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You were saying that Rob was outted. Thousands of people know who you guys are already. Rob’s info has been on the One Primates Project site for over 5 years. I’m surprised it took him this long to figure that out.

I mean, who gives a crap. It’s not like you guys have done anything wrong. You’ve just spoke your minds. All you’ve done is to speak out positively for your people. I wouldn’t worry about it.

– Jon


DLJ is a whiney fat fuck with an over-inflated sense of self worth. I commented on his site about his bullshit. I remember when that retard went off on Breitbart, calling him a racist. What a laugh! He is really deranged.

Your not seeing the big picture. By promoting the participation in the Rich CONTROLLED political process to promote your views , you are simply providing (Free of charge to the Rich controllers) Losers, for them to win over with their unlimited funding -(Because that is what wins elections, the side with more money that can bribe more people). Its a rigged game . The ONLY way you will win against a control system like the one here is to separate & establish your own White race instruments of exchange for goods & services excusive to the White race only. If you get what I am saying. The problem is your trying to win ideology over GREED of our White race . That has not worked… Read more »