Aristocracy of Blood: The Western World (9-4-15)


We’ll discuss news and events, Donald Trump, and related issues that face the western world today

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Great job with the liberal call Dana. Great work brother!


That was great show Dana. The liberal caller left with much respect for you for both your clarity of thinking and for the way you conducted yourself throughout the exchange.


Excellent show. I’ve never heard such a rational and convincing exchange with a liberal caller. Well done. A jewish cum dumpster like Sean Vannity needs a lesson from you!

Eddie Wilson

Welcome back general! powerful message as always. Cheers to your good health.

Steven J Lewis

I think Dana was wrong when he told the first caller after the caller told him about a white woman who was raped in her home by a dindu. Dana said we need this to wake whites up, but our stories don’t make the national news 24/7. I might agree if it were a case of the white woman was dating the black guy, but that was not mentioned. We don’t need our women brutally attacked to achieve some kind of awakening. It boggles my mind when I hear whites take this position. In fact I can’t imagine how anyone would want this to happen to a white woman. I hope Dana would listen to himself saying this and maybe he would realize how cold… Read more »

Steven J Lewis

Dana was on point and schooled Chad the caller from Seattle. Dana was respectful and explained what was going on. I hope that Chad follows up and does the research and sees how he’s been lied to.

Great job Dana.


Steven, I totally get what your saying, as any event should shock and horrify any normal, healthy white person. We cannot evade the realities of life, and in many cases, it is innocent men, women, and children that are being raped or killed – and this should infuriate us. I meant it not as a statistic, but the general brutalization of our people serves a higher purpose to awaken them, and if not, then nothing will. We have gone from a world in which these crimes would be unthinkable to a place where it is open season on white people – i can only hope the statistics wake up those who are blind and that for those of us who know we do not become… Read more »