Truth Hertz: #PizzaGate Monsters & Wicca's Connection to Masonry (12-2-16)

Charles talks about new revelations regarding some of the atrocities that appear to be taking place at Comet Ping Pong and related establishments and then talks about the connections between freemasonry and Wicca.

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Wildcard: Kyle Hunt - Case Closed on our Child Raping Rulers (11-23-16)

Kyle discusses the FACT that our ruling ‘elite’ rape, torture, and murder children and plays a lot of clips as evidence for anyone who has any doubt in their minds. Topics include: the 1989 White House ‘call boy’ scandal, ‘blood...Read More »

Truth Hertz: The All Seeing Eye (11-23-16)

Charles finishes up his notes on Jack Parsons and then starts talking about the famous “Illuminati” symbol, what it means, and how it has been used.

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Militia Intelligence Report: Jewish Usury & Its Abolition (11-21-16)

chris gives detailed analysis on Jewish usury the International banking cartel, and how it is used at the root of all gIobal crime; chris calls for Militia to muster in DC Metro for AIPAC 2017