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Did I hear you right in the first part about you being ok with the Anti-White race of the Mediterranean that are mixed , (Some of them here), Living around us Almost pure Whites in the future as long as they are noble ? They will always be of their Mediterranean race genetics & race soul . It would eventually come out in neg. ways and cause White race genocide again just like today. Although , I personally might be ok with some of them living outside our private White race area lines but , I would always be concerned with their being so close given their past track record in history involving deception & misstatements to achieve their goals & getting other races to… Read more »

Yikes, lol, calm your horses. I’m not sure what particular statement you are referring to. I can’t give you a definitive answer without an exact quote. I did say that I am lenient and open-minded to allowing Jews by birth who are Aryan in mind, body, and spirit to be assimilated into the greater race, which was also the position of Francis Parker Yockey as laid out in Imperium. I believe that there certainly are Jews who as Jared Taylor foolishly says, “look white,” The question is, do they embrace an Aryan identity as opposed to a Jewish one; are they loyal to US and fully in rebellion/opposition to THEM? Just as Horus simplistically lays out in his famous calculation, are they white or anti-white?

J Middleton

@ Yikes. Could you be more specific about which Mediterranean race you’re talking about? If you are referring to Jews than I agree. But keep in mind that the majority of todays Jews are not Mediterranean but rather of Khazar heritage. History has shown that It is too dangerous to allow Jews, Mediterranean or otherwise to intermingle in Western societies. They eventually end up subverting cultural and political institutions because they will view things based their own well-known tribal ideology. I don’t know everything about every European Mediterranean race and culture but I have traveled to Greece a few times and I was surprised how very much European the people there still look despite so many years of historical conquest. I Went to places like… Read more »

Nick Dean

Antiochus, you’re all over the place in that comment.


I wish that someone with the authority would tell Yikes his ‘no Whites south of the Alps’ bullshit is not welcome here. How more obvious could it be that he’s here to provoke division and animosity among Whites?

Unfortunately , People of the Mediterranean region of the planet with 25%-75% of their ancestry from that region are of mixed race & not White , of the White race. Their ancestors evolved in a region where Mediterranean races evolved from South of the Alps . The Alps in history have always been a natural dividing line between races & evolutionary environments. There are seldom cases where you might have reverse migration where someone’s evolved ancestry -(75%+ north of the Alps) has migrated south into Mediterranean regions & settled there but it is rare but possible , but they would know who they are as a race by their own history imparted to them in their family. A lot of people think race is about… Read more »

Dr. Morbious and Yikes are the same person.

“People of the Mediterranean region of the planet with 25%-75% of their ancestry from that region are of mixed race & not White , of the White race.” – I’m always amused by such blanket pronouncements – it doesn’t even make sense if you break it down. The Med region is a big place – usually when white racialists mention it they are only talking about the european coastal areas, not north africa. it is clearly a bullshit number pulled out of nowhere, but even if it were true, one quarter to seventy five percent “mixed,” assumes part of the mixture is “white” to begin with given the history of the region, which depreciates the value to begin with. total nonsense, i’m sorry your definition… Read more »

What is your specific definition of White of the White race ? In terms of lineage & a persons genetics in regard to a his or hers lineage genetics locations in which they evolved from? To give you an example of what I was talking about above between the dividing line between races & cultures being the Alps as a natural border : Look at WWII Germ. culture & compare it to WWII Italian culture , the two were NOT compatible they both had different visions of their own futures .( If ) the Italians were genetically like Germans they would have fought to the end supporting each other but they had separate interests for each of their races & the south of the Alps… Read more »

J Middleton

My definition of white is anyone that is of Caucasian racial backround. As far as I’m aware of there’s no serious anthropological and DNA research supporting the above suggestion of this broad percentage of race mixing with non-Europeans and that the core white races are still prevalent. This is my view at least for the Eastern part of the Mediterranean and more specifically Greece, which is close in proximity to Asian countries and where I’ve been most interested in since the issue has been raised from time to time at different internet sites. I’m not so sure about the Alps being the great divider as implied here. There has been quite a bit of contact between vaious peoples of the north and south from Roman… Read more »

“Caucasian” covers people who are most certainly NOT White. That’s for certain.

J Middleton

I’m using Caucasian from the more general European perspective. Stoddard’s white distribution map will do.

“There’s no serious anthro. …….supporting …..non-Europeans” . There is proof , but the rich Anti-Whites that are promoting race mixing don’t want you to know that DNA evidence. I place more weight on what a persons race / phenotype is by the amount of time their direct past lineage has lived in a given region with the same culture , climate , environment -(Those thing are different south of the Alps) . If you look at other animals you see different breeds / phenotypes that have different traits from the equator up to the artic circle , its no different for humans. In regard to what qualifies IMO to be a White race human , that persons lineage on their fathers & mothers sides would… Read more »