion of how racial tensions has sparked into large scale looting and rioting in America time and again. This is a hidden history because it goes against the narrative...Read More »

Wildcard: Bill - America's History of Racial Riots (5-24-17)

Bill talks about the racial reality of life in America, and how we are given almost no education growing up about the very serious history of massive racial rioting, including lots of arson, and the serious consequences it has had...Read More »

Wardo Rants: Trump's International Investors (5-23-17)

Eddy goes through the various financial individuals and institutions to whom Trump owes money, how this affects his political positions, the real kosher connection to Russia, the Saudi Arabian weapons deal, Monsanto, and much more.

...Read More »

Weekly Dossier: Two Hours of The Time (5-18-17)

John speaks to Kyle briefly about some controversy and then deals with some issues that have been plaguing him, then lets William Cooper tell the audience about Freemasonry.

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Right Perspective: Convincing Others of Our Convictions (5-8-17)

Davis Lurmann returns to discuss how we are able to effectively communicate our message to others, while also reviewing some of his older writing, some issues of race and IQ, and other important topics.