Aryan Talk: Putting Our Struggle in Perspective (2-21-17)

Patrick speaks to Jared Taylor for 20 minutes about race and IQ, weaponized history, and the role of jews, with the latter topic being too much for Jared’s kosher sensibilities. Patrick then goes on to discuss Ancient Aryans, some details of his life, the National Socialist struggle, and the role of North America in the Aryan awakening.

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Welcome to Renegade Patrick. Your knowledge is impressive. You did a good job on the fly after your short interview with Jared Taylor. The question I pose to people who think “they look white to me” is this : if you think they belong in your in group, are you ok with belonging to their out group? And if not than how do you correct this. One answer. They belong to your out group. And even if there was a subdivision of genuine whites by every possible definition who actively worked against our very survival; again do they not belong to our out group?

mike angelo

IMO jared is a jew shill prick !.

Anthony Roberts

On this show, Jared Traitor talks about, and demonstrates h’white h’flite! The jews dindu nuffin according to his (((funded))) extensive research.

Welcome to Renegade Patrick. We all know Kyle is very busy, so i hope one of the “think tankers” has given you the new host TARD TEST!
Are you: ( Y/N)
1. A Trump-tard
2. A christ-tard
3. A white woman hating-tard
4. A not all-tard
5. A agent/shill-tard
I’m hoping it was a big NO to all, and looking forward to your future shows.


The jewpaedia entry on Jared Taylor The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Taylor is unusual among the radical right in “his lack of anti-Semitism”,[34] although at times American Renaissance has had neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers as contributors and participants.[34] The The Jewish Daily Forward reported that Taylor “has been trying to de-Nazify the movement and draw the white nationalist circle wider to include Jews of European descent. But to many on the far right, taking the Jew-hatred out of white nationalism is like taking the Christ out of Christmas — a sacrilege. Unusual indeed. Of course nationalism is only possible without the jew because the jew is not part of any nation let alone OURS! I have to laugh at the way the jews… Read more »


Great show Patrick and welcome. The work you do is incredibly important, foundational in fact, and anyone who doesn’t get this fact just doesn’t really get it. Way to go in not letting Jared off the hook. If he really is in a state of ignorance regarding the Jewish involvement in these major issues through the ages (which I highly suspect he isn’t), I would strongly advise him on trying to bridge the gap on this deficit (in order to do the erudite sounding voice and disposition justice), starting maybe with the book of Ester.


Talk about a breath-taking ending of an interview, yours of Jared is in at least the top five of any interviews I have ever had the good fortune to hear, Patrick. Thank you so much for your promise to give us a weekly show, and I look forward to the publication of the book about the Third Reich, on which you are now writing. Applause, applause.


Race is not a social construct: society is a racial construct. Welcome Patrick, loving your work.


Jared Taylor is a Cuckservative

Wow, Patrick. Great interview and skilled exit. I am totally a fan!


Who is for anyone to dictate to us that we are not allowed to unify? Who the fuck has any business on determining conditions even less supposed to obey? Are you serious?! The fucking audacity. I think we Whites should be the prominent dominating factor in this world, and it will not be a good place to be for ANYONE (jews not included, fuck them) until we become that. I think these jews need to be put back in their place pretty sharpish and pretty hard.


That was a fast visit. Just when I left the room to fetch some coffee the guest also left. It would be interesting though to look into the background of those anti-slavery activists Taylor mentioned. I do not know anything about them. But for the start a citation from Niall Ferguson ( Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History,Harvard University US) to be found in his short articke ” The Rothchilds gained less from the slavery than from it’s abolition”: “…On the other hand, the Rothschilds organised the government loan that was necessary to fund the slave owners’ compensation scheme, without which abolition would not have been approved by parliament. The £15m gilts issue will have been a great deal more profitable than the loan to… Read more »


Even though you are correct in your statements about rich Jews/jews financing a lot of chaos in our world and having a great impact on the veto the US uses in favor for the Israel policy, there is no practical way nor evidence that shows us the majority of them are working hand in hand with the elite in their moneygrab. It doesn’t work that way. In my opinion, most of them have no say, nor interest in banking/politics just like the rest of the majority of this planet. They are taken for a ride being manipulated by their leaders. This is the most logical explanation. I have read Douglas Reed, Eustace Mullins and listened to Benjamin Friedman and David Irving, so I am aware… Read more »


Why would he even interview Jared Taylor? What could possibly be the benefit for our cause? Jared Taylor is obviously working for the enemy, he’s not someone we’d want to associate with. Who is he going to interview next? Richard Spencer? Kevin McDonald? Lana Lokteff? I really thought we were past this shit.

I know Patrick has written a couple of books about our ancient history, but I’d be very surprised if he’s not a shill himself.


While I agree with your list as well as Anthony Roberts’ tard list. I still think these subjects should be discussed. Having a guest on does not mean you endorse their positions. How else can we win over their followers to our position if we don’t have the debate? As to your shill accusation of Patrick; I want proof. Other wise don’t slander people just because you don’t like them.

Exactly. Race traitors come in many forms, and it’s good to show them where their own excrescence is undeniable.


Thanks. I learned a new word.


You mean race traitors like your sister that married the jew, boob?

Kiwi Bob

Yeah like we can control what our siblings do right? Idiot! Stop & think – if YOUR sibling married a jew tomorrow what would YOU do about it? For instance, Shaun Surplus’ brother married an asian but he still gets along with him. Personally in that situation I would pretty much cut him out of my life & I think that’s the only correct course of action. Childish snipes are for… children (in men’s bodies). The aforementioned Surplus is the living personification of this.


Pretty sure boob didn’t cut his sister out of his life. Kinda funny, considering that he did a show for like 5 years where the premise was “we gotta get the jews”. Maybe his brother in law was one of those nice jewish plumbers he was talking about.


Bob, happened to 4th position?

I had planned to end it even a year earlier. The last recorded show was on January 15th. The archive is available:

Thank you for asking!


Anthony Roberts

Apologies to you and Patrick. Iam in no way accusing him of being a shill. It’s just my silly humour and what Kyle said about being more vigilant. Patrick appears to be a fantastic researcher and great future host.
Unlike rev christ……Dorrrssseeeeyyyyy, sat there on YT, defending a black family before his 1st malicious report show, i hope Patrick knows the Renegade guidelines, within reason of course. We all don’t want to be disappointed 6mths down the line, that’s all.