Truth Hertz: Thomas Paine and the Declaration of Independence (7-25-16)

Charles discusses Thomas Paine and how he was likely the author of the Declaration of Independence, and how he contends the revolution was all a sham orchestrated by shadowy Masonic forces.

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The Solar Storm: Dennis Fetcho - The Long Struggle (7-17-16)

Kyle speaks with Dennis Fetcho of Inside the Eye Live about a wide range of topics, including: their shared experience years ago dealing with esoteric issues and jewish control, how things have changed since then, Dennis’s work in the...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Nick & Shield Maiden Host (7-16-16)

Nick Spero of Circus Maximus and Shield Maiden take calls and discuss a whole lot of topics, including: chimpouts, the Republican convention protests, the attempted Turkey coup, the Nice truck attack, the race mixing agenda, Alt Right cringe and controlled...Read More »

Circus Maximus: Jonathan Azaziah - A History of Violence (7-15-16)

Nick speaks with Johnathan Azaziah about the recent bombing in Iraq, conflicts in the Muslim world, French colonization and its blowback, Bastille Day and the French Revolution, the history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, the Donmeh crypto jews,...Read More »

Truth Hertz: The Occult Connections of 88, 33 & 13 (7-15-16)

Charles finishes his discussion of unfulfilled prophecies and then talks about some specific numerology related to 88, 33, and 13.

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Two's Company, Three's Allowed (7-14-16)

Tonight Shaun discusses how hard it is to get by, even for those with full-time jobs and a few family members working. He also speaks about taking chances to meet people of like mind, in order to join in on...Read More »

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