Aristocracy of Blood: Black Female & Oswald (5-15-15)


Tonight I will be speaking with a female, black sympathizer of white nationalism who I met at the NPI conference and who also attended the last American Rennaissance event.

Following this we will have Oswald the Rabbit: session II

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Interesting interview with , ah… I will just call her Like Youno . Anyway , I have a multitude of questions for her. 1. She claims to be black . Is she a Almost Pure Black race person with over 93.75% Black race ancestry from Africa or is she a Hybrid Black race person with between 75%-93.75% Almost Pure Black race ancestry / genetics from Africa ? 2. When the Almost Pure White race & Hybrid white races separate into their own only White race controlled communities with lines keeping out all other races (Mixed/ hybrid/ Almost Pure) causing our White race genocide out , Do you think the majority of others like you (Whatever you are Almost Pure, Hybrid, Mixed race), will accept that… Read more »


Haha! I read the comment above before listening to the show and didn’t really click straight away on the name. Now I’ve listened to it well, yep… very hard to continue listening to people that put that in every friggin’ sentence that comes out of their mouth! It’s bad enough that many young (mainly) girls speak that way today everywhere but it’s amplified on a radio show and makes for really painful listening. Just saying it like it is guys.

The Oswald segment though was fantastic! Thanks Dana.

Manny Dingo

Two things: I’m of two minds about non-Whites involved in WN movements. On one hand, it’s not a bad thing to have a loose alliance with other people(s) who don’t like the Kosher plan and how it destroys true diversity and gives us a beige zombie consumer society. However, the bottom line is non-White people will never have our best interests in mind and can only really be trusted to do what is in their people’s best interest. Hell, we can’t even rely on White people to put our own interests first. Maybe we need to get a bit stronger in our own movement before we start getting all multicultural and shit. Secondly, the little bit of flirting from the Black chick on Dana was…… Read more »

Anon Wyatt

Hi, I’m the gal from this show. I didn’t realize how ‘Valley Girl’ I sounded and apologize. Factor in the part black dialect and my upper midwest accent, and I sounded flighty and odd. Sorry for that. Also, I feel comfortable with Dana and, being nervous, tried to treat it like a casual conversation with a friend. To the first commenter, Mr. White Genocide and his Q’s: 1) I’m black; the furthest back family history I know are my maternal Great-Grand Grandparents were slaves in Alabama, and my father’s side is from Mississippi. I was born and reside in the midwest. I don’t have the specific percentage of any other mixtures, and there are no non-blacks in my immediate family line. I’m your typical black/African-American,… Read more »

Anon Wyatt

To Arno-

You’re right, and I really hate vocal fry. I have a slightly lower voice for a woman and sometimes I end up pitching it higher so I don’t sound like a dude. No matter how valuable your ideas may be, if you sound like an idiot, no one will take you seriously. I’ll be more conscious of that in the future.

Wyatt is a subversive Anti-White race mole. there are no 100% Whites of the White race. There are Whites with 93.75%+ Almost Pure White genetics north of the Alps & Hybrid Whites with between 75%-93.75% Almost Pure White race genetics north of the Alps , and , we are separating into all White race communities controlled by White race people only keeping out the causes of our WHITE RACE GENOCIDE OUT OF THOSE AREAS OF CONTROL. We did not say anything about states or WN .

Wyatt, because you are on this site shows YOU are NOT the typical Black Af. Amer. . You don’t even know your own ancestry pasted back a few generations . For all you know you might be mixed race & just appear Black race Af. . You might be 25% Cuban 25% middle eastern Mediterranean & 10% White race & others in addition to Almost pure Af. race genetics & just look like a Black color person.

Hey Wyatt , just out of curiosity What is your definition of a White Nationalist ? Since in 2) your telling them what they should consider & you seem to know that the strongest voices are / have non-White , assoc.’s? Where do you get that info. ? off the TV? -(Rich Anti-White race controlled brainwashing box). Do you go to group / org. meetings that “claim” to be WN’s ? How do you know that those groups /orgs. are real WN groups/orgs? and not just paid actors & actresses (that “claim” they are WN’s ) by the Rich controlling Anti-Whites? Remember these Anti-Whites have UNLIMITED FUNDING to create White race groups that act & say stupid things to make Whites Look bad to the… Read more »

Just so you know Wyatt, since it is not your concern what White race people do, I personally would be ok with you living outside the fence of our All White race communities you seem like a nice person.

Anon Wyatt

Mr. White Genocide….

It’s 3am where I’m at…I will properly reply to you later today!

Anon Wyatt

To Manny Dingo- 1) No one was getting multiculti about anything; this was merely a conversation between two people, online, with at least fifty or more people listening in. Where in any of our conversation was the host entrusting me with any non- white alliances? 2) On flirting…. First, what was I saying or suggesting that would be considered as me flirting with the host? Having met the host briefly in an open, public setting and having maintained a respectful and dialogue via email, I was relaxed and less nervous than usual during our conversation. If my offhand jokes and self-deprecating nature were perceived as tart-ish or improper, I apologize. I actually called in to Renegade months ago during another show and someone, in the… Read more »

Anon Wyatt

Mr. White Genocide…. 1)Why, as in you initial post, are you even asking me if and what blacks think about your plans to separate? Why ask me to offer suggestions and reply as if I, a non white, was telling you what to do? You asked and I replied. I didn’t tell you or any other white how to organize your Northwest Front or how to organize after the fall. . . The white/no-white spouse example I used before was just to articulate that, as opposed to a neighbor/school friend/coworker, this is more of an entanglement that a future white society may encounter. 2) “Wyatt, because you are on this site shows YOU are NOT the typical Black Af. Amer.” Well, no. _ _ _… Read more »

You make ALOT of assumptions about people that you don’t know. I think it is that media Brainwashing & schools you learned things from that make your reasoning flawed. I suggest you re- evaluate what is most important in your life. So, let me ask you these questions & I would like simple yes or no answers. 1. Do you think there is a White race genocide happening to the White race? 2. Would you support efforts to stop it from continuing? By the way , I don’t know about the NF , & YOU said you were a typical Black NOT me,& I questioned if you were really Black race at all based on the answers you gave about you own past & here… Read more »

Anon Wyatt

I want to offer something to whites and not be chattering online, as I have previously. Here are three things I’ve done for whites within the past month, and I hope than anyone reading this will attempt to do within reason: 1) A local candy maker is white, male and works tirelessly alone. When I have extra cash, I stop by and pick up treats from myself and others (mostly white) on a regular basis. 2) I have an item that I need to purchase that lasts for at least 3-6 months that I could get from a transnational corporate store, but I’m happy to spend and extra $3-5 dollars supporting an independent white business. 3) The bars, restaurants and small grocery stores I frequent… Read more »

You did not answer my questions yes or no. I can only assume you do not think there is a White race genocide happening to Whites , of the White race & You do not want to support stopping it from continuing. For the people following our (Wyatt & Mr. White Genocide) conversations , you can learn from her -The Anti-White, Her solution is to get Whites to by more stuff from Whites . . Unfortunately, she does not state that those business owners should also be ANTI-Anti-White , so , in effect you would be , by spending your Anti-White race paper currency on supporting rich White Anti-White business owners that support the Anti-White race agenda of White race genocide be supporting your own… Read more »



Thanks for the support. In these dark times of the Chosenite plague, good people are in short supply.

Anon Wyatt

Thank You Manny.

Mr. White Genocide-

*(Shaking my damn head)*

Maybe Aristocracy of Blood would be willing to do a show with the both of us down the road. I’d be more than happy to have an exchange of ideas with you or anyone else in this thread or on the board.


Well , There is nothing left to post about you , You don’t think there is a White race GENOCIDE happening right now to us Whites , of the White race , & , you apparently, don’t want to support stopping it from continuing. You are just another Anti-White person. When we Whites , of the White race , separate into our ALL White race (Controlled by White race people only with our White race only valued currency) areas , I personally don’t want you in there unless you have a day pass to enter . But like I said before it would be ok with me if you lived outside the area, you seem nice /honest we just have a different opinion about what… Read more »


What was the name of that movie Oswald mentioned? Sailor something…..

@Anon Wyat. I don’t agree with your logic at all. Look there are white people who just want to have a nation of white people. As far as I’m concerned if a white person wants to mate with non-white, then by golly go ahead. It’s just we don’t want to be part of it. What voice does a mix-couple have to influence a white only society-nothing, like seriously, what do they want? As for you white men, I’m getting fed up with you. I have been a white nationalist my whole life, and damn it, if you don’t take this seriously. I wont’ either. There are so many women who have lived their lives for this cause. I am gonna bail out, if white men… Read more »