Aristocracy of Blood w/ Dana Antiochus 7-4-14


Tonight I’ll be addressing the accusations and personal drama leveled against me by a former host.  I’ll also take the opportunity to invoke the revolutionary spirit of Americans and encourage them to resist assimilation and become racial separatists, with the ultimate end goal of secession into an independent racial ethno-state.

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10 years ago

First order of business in a white ethno-state? A way to peaceably and legally deal with the problem of women stirring up shit between us in their characteristic way. They all do it in basically the same way, variations on the same theme,because this is what is instinctual to them. The overall process is generally termed “damseling” these days. They don’t know or care about the long-term damage this causes and they get a charge out of the temporary chaos and interpersonal drama. These actions need to be criminalized (misdemeanor disturbing the peace,punishable by fine or community service,obviously) and a less immature and emotion-driven process substituted in its place. No pre-emptive physical violence against women by men should be tolerated because men are more capable… Read more »

10 years ago

Hi Dana. Since you are honest about your H addiction i feel i have to share my story with you and offer you help that really works. I in my life i had lot of people with the same problem,cousins,best friend and many other friends.Many of them are not with us anymore. Heroin seems to get the best people,bad people become dealers what my expiriance showed me. I really know very very much about this problem. Yougoslavia before the war was a drug free country,but with war starting Heroin being pushed from Albania and Kosovo became an epidemy! Kids were getting hooked around me left and right. That was a part of war being waged against the youth in my country. How does Heroin work… Read more »

10 years ago

the general should step down after this scandal

10 years ago

Lawrence. What scandal?

Did not sound like much of a scandal to me.

You must not have heard both sides to the story aka listened to Dana’s show….

10 years ago

So wehre can i listen to the original Drama?
What Show was that in?

10 years ago

I am not exactly a hardliner to what concerns abstinence (don’t rememeber right now the expression you used in the broadcast), i also commited my abuses when i was around 20, i’ve seen more heroin addicts and low rank dealers than i can count and i know what the score is. Believe me. I never got hooked, but i know what’s it all about. Dana, don’t tell me it’s just somekind of hobby you have and so on, alright? Allow me a piece of advice, Dana, be the general of your own will and quit the damned smack! for your own good and everyone around you. You criticise Heks for coming public with personal stuff, you are right, but on another hand, people could be… Read more »

10 years ago

Dana, bedding a woman three times will most definitely release the bonding hormone, oxytocin. Respectfully, you sound like a piece of shit junkie excusing his bad behavior with double speak and fatalism.

Sigfried sounded like a rat and turned out to be one. Sledge was funny but just as rat like. Now I’m more and more convinced that there is an intelligence program recruiting convicted criminals (mostly narcotics offenders but also including car thieves) as part of a work release program with the goal of disrupting and demoralizing right thinking interweb activity.

10 years ago

Hey Jack, you know how many shows i’ve done over the YEARS – i’ve gotten a little over hundred dollars for all the time and dedication. its about mere survival, and i’m SURE 99% of the listeners have their own vices that they blow money on which could be used for the movement, including yourself. And I guess you have no listening comprehension skills because NO CHILD WAS ABORTED, unless you call consider nature the culprit because she had a miscarriage, if indeed that happened at all. furthermore, one or two more babies is not going to change the overrall destiny and fate of our race when you look at the numbers – it is a drop in the ocean at this point. without separation… Read more »

10 years ago


At least as regards to Renegade and the specific people you mention, in reference to your talk of “an intelligence program recruiting convicted criminals (mostly narcotics offenders but also including car thieves) as part of a work release program with the goal of disrupting and demoralizing right thinking interweb activity”, I must say, you sound like a fucking retard.

10 years ago

Well, sorry if i misunderstood the miscarriage part. Concerning vices i have none. And i blow no money on anything because simply i have no money to blow in first place.
But it’s OK, you’re captain of your own ship Dana.

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