Aryan Talk: Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Russian Review (3-14-17)

Patrick speaks to Dr. Raphael Johnson, who is an Orthodox priest and Russian historian. They go over the history of Russia, the introduction of Norsemen into the Slavic lands, how Peter the Great went after the church, how the Bolsheviks changed things, WW2 and Stalin, and positions on Putin. Note: many of the positions here will be controversial for the Renegade audience.

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Oh, fuck…..another Christ-tard on Renegade. I turn that shit off.

Taras Vasgard

I disagree with most of the priests views on Putin. For one Kievska Rus was the name not Russia! Русь . Ukrainians are the scythians of old who created the Kievan Rus Dynasty. Old Ukraine was called Oriana, Aratta from our aryan roots. Rus peoples were very noble and there women where held in great regard. Yaroslav the wise called mudri daughter yaroslavna was princess of France. She had a long face and blonde long hair very nordik. If Putin is so good why is he a follower of a. Dugin a eurasianist who hates white people and ukrainians for one. Asiatic blood flows in at least 35% of russians that is why they have always hated ukrainians and poles for their eueopeanism. The Ukrainian… Read more »

Taras Vasgard

I made a typo. Yaroslav the wise daughter was Anna. She was queen of France in 12 or 13century. Yes Koch was a bastard in the Ukraine and he was much hated, in fact ukrainian nationalists aligned with the german reich but then they did start assasinating german officials for soviet type crimes!! Overall Alfred Rosenberg was a great friend of ukrainians and Ukraine. He wanted Ukraine as an independent state that could be a buffer against the red soviet jew empire. Sadly this never came to fruition and the war for Germany was lost The priest failed to say the Galician Waffen SS division fought valiantly with the german wermacht. They were dealt a brutal. Massacre in Brody in western ukraine. Himmler was antislav… Read more »


I long ago concluded that the Charleston Church Shooting in 2015, of blacks by a lone white shooter named Dylann Roof, was a hoax, And as far as searching for answers about why ZOG USA is determined to use its deep state and media to proclaim that Russia is our enemy, there was a Richie Allen interview of Paul Craig Roberts yesterday, “Paul Craig Roberts It’s Over for Trump. Anti-Russian Neocons Are in Charge. Business as Usual,” about Roberts’ most recent article posted Mon., “Revolutions Are Bloody, But So is Doing Nothing.”


Thumbs up, Brigid. Let’s see here… 1) Mushroom Head takes a ton of recent pix holding a Confed flag, looking slightly menacing or constipated… 2) ‘Shroom Head “done gits it ern his mind” to shewt sem blackzez… 3) 9 people are “shot” and bleed-out in the church, yet the initial investigation and all the ballistics work & double-checking is all wrapped up so that the church is cleansed of all the blood & brain matter and open for business, etc INSIDE OF A WEEK? REALLY? 4) Whilst driving around he just allows the police to pull him over and he gives up. He supposedly offed 9 people and he just gives up. 5) During his prelim court appearance, it’s not only aired on tv (almost… Read more »


Thumbs up to you also. Your reply has me laughing out loud.
We really are, like Mike Williams told Jack Blood on his Quay show last year, living in a cartoon, and most people seem to like that.


I was going to explain why Russia threat is a hoax but let me just copypast from jewpedia, it pretty much says it all:

“The Security Council is made up of fifteen member states, consisting of five permanent members—China, France, RUSSIA, the United Kingdom, and the United States—”

I am not sure it (((they))) really think we are that stupid.

The UN and NATO are there just to keep Germany down, while the jew infested US is knocking out land for israel all over the middle east.

Shawna Marie