Truth Hertz: The Bloodline and Travels of Jesus (5-5-16)

Charles discusses the lineage of Jesus, his relationship to Mary Magdalene, the Merovingians, his potential travels through the East, and his lavish lifestyle.

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Dinosaur News: Canada's Secret Civil War - Pt 3 (5-4-16)

John continues with “War” readings, with this show featuring Canadian Armouries thefts & deaths.

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Firestarter Radio: Who are the Boers? (5-3-16)

Tonight Sinead has on Theuns Cloete and Jan Diederiks, two Boer men who are here to explain to us what the term “Boer” really means. They discuss the difference between Afrikaner and Boer and the intricacies of relations in South...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Semites, Sexuality, and Sion (5-3-16)

Charles talks about a lot of subjects relating to jews, their promotion of sexual perversions, royal “queens”, and the priori de sion.

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The Graham Hart Show: Dennis Wise & Tom Goodrich (5-2-16)

Graham speaks to the creator of The Greatest Story Never Told and the author of Hellstorm about the history of WW2 and how it led up to the situation we find ourselves in today, and what we can...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Secret Semitic Signs (5-2-16)

Charles discusses all of the secret signaling that goes on not only today in the mass media, but throughout history with the “royal” families of Europe and other important figures.

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The New Guard: The Rise of the Normies (4-29-16)

Masif Fayget speaks about the growth of authoritarian ideas in the battle over what is taught on the college campuses and contrasts this with the scourge of transgenderism being pushed on our children. In the second hour he addresses the...Read More »

Truth Hertz: The Messiah Mess (4-29-16)

Charles continues his discussion of the Bible prophecies by discussing the coming of the jewish messiah.

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Two's Company, Three's Allowed (4-28-16)

Tonight, Shaun speaks about suspicious characters such as Norman, Garry Burns & Luke McKee.  He also speaks on the Port Arthur Massacre, given that the 20 year anniversary is upon us.

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Dinosaur News: Canada's Secret Civil War - Pt 2 (4-27-16)

This is the 2nd show taken from John’s draft notes on Canada’s Secret Civil War.

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Truth Hertz: Ruthless Rulers & Bible Prophecy (4-27-16)

Charles continues his discussion of bloodthirsty royal rulers and then talks about some Bible prophecy.

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Firestarter Radio: Greenline Front (4-26-16)

Sinead interviews Greenline Front, a White Nationalist Ecofascist Environmental Group that started in Russia and has spread across the world.  She later shares a series of recordings she made throughout the week with topics that include: The Alt-RIght Report, “anti-feminist”...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Religionists & Rabid Royals (4-26-16)

Charles concludes his Vatican discussion and then starts talking about insanity in the royal family and their tribal connection.

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The New Guard: Experiences of Marxism (4-25-16)

Maysif Fayget speaks about his experiences with Revolutionary Marxism, Fabian Socialism and the Alt-Right. He also lays out the history of the conditions have created the current unfolding economic crisis as well as the opportunities and dangers this will present...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Jeanice Barcelo - Birth Trauma (4-25-16)

Charles speaks to Jeanice Barcleo of Birth of a New Earth about how children and parents are being duped into traumatized their babies and themselves through the tortures of hospital birth.