Circus Maximus: Libyan War The Truth (8-26-16)

Nick speaks with James and Joanne Moriarty along with a Libyan tribal leader by the name of Muftah Faraj about their story in Libya, their escape and how they were blacklisted by American intelligence agencies, the greatness of Libya...Read More »

Two's Company, Three's Allowed (8-25-16)

Tonight Shaun speaks about the Census in Australia. He also talks on the problems we are having with being attacked here at Renegade. And much more as usual…

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Firestarter Radio: Protecting Our Elders (8-23-16)

Tonight Sinead has on a man by the name of Roland, to discuss his mother’s imprisonment in a senior “living” center. We discuss the corruption involved and the cabals in cahoots. She then shares some more thoughts on senior...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Confused Quotes in the Bible (8-23-16)

Charles talks about many Bible passages and all the misquotes.

List of music breaks

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The Graham Hart Show: Clint Richardson - The Law (8-22-16)

Graham speaks to Clint Richardson about Natural Law vs Man-made Law, how to approach contracts and other legal situations, acting as the agent of your person, the strawman, mind parasites, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Reyvolt & Spero - Order Out of Chaos (8-21-16)

Kyle speaks to Robert Reyvolt about black violence in Milwaukee, the summer of chaos, Patriot groups, Civil War, and the election cycle, then brings on Nick Spero to discuss more Trump connections, Russian power plays, the new Ottoman Empire,...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Shaun Hosts (8-20-16)

This evening on the Roundtable Henry, Shaun from Cali, Northwoods and Brizer talk about the consequences of Ramadan, the female Paki terroist known as Deeyah Kahn as well as not complying with the system.

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Two's Company, Three's Allowed (8-18-16)

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about the Abbos after being triggered by one in the comments section of Digger for Truths blog. Digger for Truth is a gentleman that has been writing for the Renegade Tribune for some...Read More »

Truth Hertz: Houdini the Magical Jew (8-18-16)

Charles keeps talking about how flat earthers are retarded and then talks about some magical jew.

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Dinosaur News: Who Is Crazy Now? (8-17-16)

Beattie Boy discusses the dire straits our people face and how we need to combat it all and pull through. He gets into current events such as an attack on Muslims, the riots in Milwaukee, and some of the happenings...Read More »

Truth Hertz: The Assassination of Independent Musicians (8-17-16)

Charles talks about the “plane crash” that killed 3 top musicians, who was behind it, and why. He then gets into some material about planets.