Aryan Talk: Billy Roper – Our People’s Past and Folkish Future (2-14-17)

Patrick speaks with author and activist Billy Roper about his thoughts on the ancient past, including the Solutreans in America, different possibilities for our future, some current events like Trump’s presidency, and the role of jews in the ongoing war against White people.

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What’s up with the Christopher situation? Someone dish the dirt, please.



Chris Dorsey’s picture is not up next Giuliani’s. Is he no longer with Renegade?


Patrick: Can you get a new mic or somehow fix the audio issue. The distortion negatively affects an otherwise excellent show.


Scott the Strategerist

Yeah, I was listening to a show w/ Kyle and Patrick and it sucked! Kyle of course came in fine but I really struggled to listen to Patrick. To be clear, the quality of the CONTENT was outstanding. I’m ONLY complaining about the complete lack of quality in the audio. 🙁


The Balkan’s. If they are so much happier now that they have their own little states, then why is at least half of them in Germany draining our social systems? Just asking.

Helene, when the former Yugoslavia balkanized, the less capable no longer were able to parasitically feed off of the more capable, and now are seeking softer hosts who let them in. The same thing may happen when the U.S. balkanizes, i.e, blacks may look for foreign aid from soft touches in Europe, too. But they won’t be our problem, any more.

Taras Vasgard

Dorsey was a christard basically a know it all shill.
I found him obnoxious. Time to bring back Antiochus and Sledge if he cuts down on the sauce. Haha ))

It would be nice to know why Chris was let go. Then I would vote if Kyle is a dictator or not. Dorsey’s personality could definitely grate on the nerves, but I felt his shows were getting better with each one he did.
Mabey it was the flat earth comment he made that triggered his demise.

Alexander from Flanders

Billy Roper knocked it out of the park everytime he spoke. Good stuff.

I did notice some audio problems on Patrick Chouinard side during the show (I listened on download).

I appreciate that, Alexander, I enjoyed our conversation a lot.

Curt Beasley

Great show. Enjoyed Billy’s new ideas and refreshing perspective.

Thank you, Curtis, that’s very kind.


Great show Patrick and a great guest. Sorry for my somewhat hasty comment regarding your last show (which I thought was really good too btw despite my temporary ire)…been fighting a fever/cough for weeks and my nerves are a little frayed. Keep up the great work.


another one bites the dust


I want more Bill Roper or people like him. Awsome.


Going back to the moon? Terraforming on mars? Space program must go on ??? What ???


Great show very well done.


An awesome discussion as mentioned by most all found here in the comments.
Would like to know and see more proofs of the Soultreans warring against and “wiped out” by the mongol “indian” hordes. This would truly blast the jew lying narrative as to WHOSE land America AND this entire planet earth truly is!
Is there written etc archeological etc proofs of this mentioned genocide of the Solutreans?
Not quite finished with the show, hoping some references/ sources will be shared.
Billy Roper is an extremely learned mind knowing much concerning the His Story of US and all this world also proofs of much ancient Biblical knowledge and events. Truly a blessing studying and knowing our ages old greatness and who we are as Aryans AND Adam Kind!


“I am a non white extinctionist”. I don’t think that we are in a position to be saying things like this. There’s enough on our plate without making more enemies.


Since Kyle had Patrick on the first time, I was thinking “I wish he would have his own show” and now he does. I will definitely be listening. Thank you

[…] Aryan Talk: Billy Roper – Our People’s Past and Folkish Future (2-14-17) […]


Goodbye Chris and good luck or do I mean good riddance…hmmmm…?


Dorsey was a good guy. Why the “good riddance?”


Because he was personally very rude to me


But why is he no longer with Renegade?


Perfection is demanded of everyone. Oh, Lordy, we’re never going to get anywhere.


I agree with you Joyster. He was down right obnoxious and arrogant. A militia leader with dreams of taking over all of the government’s weapons who begs for guns and gear on air. I LMAO when I tuned in to his last show and heard him begging for groceries! So pathetic! His idea of exposing AIPAC is a good one. I hope some one else takes up the cause if he’s to incompetent.


Re Chis Dorsey…
Many people fighting the good fight are so broke they cannot afford to feed themselves or put petrol in their cars…I have seen it first hand in JHB South Africa for years now in the courts and elsewhere – I salute Chris Dorsey for his efforts…personally if someone ‘likes’ a post does not mean he agrees with it. My 2 cents. Peace.


So true. No one ever got rich fighting the tribe.


Tony, why don’t you do it? Yeah, right…the fuck that will ever happen.


I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a shot at Chris because he and Dave slandered me and other callers as Feds when he first came onto the network. He kept saying I don’t know you to us as if we were new and he was established on Renegade. As for your comment that ” perfection is demanded of everyone “; this is what Chris and Dave were most guilty of. Chris would even go so far as to say that “if you eat pork I’m done with you” or if you don’t use marijuana you can’t think straight. Dave even brought into question the integrity of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. A man who paid the ultimate price for our cause and should be honored… Read more »


Poor Tony got his little feelers hurt.


If Chris “the Man with the Plan” Dorsey won’t be back to make podcasts, then I hope he can concentrate his efforts on the task at hand. His last podcast couldn’t have been much better, what an inspiration.