Aristocracy of Blood: Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer (9-25-15)


Tonight we have Weev, international hacker extraordinaire

Disclaimer: Renegade management and other hosts on the network do not endorse the over-the-top rhetoric in this extremely inflammatory episode. If you have any concerns, please contact Weev directly. Just watch out for his robots.

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Do I think that Weev is a Jew? Absolutely. Everything about his behavior, known history, family name, looks – tells us the guy is a poser – a crypto-Jew. It should be very clear to those not versed in Jewish culture. In Jewish culture, it is very common for teenagers, filled as they are with already a decade of anti-German propaganda, rebel against this propaganda by speaking in the most brash and offensive in like mind as to what they view to be “anti-Semites”. It is difficult to explain, but Jewish kids essentially act as if they themselves are these “vile anti-Semites” and often joke about it within their peer group. Online, this creates a situation where these kids will appear as “racists” or “anti-Semites”… Read more »


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From an archived thread where Weev and his gang of gurgling Jewish internet gang stalkers tried to write a highly disparaging article about “Dennis Fetcho”, aka “The Fetch”, on Wikipedia “Keep. People need to be educated about known anti-Semite Dennis Fetcho. –Weev G N A A™ 16:13, 5 September 2005 (UTC)” So Weev is anti-Semite hunting in 2005, getting ANYONE AND EVERYONE banned from websites and forums for discussing the Jewish question during 2003 – 2008, and in this show he is claiming that he was targeted because he was a WN? Really? How many WN do you know made part of their claim to fame by getting people BANNED for “anti-Semitism”? What do people here think “Bantown” was really all about? To troll and… Read more »

Hi Mary and James and et al, Some more observations. Let’s leave my history with this guy out of it and just look at what he presents. 1) The “exploits” of his hacking is really a media fabrication. We don’t have much real details about whether this guy has any talent or not. His self talked up deal regarding Amazon, Amazon claims there was nothing to Weev’s claims. The story only gained traction because of a NY Times article – but that article is highly speculative. Perhaps he was never “offered a job” because his real talent is grossly overstated. He is a two bit amateur playing on media fabrications. 2) He is part of a clique – typical within Jewish groups, where he has… Read more »


No actual pro-White refers to themselves as a “White Supremacist”. None of them talk about wiping out other groups.

Real pro-Whites don’t talk this way. It is Anti-Whites who always portray pro-Whites as sociopaths. Whenever they talk like Hollywood Nazis, I think TROLL.

Steven J Lewis

According to Wikipedia aka Jewpedia, Weev admitted in 2012 to Gawker he had Jewish ancestry. I missed this program live so will have to tune into the archive this weekend. I wonder if Dana will or now did ask him about his Jewishness.


Dude’s like 100 % jewish, what’s he doing on RBN?

Weev is a fed

Weev is a fed, he’s close with the tor(government funded honeypot) crowd, the pro-war on Syria crowd(Crabapple et al) and the Greenwald-Omidyar crowd. He got out of jail and went straight to CNBC for some free promotion. He’s an obvious fed doing controlled opposition work for them.

Weev is a fed

Why would this website protect and promote a fed like weev? My comment about why “weev” is a fed was placed in moderation and did not make the cut. What coward riuns this comment section, and why are you protecting an obvious fed like weev from criticism?

You wait an hour and then say that your comment didn’t make the cut and was censored because someone didn’t get around to approving it yet? Fuck off. What do you think this site has, a skyscraper floor full of offices and employees?


I look at that guy and a see a Jew. He looks like one and displays behavioral characteristics of one. The fact that he’s been able to enjoy both mainstream media and alternative media (just as Jewy as the MSM) is another red flag. This guy is a modern day Daniel Burros.

Jack and Jill

You know when you argue with your significant other about leaving socks on the floor but the real issue isn’t about the socks at all? I think it would be best if ‘Weev’ would have a serious conversation about what is truly eating away at his soul. From his own mother, Alyse Auernheimer : “I sometimes wonder if because our lives as a family have been dedicated to “diversity and inclusion,” that he may have chosen his weapons to purposely hurt us.” and “The truth is everyone we know already knows we have a mentally ill child.” Next time Weez instead of having fun talking about killing and destroying anyone whom you feel is less than you, maybe you should tell us the truth about… Read more »


CI is distinctly non-universalist Christianity.


Thanks for the input Dennis. After seeing Janie’s comment I was hoping someone might elaborate as I was curious. Then I just found this interview you did with Kyle back in April (show notes under link) –

“Then Kyle interviews Dennis Fetcho, host of Inside the Eye Live, about a number of important topics, such as: Fetch’s long history exposing the subversion of Western civilization by the “Chosen”, the alternative media scene, White Genocide, his experience with the troll Weev, National Socialism, and much more. Note: Dennis Fetcho comes on at the 80 minute mark. Kyle’s talks to a female caller, Pajo, and Shaun Surplus for the beginning of the show.”


The genocidal rhetoric weev is saying doesn’t help us.


Excellent commentary Dennis, thank you! I hope Dana is reading this and takes it on board. I’ve seen 1 or 2 Youtube videos very recently too where there are all these little quickfire comments by “different people” praising Weev under the video, even saying crap like “Weev is God!” etc and vehemently attacking anyone who said anything negative about him. Based on everything I’ve seen thus far it wouldn’t be a stretch then to consider most of these “different people” as in fact Weev alter-egos self-praising this by-now-obvious sociopath. Good to see at least some sanity here!


Maybe Auernheimer should take a look at his own family first, for example the writing lawyer Raoul Auernheimer (*1876 Vienna/Austria, +1947 Oakland/U.S.A.) a.k.a. Raoul Othmar Auernheimer, Raoul Heimern and Raoul Othmar


“Through his uncle Theodor Herzl he gained employment at the Neuen Freien Presse. He wrote articles about the theater until 1933. In addition to his own name, he also used the pseudonyms Raoul Heimern and Raoul Othmar.

In 1923, he became a manager of the Austrian PEN association. He was president until 1927 and remained vice-president. In March 1938, he was arrested and interned in the Dachau concentration camp. Because of a request by writer Emil Ludwig, the general counsel of the United States Raymund Geist intervened against his arrest. At the end of 1938m he was released and emigrated to New York City.”

Gunnlaug Ormstungu

Sadly Henrik of Red Ice is planning to have Weev as a guest. But then maybe Henrik will do a number on him. Hope so. Dennis, perhaps ypou need to talk to Henrik.

Klans of Tyr

My first impression of this guy is that he sounds shilly and fake. Of course I don’t know anything for sure.

Does anyone have hard proof he was in prison, and more importantly what was his environment in prison? Who knew him? Was he in population? etc etc.


The guy sure looks like a jew, an ashkhenazi, and i’m already giving him a discount on those plastic spectacles.
I haven’t listened to the interview and i don’t think i will. I have a pile of audios and books i can’t find the time to.


Dana said – “heres my problem – too often i’ve seen a kneejerk reaction by people in our movement who label anybody who speak provocatively or violently as a “jew,” when in reality – its just cowardice or hypocrisy by those calling people such.” Here’s the REAL problem in this particular case though (because we have to take them individually rather than lumping them all together) – there appears to be a large amount of evidence that Weev does indeed have jewish blood. Also, he doesn’t JUST speak provocatively – he also has history – something that Dennis has clearly elaborated on and something that many people seem to want to sweep under the rug when it suits them! Dana, you just commented on the… Read more »

James Bronson

Not being sarcastic, your additional comments on this person was appreciated, Dennis. I regret that I had never heard of him before this interview. The robot thing was a bit overboard, so it makes sense now. I adjusted one of my articles based on your input. I will also listen to the interview Mary posted.


Dennis thank you for shedding light onto Weev. I had heard you complain about him and his trolling in the past but this additional info that you have posted regarding his targeting of “anti-semites” sure hits the mark. I haven’t heard the audio yet but I have heard him talk on the Daily Shoah and he’s hands down the most aggressive in talking about slaying the jews. It’s definitely the sort of language I’d expect from some one who lacks the skills of persuasion to know that that will turn off just about every one who is just starting to wake up to the jews. If you’re reading this Dennis, do you think Weev is jewish and is muddying the waters or do you think… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)

A big thank you to Dana for this interview!


“I had heard you complain about him and his trolling in the past but this additional info that you have posted regarding his targeting of “anti-semites” sure hits the mark.”

Anti-semite = someone who is Jew-wise.


“These comments are all satire, right?” Fanboy? Did you not read Dennis’ comments? I suggest you track down the Inside The Eye Live show Dennis did a short while ago where he goes into detail and THEN ask yourself the same question. Unless of course you’re just a fanboy. “Does anyone have hard proof he was in prison..” I heard him say “jail” on the show (maybe he said “prison” at the beginning, I don’t remember?). Jail & prison are usually 2 distinctly different things in common language. You can be chucked in jail overnight for being drunk. “in order to combat extremist jewish views we should take just as extreme opposite views.” Sounded like he was openly advocating a little bit more than just… Read more »

I would say that typically “jail” indicates a county facility and “prison” indicates a state or federal one. However, there are exceptions, e.g. there are county facilities with the word “prison” in their official designations. The term “correctional facility” is found in the names (and used to refer to) local, state, and federal institutions alike.

Steven J Lewis

Thanks Jai for clearing that up. I had to ask since I didn’t see his true explanation. The Wikipedia page was the first search result, but Wikipedia always shows at the top of search results especially when one of the keywords searched is Jews, Jewish, etc,,,,,,

Again, thanks.


Dana, was talking to friend recently who said she heard Dennis Fetcho discussing on an Inside The Eye Live show the fact that he had had run ins with this guy going back years. Can’t remember the details now as it was a few months back but she said it sounded like a pretty negative experience. I know Dennis and Kyle have known each other for years and I’ve heard Kyle on Dennis’ show and vice versa recently (links from here). Might pay to speak to Dennis just to clear this up maybe.
Thanks for the entertaining shows 🙂

James Bronson

Great episode …


Jack and Jill went up the hill and Weev came tumbling after……


I do.

He sounds like he thinks we should go all Doktor Evil – sharks with fricking lazer beams, but cooler…


In British [Ish’Brit ] prison and jail are interchangeable , one and the same, being in ‘the cells’ overnight or the weekend is being arrested and put in the police cells or just police custody: what in america seems to be termed ‘jail’.
Anyway to other matters: who leaves prison and states theyre “channeling the spirit of Seneca the Younger” ? weev wants to start a hedgefund under the company title ‘troll llc’.
Also it really wasnt useful to the people who had all their private information released by weev during his at&t hack was it, what did that achieve? looks more like a ploy to get employment, look what i can do! thats not activism

I would agree with weev on that food is not something we could use against the “system” because it gets cheaper.
But at the same time as food production becomes less lucrative for small scale producers, it becomes more and more centralized.
Therefore artificial food shortage is definitely something that a governments could use against us.


John, thanks for your comment, and i agree with you that weev as an anglin feel to him. as for CI, we can debate that together in a future show. glad you’re still doing what you do, good to hear from ya.


Kristen Schaal to everyone’s amazement isn’t jewish at all…kinda like Weev?

“Schaal was born in Longmont, Colorado, to a Lutheran family of Dutch and German ancestry.[3][4] She was raised on her family’s cattle farm, in a rural area near Boulder.”

That was really a very interesting interview. Great job Dana. Two other comments: 1) At the very beginning of this interview, Weev claims he originally got into White identity politics via CI. He then proceeds to denounce Christianity, claiming that it is a universalist religion and CI is a bunch of BS. I find this interesting, because anyone with a basic understanding of CI would understand that the CI perspective of scripture clearly indicates that the message in the Bible is very racially exclusive and NOT AT ALL UNIVERSAL. Weev obviously does not understand anything about CI, and misrepresented what CI is all about in this interview. 2) If I didn’t know who The Fetch was talking about reading his comments above, I would guess… Read more »


Great show… wheather weev is a jew or not the point he makes is valid. in order to combat extremist jewish views we should take just as extreme opposite views. our enemies will never just give up power & our race traitor fellow whites will continue with what they are doing until there is consequences for their actions


These comments are all satire, right?


Jack and Jill, wtf is wrong with you? Weev’s parents are mentally ill, they adopted two blacks kids, and you are making fun of Weev for that as if it’s his fault?

That South African caller was amazing. He wanted to make sure you understand that saying “the Jews” when referring only to a subset of Jews is like saying “the Whites” when you mean Communists. Be more specific!


Weev has explained this Gawker propaganda elsewhere. He goes along with the Christian Identity movement and as such indicated that his lineage is part of the original “Israelites”. Gawker turned around and changed this “Israelite”, and this context, into “Weev is a Heeb”.

How many times must our figureheads explain away jew bullshit attacks? Some may not approve of this guy and his methods but I wouldn’t put his methods on par with jews by any means. He’s smart and he’s getting attention on issues for white people.

I think Weev ought to include his own explanation for the Gawker attack on a website and have a permanent link so he doesn’t have to waste time or energy on this nonsense further.