Aristocracy of Blood: Aryan Imperialism (12-18-15)


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4 years ago

This is a star wars pictures, the so called “stormtroopers” the army of the Empire. Star wars is a jewish movie, influenced by Juadism. It shows the battle between the “good” jedi=Yehuda=jews and the Sith that are the dark jews. Jedis use the light side of the Force and Sith the dark. In star wars’s mythology Sith originated from a race called Sithaari that were slaves ( yes the metaphor is clear ). In star wars universe, both the Jedi and the Sith are of the same “race” because they have “midichlorians” in their cells which create life. To be able to use the Force means that there are many midichlorians in your cells, so we could say that Jedi and Sith are of same… Read more »

3 years ago

i don’t understand why this radio is so fucking quiet. i can’t hear SHIT about the broadcasts. every other radio i can tune up the volume. in renegade broadcast i got the volume fucking FULL and i reduce the volume of other programs, yet i hear fucking nothing. especially if the speaker or guest is speaking quiet or if there’s a bad mic. some shows are unable to be listened to

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