Aryan Talk: The Blackwashing of White Culture (9-18-17)

Patrick talks about how the ancient aliens theory is bunk, how our sacred holiday of Yule was stolen from us by Christians and then again by jewish cultural marxists, how Whites are portrayed as backward cavemen while Africans are seen as kings, some of the projects he is currently working on, and more.

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If there ever was a caricature able to induce vomiting, this would be it. There aren’t enough expletives to describe the sentiment properly… I guess, the classiest thing I can say is, thank god the black man has the black woman, and vice versa.
Great show otherwise Patrick. I greatly look forward to your book on Yule and our many other traditions!
Thanks for not sticking to the ”mainstream” shit style of writing and rehashing PC approved content.
I loathe this retarded world and am so thankful to have the Renegade platform to learn from other bright folk!

Great show Patrick. Thank you.

Always worth a listen.

A propos generally: seen in CG’s chat:

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Wait, wtf? Why is it saying that, but the link appears to be nothing related to that? Stupid computer.

great how, couldn’t look at the title picture though/ewe. Odin bless )O(


Nice looking website:
Interesting show Patrick.

Great show. Indeed it be rayciss to have our own exclusive holidays. It must be our “white privilege”.

Actually it was ancient space Negroes in their pimped up intergalactic Pyramid starships with the tinted portholes, poison green paint job, external DVD screens and giant low profile thrusters!….

Ancient aliens also enforces the ball Earth model of deception and that there are other Earths “out there”, when in fact no one has gone beyond 100K feet into the atmosphere. Richard Branson is letting us down, because by now we should be flitting in and out of Virgin sponsored jumpgates to bring McDonalds, Wal Mart and Apple products to other worlds in the name of Democracy and advancement!

Hello, Patrick. Do you have an email that I could reach you at?

Great suggestions. After studying Abram-Abraham in Genesis today, I was nauceous! The “word” in Greek means what you discern from your surroundings and nature-was not refering to written word.

Does this guy have a speech impediment or is he shit faced every time he does a show?

stay classy, ray.

You don’t think it’s a legitimate question to ask? If he does in fact have a physical or neurological problem, fine. That sucks. But, otherwise I’m left to believe that the man is drunk on air and that’s pretty disrespectful to the network and the listeners. Stay sensitive.

Ray Not to mention credibility and reputation, if that’s true.

If Tom Bowie was your roommate, you’d be shit faced too.

Sounds like dentures. Anyway your comment reminds me of the notion that Hitler exterminated defectives. I heard Alex Linder say something like killing “retards” was a good thing too. It was a “team white” video that disappeared from Youtube this year. It’s something that one expects from the right especially fascists. So good on you for saying that you only cared if he was drunk.
I don’t know what to make of some of the Hitler worship if it is just about killing us off because we are part of the weak.

Drake D I would be very careful what allied forces said about Hitler’s Germany after the war. There have been so much lies and misconceptions about national socialist regime that there is almost impossible to reach out for real truth. So you think autists should all leach on hard working tax payers? Obviously you don’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t say that.

Bill33 I disagree, the truth is always manifest and can be found. Despite all the BS, anyone on this network has enough nous to sift through the jew filth (which actually makes it easier because of the jew hate for the Aryan). Personally I don’t know if the original NS documents and policies can be accessed or even exist, but there must be some historical document of NS that someone has even if it is a relic.

I would recommend to watch this video, Drake, he will be that way for the rest of his life. Do you know what that means to himself and his parents?

That video depicts a hellish existence. Very, very sad.

Alex Linder is a jew and is now suffering from a jewish genetic disease. Linder has been running an FBI honeypot since the beginning. His honeypot website is responsible for putting quite a few people in prison. His job is to make pro-Whites look ridiculous and get people arrested – and he has don’t great at that.

Prove it, name all the people Linder is responsible for having incarcerated. The only thing ridiculous is your assertions.

Scott – the fact alone prove it. Not only is there a preponderance of the evidence in support of these facts – the fact pattern alone proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. You are an idiot.

Is this Scott Roberts, another breeder of non-White shitskins and close friend of the FBI informant Mike the Kike Delaney?

You are a bloody idiot.

I’m an idiot for commenting on a man slurring his way through numerous shows I’ve heard? Burping. Obviously drinking. I’m not the only one to have commented on that, either. How dare anyone have a thought of their own around this place? Once this guy gets run off the network everyone will be talking shit about him anyway. That’s how it goes here. I’m just ahead of the curve on this one.

“Obviously”? You have proof then? Or are you actually just an idiot like Max said? Ahead of the curve? LOL! Pathetic! People like you are shining examples of why so many americans get called “yanks”! Keep yankin’ at it dullard! 😛

LOL. Could it be “Ray’s” bitter and backhanded emphasis on Renegade’s reputation and the called out “disrespect” has some sort of personal narcissistic wound as a background which did not heal jet but is nurtured as a variety of foolish self- absorption. Well he knows best.

Yes, yes it could! It could well be one of those poor pathetic souls who said he’d never have anything to do with Renegade ever again but just keeps coming back for more & more and jabbering away about “their antics” like a child constantly picking at a festering scab. We all know the type – incessantly telling everyone who’ll listen what a supremely tough bastard he is, even letting slip that he’s so tough he’d have no problem punching out a woman who disses him, while all the while he’s just an insignificant nobody with no real friends clinging desperately to the little 15 mins of fame he had 10 years ago! Yep, THAT guy! LOL!

Just listened to the show. Patrick sounded fine to me. This is a pretty low-brow troll.

Side note on Nibiru: I was an ardent believer in that shit for a while until I found Renegade. Sitchin was a Jew, a liar (by nature I presume), and a controlled dis-info agent. It devastated me to realize that space as we know it is fake.

There are thousands of people who have seen UFO’s, explain that, Patrick.

Earth-based black-ops & experimental aircraft & drones, etc. Please feel free to prove otherwise.

I agree. I have seen no evidence of “extra-terrestrials’ operating here. Just a bunch of anecdotes. People need to realize that the precursor to the SR-71 (the A-12) made its first flight in 1962. The technology in that airplane was so advanced compared to what most people were used to… that something like that would have been deeded as a “UFO” by the (m)asses.

Technology has advanced far beyond that since. 🙂

You know I agree with some of the ideas presented in Ancient Aliens. The reason being is that the White race is completely on its own and far different than all the other races, especially Nordics. That poses the possibility that Whites could have come or descended from offworlders. I don’t disagree about the Anunnaki idea of creating a race of slaves, I just think as a speculative yarn it is blacks and non-whites, since they are far better suited for slave labor than whites. Historically, whites could never be subdued very well. Romans, who were Southern Europeans, could never hold captive for very long the Celtic and Germanic peoples. But id like to emphasize all the nonsense, New Age spiritual and crazy levels of… Read more »

Your position is consistent with the “appearance’ of RH Negative blood proteins are so different from all other races. Like you, I’m not completely discounting UFO originating from places other that Earth. I have personally seen several completely unexplained “Flying Objects” and I’m an Aerospace Professional with many years of experience with “Novel” aircraft and propulsion. But merely seeing those things does not prove origin.

Pat If the mainstream are pimping aliens, then it is BS. It is more likely magnetic technology. Look into Michael Persinger who can create abduction experiences with string magnetic fields applied to the brain in certain ways. There is no reason the military don’t have a directed or magnetic field projector device.

Their tech (military) is 100 years or more advanced from the goyim Mud Age sticks and shit technology we have. For a start the US military have all of Tesla and Schauberger’s work, and have been working on it since 1930’s or 40’s at least, so that is approx 60+ years of solid infinite funded, genius staffed facilities banging out 24/7.

Skylgarir – I agree. Personally, I have seen a few anomalies that were flying at high altitude. On one occasion, I observed a light that I thought might be a satellite, but then began moving in a very strictly defined zig-zag pattern at constant speed. I estimated the abrupt changes in direction made by the light were about 60 degrees and there was no discernible rounding of corners as this thing progressed. The light advanced along a linear path at a similar rate as other observed lights that I thought were satellites. But this thing moved in a very different way. I discussed this with several aerospace professionals who worked in black projects and they said that it sounded like an object that may have… Read more »
No, I don’t believe UFOs are a total hoax. I also don’t believe Ancient Aliens is a total bad idea. I just conclude that they were not involved in everything, what Linda Moulton Howe and David Wilcock think, “extraterrestrial biological entities” are not real. The aliens are not grays. Many of the reports have maintained, that grays are either a subject race or mechanical creatures, control by the true ETs, our ancestors, the Ancient Aryans. There is a lot of multiculturalism incorporated into the history channel shows that aren’t the genuine approach, but serves to distract us from the truth which I middle ground from it being only ancient whites starting 40,000 years or ancient aliens from the 12th planet. My next book Ancient Aliens… Read more »

BIll33 U.F.O. is an aviation acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. So there are your sightings.