Aryan Talk: Knowing Our Past, Reclaiming Our Future (8-23-17)

Patrick returns to discuss some recent events and the rise of White identity worldwide, some fascinating aspects of the ancient past and how our ancestors spread civilization around the world, and how it is up to us to ensure that we take back control of the reins of power so as to have a glorious future.

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Patrick, the Charlottesville event was staged. There was no death. The person driving the car is in on it. The subsequent court proceeding is also staged managed. The FBI can do that and has done it many times before – for many reasons. One stage managed court proceeding involved an entirely faked pseudo-defendant that was part of a storyline designed to entrap a Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia. Charlottesville was a pretty standard “Deception Operation”. Please lean about how deception works – and also please STOP supporting and parroting the “Official Narrative” of that totally Staged “Atrocity” event. If you need help in understanding how these things work and how to identify them – let me know. Thanks.
Staged Court Proceedings: For those of you that don’t know how the FBI does this – please go to “FBI Invents Fake Defendant..” here The court building was real. The court employees were real. The prosecutor was real. The only things that were NOT REAL were the things that HAD to be FAKED. The paperwork regarding the case was faked. In fact, there was not actual human being defendant. That “person” existed on paper only. This is how they did the Trayvon case. Trayvon never even existed at all. Neither did Adam Lanza. Sometimes they actually have a real human being defendant “Actor” in court. But there are merely “Actors”. This is done on a “Need To Know” basis so everyone that does not… Read more »
Thank you so much for your input. I know for fact under the ZOG nothing is as it seems. My main point was that they were using this, FAKED, even to eliminate WN due to an outcry of Jewish media induced public opinion. But my main if they wish to eliminate WN then we must and will retaliate with brute force in a prolonged guerilla war. As the body bags keeping building among non whites, first they will fight back, and as our boys in blue’s bodies stack up, then it will hit them. Give up the war, give up the government and that will be the end. There is no alternative than to strike back FAKED or REALITY. This is absolute war. We must… Read more »
Patrick, you and everyone else here needs to understand that the government can LEGALLY produce entirely faked Staged Atrocity events and have them broadcast to you through complicit media channels. This is LEGAL. This is AUTHORIZED BY LAW. You are talking about initiating terrorist action in response to LEGAL acts. This is a PROPAGANDA WAR. It is not a “Shooting War”. If you are truly concerned about the way the Shadow Government and their complicit temporary stooges are defaming us and manipulating reality – then find a way to do that within the present legal framework. If you choose to step outside the law entirely and you want to go kill someone – then by all means … be the first to do it. Go… Read more »

Patrick88 understands that the [1st] Anti-White American War was lost to the Jew over 50 years ago.

Its Terms of Surrender were the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Immigration legislation, passed after Kennedy was killed in a Jew/WASP coup d’etat.

We have been fighting a guerrilla war ever since. If nice works, we use nice, if not, we use other means.

Bob in DC – go back to sucking andre anglins little dick. While you’re at it go fuck some of those “dead” Sandy Hook kike kids. Oh wait – since they didn’t die … why don’t you? Please. You fucking controlled opposition scum.

“Pat” — No, I’ve never done those things you are so well acquainted with, and please keep Anglin’s pecker size to yourself. That kind of thing should be kept private between the two of you.

Hey Bob! Want to come on my show and try to shill for Eurasianism some more? Let me guess. You have a mail order Asian “wife”.

Sinead — No, I’ve never shilled for ‘Eurasionism’, and certainly have no Asian wife. You are flat-out wrong about those things, and your source or sources are not reliable.

Kyle — I had never heard of Dugan, and possibly not even ‘Eurasianism’, back when the show was first created. It originally was designed to play clips that had not been used the week before on Tom Metzger’s daily show. This is how I explained it later:

You can go back through the talkshoe archives and find many examples especially during the beginning of his podcasts where he larps nonstop about Forth Position 1488D chess and muh based Stalin. LOL BUSTED B00B!!!!! 105 – RASPUTIN DUGAN Sunday, August 17, 2014, 11:06 AM WARYAN Church of NOW Sunday Social — Carolyn Yeager clip noting anti-White infiltrators and weak willed promoters within our Struggle. See: Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Why We Lose – Also see: A note on Alexandr Dugin – — “I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization – its cultural values and false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – there were no benefits. Everything is leading to the start of anti-white pogroms on a planetary… Read more »

Fashy Pool boy, excellent work, sir.


Liar “Fashy” boy — Where is your proof there — other than obfuscation through inundation…lol.


Sunday, April 03, 2016, 11:06 AM
The Millennials have taken over, and we should support them. Highlighted is WEEV’s Great Nazi Printer Hack of 2016 It’s Time to WEEV:

Fashy FBI(?) boy — That’s proof of nothing substantive. I thought it was interesting at the time, but when Weev later moved to Kharkov in Ukraine it became clear he was compromised, at the very least (and that was over 16 months ago). But keep hunting — after over 5 years of shows, something’s bound to make some kind of case for you and your divisive cause.

You appear to have some well developed law enforcement experience, which may account for my increasing suspicion about your connections.

Bob in DC the KIKE supported the other KIKE Weev. Baldy Bob the Kike in DC keeps referring to “US” when he himself is NOTHING LIKE US at all. Bob is a putrid excuse for a “person” and also shills for just about every government operative and plant out there. That’s what he does and he does it for the equivalent on less than minimum wage. Actually he only gets paid if and when he turns over actionable information leading to the arrest and conviction of one of us.

Prick Pat seems to be loaded with inside information, which would make sense of his continually avoiding the question “Are you connected with law enforcement?”.

But of course, because he’s spewing continual bullshit, he probably is not connected — at least not at the “big boy” level.

Prick Pat is just another shit-stirrer, and may have been one of C.I. Pastor Lindstedt’s drones.

Fashy FBI(?) boy — The “105 – RASPUTIN DUGAN” show targeted Dugin’s anti-White stance, you asshole!

Kyle and Fashy FBI(?) boy — This is the blog page that goes with “105 – RASPUTIN DUGAN”:

Note the possible translation problem near the bottom of the Dugin quote. This is what I mentioned awhile back.

What does B00B mean by jews are not a race???

Sunday, May 01, 2016, 11:10 AM

“Fashy” FBI(?) man — You work hard to locate something – anything – to obfuscate. That picture is worth a thousand FBI statistics.

Wew I have no argument so let me accuse everyone of being FBI !!

Btw how come you stopped doing podcasts after Tattered Flag dropped your dox? LOL

It’s dinner time, 14/5 fuckers!

Fashy FBI(?) boy — No, just you, asshole — the one with “so much time”.

Fashy FBI(?) boy — It’s interesting that you know so much about me, and from so long ago. Are you butt hurt C.I. rather than USG?

Fashy FBI(?) boy: “It’s dinner time.”
They treat them well at the ADL…lol.

“Kike in DC” used to shill for Hal Turner just the same as he shilled for Mike Delaney the FBI informant. Just like he shilled the the Controlled Opposition plane Andre Anglin. Kike Bob in DC has a pretty long history of kikery.

I’m pretty sure Boob is a eunuch.

That’s right, Bob. Now we are in the second Anti-White American War. I made the mistake of supporting those who are not worthy to continue the fight. Right now we make up around 5 percent of the U.S. population. The Jews are around that too. During the Revolutionary War those wanting independence from the British crown were in the minority. Most colonials supported the British not the Patriots. George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party, later the National Socialist White People’s Party, were small in number but tightly organized. But he had the overwhelming support of the white students and was the one to rally whites against our enemies. We need to understand we must harden and perfect the pro-white movement before we talk about making… Read more »

Patrick88 — The times have changed much. College ‘students’ now are fully brainwashed. The kind of support GLR found after the first round of catcalls he would receive back then no longer exists.

BTW, it was 50 years ago today that George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated.

As far as antifa sans sculotte street creatures, it’s better not to become ‘right’ to their ‘left’ at all. Black propaganda may not even be necessary to induce BLM to attack them – this has been happening already, naturally. Nature will not be denied.

Those other problems need not be addressed by us specifically – they have many enemies, and we have other more pressing issues, such as exposing race traitors.


Yes, more pressing issues such as exposing the Kike-Jews, the good thing is we have jews such as your hero Weev leading the way!!!!

Hey “Fashy” liar — Please prove that ‘weev’ is “your hero”.

Being that you suffer from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome aka wetbrain you’re forgetting that it’s well documented on your talkshoe podcasts where you’re shilling for Weev and even nominate him for Aryan of the year award back towards the end of Dec 2016 and blocking anyone who provided proof that Weev is a jew. Go home Boob you’re drunk!

Please prove those things… and not with kikejew allopathic medical sources, asshole.

One of Boob’s favorite tricks was to edit out the things he said that he didn’t want repeated from his shows, like his infamous drunken fight with Tom Metzger. Chugging vodka at 11 am, Rock on Boob!

Indeed and when he was too hung over to edit out the recordings he would only record the first 15 mins of his show. Seems the audio archives on talkshoe are down atm

but when they’re back up everyone can find proof after proof after proof that B00B is just yet another Duganist National Bolshevik who shills for Anglin and Weev-Kike.

Any proof there, asshole?

The proof is the fact that you completely edited out the entire drunken argument you had with the man, where, when he mentioned something his dad had told him, your reply was a drunken “FUCK YOUR DAD”. Completely disrespectful, typical of a drunk. Go crawl back into your bottle, and find yourself a D.C. rent boy.

“Stalker” Retroactive — Whatever you’ve dredged up is from years and years ago. What else is in your pea brain that only brings you around when I show up.

Fashy Pool boy, when someone would point out WEEV was a jew, Boob would say “What, do you have hard on for him?” Trying to tell us something, Boob?

Pretty much uses the same shilling tactics the TRS beta orbiters use to defend Mike Peinovich and Dickie Spencer, they cannot even articulate why these goons would make good leaders for the movement, sad!

So Patrick – you’re with “bob” here? Thanks for fully identifying yourself as a probable kike. Maybe you guys should go hang with Richard Spencer and Andre Anglin. Maybe you can all light a menorah together or something.

Prick Pat again comes through here as the divisive scumbag he is.

Patrick – If I were on the side of the government, I would encourage you to use “brute force” against me. That is a game I would love you to try to play against a vastly superior force in an arena that ensures your destruction. You are either a dummy or a plant.

There’s even some decent information suggesting the manson murders were staged and noone was killed. From what I’ve seen I tend to agree that was a psyop to kill the hippie anti-war sentiment.


WhiteWolf: Deception Operations ARE detectable. But you have to acquaint yourself with the underlying science of Deception first. This is what scumbag jews like KIKE in DC don’t want you investigating. “Bob the Kike in DC” parrots the “Official Story” spoon fed by the CIA controlled media and at the same time calls the investigation of Deception the “conspiracy shell game”. LOL This regime is using Deception in ways that funnel their opposition directly into their pre-planned killing field and Kikes like “Bob in DC” here work to aid in that process.

It’s important to recognize that these are the masters of movie magic and Hollywood and have an enormous history of these hoaxes. By having as much control as they have, they can get away with most anything, since as you note they are running the courts as well. It’s actually awe-inspiring how this group has as much full-spectrum dominance as it does, just as is depicted in They Live.

Again, I think it’s important to get people of all ethnicities regarding Jews as an aliens here to enslave humanity at large, not only Whites. What Hitler and Germany showed Jewry is that Whites could potentially overthrow them once and for all.

LisaP – Charlottesville was a “Deception Operation” involving a “Staged Atrocity”. This is part of “Political Warfare”. All of this is “Legal” here in the US. If we wish to stop this kind of thing we have to educate people about it and lobby for changes in law to make it illegal. Anything else is useless.

Prick Pat: “…we have to educate people about it and lobby for changes in law to make it illegal.”

Mr. “Law Enforcement” thinks changes will come through the Jewdicial System.

For new readers: “Bob in DC” is not an FBI “agent”. He is a pathetic, short, bald little kike who has a very long history of involvement as an “Informant” and disgusting Controlled Opposition “persona” along the lines of Hal Turner (but with no talent for anything). Short little “Bob” has a very long history of supporting other Controlled Opposition hack like Andre Anglin. “Bob” has also gone on record supporting the Official Lie of Staged Atrocities such as Sandy Hook. Piece of shit “Bob” is here to try to encourage good people into doing stupid things that may get them arrested. Shitty “Bob” is also here to preach the lie that Charlottesville wasn’t stage managed by the FBI. That’s the kind of things that… Read more »
“Prick Pat” throws out epithets without substantiation, and just plain outright lies, as a Saul Alinsky trained operative would do. Folks here, new and old, must determine for themselves what his motives may be. As far as Sandy Hook goes, I pleaded with Michael Collins Piper, Deanna Spingola, John Kaminski and John Friend, the main principles in the argument back then, not to play the “conspiracy shell game”, meaning that they did not know for sure what did or did not happen in every situation and therefore should not take hard stances with each other. Very few people have that kind of inside dope. Unfortunately it devolved into useless and unending argumentation, which apparently Prick Pat is overjoyed by. Perhaps this prick’s certitude stems from… Read more »
Kike “Bob” here also is sent to support every single lie that is transmitted in the jew-medial. Kike “Bob” denys that the Kike run CIA and FBI are using “Deception” here in the US. The Sandy Hook School had been closed down and condemned for years before the Staged Atrocity Event there. There is a clear interruption of utility billing for that school that proves it was NOT in use for years. The school had very bad black mold staining on the outside brick work the is clearly out of code for an operating school and there was clear evidence of flooding inside the school as every single classroom door show clear signs of water damage on the lower 3 inches of the wooden doors.… Read more »

Prick Pat — Please be accurate in your stupid ranting. I never denied or accepted any of Sandy Hook, and of course the USG is capable of such things as you put them. I merely attempted to persuade good folks and friends, or at least associates, from becoming enemies. Unfortunately, due to scum like you, this was impossible.

The claims you make may or may not be true. Of greatest interest is your certitude — the kind of certitude only an insider would have.

Prick Pat: What is your connection to law enforcement?

“Kike in DC” : You are a fucking LIAR. Par for the course for such a dirtbag. You sucked Andre Anglins little dick real hard and everyone KNOWs he’s a controlled opposition stooge. You did IN FACT say that Sandy Hook was “real” you liar. Go back to hell you drunk short bald jew.

Sounds like he’s hammered. Is this the guy from TCTA?

Yes, the guy was hammered AND was trying to encourage “others” to commit illegal acts. Just like a good little plant.

Join the discussion is defending yourself is illegal I would rather just die in battle rather than live as some coward.

Prick Pat (Mr. Law Enforcement) is divisive as usual.

Sounds like your afraid to lose your comforts or something.

Thank you for another great show Patrick! Your opening half hour was absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Your research into the ancient and unique history of the Aryan race is an invaluable resource for awakening our people and rekindling our racial pride. Keep up the good work!

!!!!F****ing awesome! Go Patrick! I’m only 30 minutes in.

Great show, I saved it. Channeling some serious energy!

Inspiring, fantastic show Patrick. Bottom line is this. In the end, they – if we let them will not only have taken our history away from us, but they will claim it as their own. That is the end game……

I agree with you completely that two strong races stepped into the ring to duke it out and the stronger won. I am Cherokee, Blackfoot, and Germanic, so this subject has always been interesting to me- especially when one realizes how Native Americans were created. I will say though, most of the “natives” whining about “evil whitey done stole it from uz” are actually niggers who claim to be Native Americans. It is a huge problem here in New England and I have heard it is a problem in Minnesota as well. I plan on doing a Wildcard some time soon here and I will definitely bring up Native Americans because I feel like there are misconceptions and a lot of things that people don’t… Read more »

I love hearing Patrick talk. Awesome. Its always a treat when he makes an appearance on this network. It wan’t aliens my friends it was Aryans! I agree with Patrick 110% that there are too many stories and myths involving “gods” or “travelers” to discredit the idea of human and non-human interactions.

[…] Aryan Talk: Knowing Our Past, Reclaiming Our Future (8-23-17) […]

Patrick is always a good listen. Next time maybe discuss the deportation of mexicans by former president Herbert Hoover.

Thank you, Fred. We will be talking.
Patrick “Fox” Chouinard

Does anyone here think the Butler plan is still viable?

I don’t see how going into a trap is a trap when you know you will win every time. Its kind of like in martial arts when someone grabs me they are just setting themselves up for a broken arm or to be thrown. I knew Kessler an Spencer where questionable, but I will not let that stop me from taking the momentum of whats already going on an using it to reach more people with NS.

Sounds like you were there…? What did you do (or do you do) to promote NS other than just showing up to the showdown?

I did a speech on a megaphone at the frontlines. I explained how jews ran the slave trade, blm an black civil rights are ran by jews to create anti white hatred, likewise how we only want voluntary association for whites like ever other race has the right to an we are not the haters. Next time I am bringing more of my IL. NSM unit with more shields an will have my own camera people to make sure what I have to say is heard an that it can be seen we where just defending ourselves. Rather than it being for example like the bully in the bus walking by hitting younger kids an the driver only pays attention when the bully gets hit… Read more »
Jews have programmed the normie masses to view all those flags and associations as hateful and evil. Why play into the stereotype the Jew is working so hard to program into people? The weakest link is focusing entirely on the Jews as something all people of all ethnicities and classes can get behind. This is why the Jews know it’s so crucial to push the Holohoax narrative, because that ensures that criticism of Jews is akin to starting another Holocaust. So if you criticize Jews you have to at the same time expose the Holocaust fraud and touch upon accurate 20th century history. And when I say exposing the Holocaust fraud, I don’t merely mean “there was a holocaust but not what we are told… Read more »

There was one guy with a swastika flag an he was doxed an found to be FBI no real NS groups are using the swastika now.

Guy carrying the Nazi flag has been doxxed.
He’s an FBI guy.

1970 East Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23228
Phone: (804) 261-1044

Guess where?

Again, the swastika is our symbol. When this country collapses, and that day is coming, it will not be matter if we use a Swastika banner, it will signify the difference between us and them. So many cowards want to please the lemmings and those not fit for living. I believe as I said, under the swastika banner, form the elite, well-organization, professional cadre that will stand up to the immigrants, the antifa, the BLM, the JDL, and yes, if necessary, the government. But that will not happen unless we pick the best, and turn them from coals to diamonds. Hardness. Swiftness. Toughness. Cunning. Intelligence. Those are the only qualities that will save us, love, compromise, creating organizations that are club life of the purest… Read more »

Brandon – you are an idiot. You think it’s smart to take part in a stage-managed government controlled PsyOp designed to vilify good White people? Really? It’s sad to see that there are so many paid Controlled Opposition and mouth breathing retards involved in these things. If you were “smart” you’d have NOTHING to do with anything like the Charlottesville thing. The entire “event” was CONTROLLED by the FEDS….but you already know that.

If I am an idiot then your a coward trying to make a virtue out of being too weak to get out in the street an fight back. It does not matter what we do the media will always try to make u out to be violent. You probably actually voted an for Trump, yet you on the other hand discourage fighting back in the streets. How is voting for Trump any less taking pat in reformism issues the state manages on some levels? Keep staying home with kids like a woman when Odin would be out learning an fighting. Ever since the right started to fight back more an more people have become inspired to actually get off the internet an radio shows. If… Read more »
The one thing you’ll notice with all these dupes like Brandon on EVERY website where they hang out stroking each other is that they are actively putting down EVERYONE who doesn’t get out “in the street” with them at their little alt-right wankfests as whatever derogatory terms they can to make you feel inadequate. Just listen to the guilt trip these guys are trying to lay on EVERYONE who doesn’t join in with them at their controlled op psyops – it’s just more white guilt in a different but just as obvious way. Fuck off Brandon – YOUR way of doing things is most definitely not the only way & definitely not the best way to fight this fight. “Taking control of the streets” could… Read more »
Its better to be middle wise. You will look at anyone that’s doing more than you or doing things an say; “Alt right”. or attack certain people an make everyone else guilty by association. If that’s the case then you will do that with anything that is currently working in the world as a excuse not to get involved. If you think so much you cannot take any action other than writing an talking then you will just grow frail an weak like some monk meditating all the time. The Germanic people are a warrior people the true aristocracy was barbarians not a bunch of over intellectuals. You probably don’t even use your real name because your a merchant or person that cares about property… Read more »
Hahaha! Classic! Your words right there are just so chock full of idiotic assumptions & even the old simple-minded fallback “your a merchant (jew)!” accusation (complete with the usual pleb-level terrible grammar) that you simply reveal yourself as just a basic easily-led prole who distinguishes himself as something more ONLY with delusions of grandeur (or a pretty bad actor, one of the two). I don’t even pity people like you anymore & I most certainly don’t waste time trying to reason with you idiots – you are (note correct grammar) just a nuisance who believes you are something more than just a nuisance. And for the record I think I’d much rather be “over intellectual” as you put it AND physically fit & able than… Read more »

“Germanic people are a warrior people the true aristocracy was barbarians not a bunch of over intellectuals.”

OK Jack Donovan whatever you say.

Brandon has a problem with worshiping jews. He’s an “edgy satanist” who thinks Anton (((LEVI))) was cool. The only time he comments here is to defend the tard workers.

You claim to be Pagan yet treat an LHP occultist the same way a CI person that is butt hurt treats a Pagan. Odin is really Satanic he broke his word to Gunlod to get the mead of consciousness back transforming into the serpent that giveth knowledge bolverker – sound familiar? He killed his kinsman Ymir to make Midgard all potential for us to develop. Mybe its not that i’m edgy but your too quick to run your profanus lips on subjects you don’t really understand. The Gotchic mysteries are very Satanic an LHP if you understand them. But you can have your ad hominem attack on me. The Edda Was edited an compiled by a Christian you think was cool. I see you commenting… Read more »

He goes by the name DJAnarchoRedist on YT, look at him go behind the drumkit with his green mohawk LMFAO!! >>>

Have you ever taken the time to read the NSM 25 point program an TWP platform? If so what is it you do not like about it, why, an how would you improve it?

Heimbach has done said agreeing with %20 of what Dugin or anyone else says does not mean you totally agree with them. I still agree with some of Marx’s critique of capitalism an Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, but that does not make me a state communist.

Treachery is not what you do. It is who you associate with and where your true loyalties lie. Actions can be mistakes and mishaps, but aligning yourself now or in the past with a man who advises Vladimir Putin to fund radical black nationalist groups, and fun renegade WN groups so that chaos will reign and defeat the goals Matthew Heimbach espouses shows a rare form of instability. The NSM has a good platform but they do ridiculous things like valuing their media team. Scott Hume, aka, KJ, has a history going way back his life in professional broadcasting. My experience him is he is a gossip, a liar and quite possibly a closet homosexual. He and Richard Spencer would make a good item. Schoep… Read more »
Oh, I forgot to mention that Jeff Schoep is a race traitor. His girlfriend was a non-white Syrian. And he was with her a long time and never noticed? His support of the TRS? His biggest mistake was to expand his organization and the NF with the help of an informant named Aryan Knight or William Kerry Allen. This enemy of our people, together with his co-conspirator Scott Hume, slandered me, lied about me and the whole organization is run like a whites only social club, not an organization to plan and fulfill our future. Their flag is a disgrace. I do not believe we should worry about the Swastika emblem. That is our traditional symbol and the symbol of our Aryan race. Right now… Read more »
Also, about Heimbach and Dugin. You said he only accepts 20 percent of what Dugin says. Right. If I admitted to some anti white people that is only support 20 percent of what Hitler said, i’d be dubbed a “Nazi” and “White Supremacist.” I say 20 percent of what Dugin says makes him a National Bolshevik not a National Socialist, and National Bolshevism, or Neo-Pan-Eurasianism as he now calls isn’t just looking toward Russian national interests which perfectly fine, but rather a hidden anti-white agenda, Russian glory at the expense of the white race. I believe in the White race, and the divine mission of Aryan man. Dugin does not. He would be more at home with the Soviet Union of old and his fourth… Read more »

Heimbach said National Bolshevism would work in Russia, but not other places.

I have read Marx an he was a racialist an he even wanted Germany to win WWI as a way to unit the industrial workers for anti capitalist revolution.

“I have read Marx an he was a racialist” So unlike Groucho Marx he was one of those based jews?! FUCKING BASED!

Brandon Lashbrook jews have never, ever lied to us. Especially not Marx because his name isn’t fake. (sarcasm)

The Russians are understandably not big fans of Hitler and NS since they lost so many people fighting them. That part of their thinking is easy to work out. They never mention the holohoax in denouncing Hitler. At least not the ones I’ve been reading who are certainly not fans of semites.

There are some Russians who claim the sanskrit from India is very close to the Russian language. One was talking about the Slavic vedas being the basis of the Indian vedic philosophy and the Slavic vedic philosophy once being the common philosophy of all Whites. That alone makes it worth looking into. The Indian version is supposedly a corrupted version of the original.

I have seen some really white looking Syrians, but his girlfriend I met when we where in Chicago demonstrating for the kid that was kidnapped. His girlfriend ha blonde hair an blue eyes.

Join the discuss am a vegan,straight egde an a martial artist. I lift weights everyday an train martial arts all the time I am a warrior for my race. If your such a fit leader why don’t you have a following an what have you done in your life to out do Chairman Heimbch or Commander Schoep objectively?

Commander schoep was at some rally with anglin, spencer and enoch well after most pro-Whites realized they are fake opposition. That shows he’s not up to leading pro-Whites anywhere except defeat.

NSM made recent statements regarding people at events being phony they cannot control.

” That shows he’s not up to leading pro-Whites anywhere except defeat.” Or leading to Federal Prison?

Got any video footage we can watch of you slaying “enemies” for your tribe oh great warrior? “Warrior” is an EARNED title – you can’t just call yourself that & expect others to believe it or that it will even stick. Holding up signs & yelling stuff through a megaphone at some small controlled op rally surrounded by jews calling themselves white nationalists & calling for white sharia most certainly doesn’t come anywhere near to cutting it you fuckwit LOL! The more you type the more foolish you appear but by all means keep going…

Next time I am bringing more of my unit an making sure they all have shields. I also plan to have my own media people, so I can show I am defending myself. Then he media will have a hard time just showing people hitting back. I hope I can be he first guy to step out of the parking garage. I just need a camera person that can keep up with me.

That’s great you have all this free time to play in the streets with the ANTIFA rent a mobs while the grownups are working 2 jobs/40+hrs a week .

Fashy FBI(?) boy, where do you get “all this free time” yourself?

Make sure you put on some clown shoes to match that silly green mohawk of yours so you can further help the MSM in their propaganda efforts against the white race.

Hey Fashy FBI(?) boy — Maybe you can teach him to lobby the kikejew controlled USG to get things done…lol.

Oh, that hurts coming from a guy afraid to use his real name.

You’re right, not everyone can make it on the SPLC’s ‘hate list’. for philosophical writings and satirical cartoons
white survival or jewish supremacism