Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 7-23-14

Voice of Albion ~ Peter Rushto

Paul Interviews Peter Rushton who is a Veteran British Nationalist. He is deputy editor of the by-monthly journal Heritage and Destiny.

Peter is a Historian and Political Analyst who has featured on RT and Press TV on numerous occasions.

He is a well known speaker at Nationalist functions and...Read More »

The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-22-14

The Return of Tyr: What’s Wron

What’s Wrong with America?

On tonight’s show I will be discussing what I feel is wrong with America, and provide some possible alternatives. Feel free to call in throughout the show to give your input.

Topics will Include: The Economy, Culture, Media, Education, Immigration, Agriculture, Art

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The Cancer Conspiracy w/ Lori and Sinead 7-21-14

The Cancer Conspiracy

Part II - Lori and Sinead get together to finish up their discussion on cancer, state assistance, white displacement, and vaccines.

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The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 7-20-14

The Solar Storm: Eric Hunt

20th Century Hoax

Kyle’s guest is filmmaker and researcher Eric Hunt. Their discussion centers around the “Shoah” – why it continues to be such an important issue, the criminalization of questioning, The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax, The Holocaust Hoax Museum, other news within the revisionist community, and what is...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable 7-19-14

Renegade Roundtable

Don Advo guest hosts the roundtable to discuss relevant issues and take your calls. Tune in!

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Aristocracy of Blood w/ Dana Antiochus 7-18-14

Aristocracy of Blood

I’ll be sitting in with the members of Arduous Task again discussing news and events, a few noteworthy articles, and some personal stories that relate to our everyday struggle.

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Insights from an Observer 7-17-14

The Mestizo Invasion…

The Mestizo Invasion

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the recent uptick in mestizo invaders and how we can stop it.

Your phone calls are always welcome and encouraged

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Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 7-16-14

Ruuben Kaalep of the Conservat

Ruuben Kaalep is Vice Chairman for the Youth Section of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia.

He is a 20 year old History student from Tartu, who became involved in Nationalist politics at the age of 16, when he organised a demonstration against a Communist monument in his...Read More »

The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-15-14

Setting Course

Setting Course

Tonight I will be discussing plans and new ideas for the future. I would like for the listeners to call in and voice their thoughts on the direction of Renegade, and what they would like to see us doing in the near future.

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The Cancer Conspiracy w/ Lori and Sinead 7-14-14

Cancer Conspiracy

Sinead and Lori get together to discuss the multi billion dollar cancer industry, and how the allopathic treatment route of chemo-therapy, radiation, and surgery is not only costing people money, but also costing their lives.  Lori bravely shares her and her husbands story.

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The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 7-13-14

The Solar Storm: Lana from Red Ice

Alternative Solutions for European Problems

Kyle is joined by Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Creations for a discussion of her experiences growing up, the factors that helped shape her worldview, her work with Radio 3Fourteen, how she thinks Europe can be rescued from foreign domination, and what her ideal society...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable 7-12-14

Renegade Roundtable

Hosts and callers discuss what’s on their minds.

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Aristocracy of Blood w/ Dana Antiochus 7-11-14

Aristocracy of Blood

The General is at it again laying out battle plans and strategies to conquer the world.

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Insights from an Observer 7-10-14

(Germany STOMPED Brazil!!!) Th

The Importance of Maintaining Morale

Tonight, join an Observer (“Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!!!”) as we discuss the importance of maintaining personal morale in our struggle…We will also discuss current news and events, such as Germany’s destruction of Brazil in the World Cup. Ha ha!!!

Calls are welcomed and highly encouraged…

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Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 7-9-14

Interview with Tess Culnane -

Tess Culnane is the current Organiser for the National Front in London.

She was formerly an assistant to Richard Barnbrook at the Greater London Assembly (GLA).

A former NF Candidate for the GLA herself, Tess is an active Nationalist who gives speeches at NF meetings throughout Britain.

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The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-8-14

The Return of Tyr

Tonight I will talk about a plethora of topics including the recent verdict on the Varg Vikernes trial, racist dress codes, the mythology of “Tyr”, and much more.

Calls will be taken throughout the show, so feel free to join in.

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Homesteading w/ Shannon and Sinead 7-7-14

Homestead 7-7-14

Shannon and Sinead get together to discuss ways to become more self sufficient by making your own products, healing without doctors, and living off the land.

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The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 7-6-14

The Solar Storm: The ‘Third Wo

The “Third World” War

Kyle discusses The Illegal Invasion of America, jewish support for “immigration reform” (aka White genocide), Faceberg and, Kyle’s new policy of fwd.israel, Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground’s move above ground, Michelle Obama’s penis, and much more. Callers welcome.

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Renegade Roundtable 7-5-14

Renegade Roundtable – Operatio

Operation Wetback

Nick Spero of Circus Maximus guest hosts the Roundtable. For the first 30 or so minutes he discusses: Operation Wetback, Proposition 187, the short film entitled: “Attack on America”, immigration (Invasion) into White Nations in general, plus some personal topics related to addiction.

Several callers participate after 30+...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood w/ Dana Antiochus 7-4-14

Aristocracy of Blood

Tonight I’ll be addressing the accusations and personal drama leveled against me by a former host.  I’ll also take the opportunity to invoke the revolutionary spirit of Americans and encourage them to resist assimilation and become racial separatists, with the ultimate end goal of secession into an independent racial ethno-state.

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