Wardo Rants: Lyndon Johnson, Israeli Aggression & More (7-25-17)

Eddy talks about the story of Lyndon B. Johnson, the great lover of Israel and the jewish people as a whole, who appears to also be jewish himself. He then goes on to talk about the anti-BDS bill, turmoil in...Read More »

Firestarter Radio: The Natural Path (7-24-17)

Sinead discusses herbal remedies, hair care, jewish soap makers, the dangers of vaccines, and debuts a new “nigga report”.

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The Solar Storm: Thule & Wolf - Hail to the Gods & Goddesses (7-23-17)

Kyle speaks with Thule and Wolf about the nature of the gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon, their importance to our ancestors, how we can connect with them, Loki’s evil acts and the fracturing of the gods, and...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Sinead Host (7-22-17)

Kyle and Sinead discuss the alt right and alt light, cam whores, nothing burgers, sex bots, and so much more.

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Wildcard: The VeGAINator - The Opium War Against White Americans (7-21-17)

The VeGAINator, who has recently been censored like crazy, returns for a show about how the real drug war in America is driving White people to suicide. Many aspects are discussed, such as Florida pill mills, US soldiers guarding...Read More »

Weekly Dossier: Forward Together - Getting Motivated (7-20-17)

John is joined tonight by Kyle and Andrew, discussing the recent video release The Big Picture of Child Trafficking – Mind Control Culture. Audio clips from Sinead and Dr William Pierce, and an exultation to get involved before its too...Read More »

The Wild Hunt: The Conspiracy Against Hair (7-19-17)

Kyle speaks about how important hair is, physically and spiritually, the different ways it is being attacked, the different religious views of hair, the skinhead culture, how Hasidic women are forced to shave their heads, how we can grow powerful,...Read More »

Wardo Rants: Israel's Top Terrorists & Their Mafia Minions (7-18-17)

Eddy talks about his views on who the jews really are, how it relates to the Biblical narrative, the Khazarian and Ashkenazi influence, the psychopaths who have led Israel, how their powerplays are unfolding today, and more.

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Wardo Rants: Censored! Tracking the Tribe's Lies and Crimes (7-12-17)

Eddy talks about the recent attacks against his youtube channel by the jewish censors, and then discusses some of the information in his censored videos, especially dealing with who kosher czars really are by tracking them back through their alleged...Read More »

Firestarter Radio: Pedo Patrol (7-10-17)

Sinead talks about the ongoing problem of ‘child brides’ and how it has infected the supposedly family-centered pro-White movement, how protecting children needs to be a top priority, and then brings on Kyle to talk about gender roles and identity,...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Urban - Too Stupid to Live? (7-9-17)

Kyle speaks to Urban Jungle Girl about her own experiences healing herself and a loved one by changing the food she eats, then they get into the history of homeopathy and how Rockefeller medicine took over, the big business of...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (7-8-17)

Kyle takes calls and talks about the recent G20 summit handshake, the transhumanist technotronic nightmare, why people are not fighting back against the various agendas, the LGTBQ pedophile agenda being shoved in our faces, Christianity and other indoctrination tools, and...Read More »

Wildcard: Sean - Resisting Maliciously Manufactured Reality (7-7-17)

Sean talks about his own process of awakening to the rough reality we face, takes a number of calls about a variety of subjects, and then gets into the topic of false flags, hoaxes, and potential patsies, as well as...Read More »

Weekly Dossier: Death Don't Have No Mercy (7-6-17)

John shares some of his thoughts, discusses the Christian view on the death penalty, plays an audio clip about the topic, discusses the state’s monopolization of our lives, and more.