Aryan Talk: Resurgence of the Culture Creators (2-9-17)

Patrick is the host for this fascinating discussion of our ancient pagan past and why it is so relevant to our struggle today. Kyle is only on for a little while in the beginning.

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“Italians and jews?” I beg your pardon. That’s not a devisive dipshit thing to say is it, Patrick


Italians a mix breed and you know it


They were after the Moor invasions.


so you get your facts from Hollywood(Quentin Tarantino)? If you think that the moors changed italians genetically in a few years of rape and pillaging, you are a moron and if we apply that same lgic then no person in Usa is white because they have been living with other races for so long! Just like in the usa there are a couple of mixed people the moors didn’t fuck every single italian! and applying the same logic since the romans were in north africa for about a thousand years then the moors were romans! ignorant saxons thinking they are the gatekeepers of whiteness are starting to make me sick


No, they (the italians) really think they’re white, while they’re no congratulating themselves that they’re not the dumb gullible pushovers we are.


I missed this show. Sorry, I can’t catch all the shows. The comments caught my attention. I have a few questions. White is definitely a skin color. But it’s also a family of people in Europe. No matter how light skinned an Asian is he’s still not white. And all albinos certainly are not white. If we are to factor hair and eye color does that mean blue and green eyed Afghanis are more white than brown eyed Germans and Swedes? If an Italian woman has pink nipples and labia and a blonde blue eyed Swede has mahogany nipples and labia; which woman is more white? Some negros are almost as black as gorillas. Does that mean the ones that are more brown in color… Read more »

Samuel Hoidel

He means 2 prominent ethnic groups from that favorite of Jewish provinces called New York.


Angelo Gage stated he did not consider himself a true genetic White person, as he was 4% sub-Saharan African via his genetic testing. Gage felt he was culturally White though, and considered all who felt culturally White could be White. Gage claimed any percentage was acceptable. Gage felt being ‘genetically’ White was divisive within the movement and was most probably a jewish strategy. Gage stated: “Whiteness is a state of mind.”

Alexander from Flanders

Looking forward to this one. I will be listening while lifting weights later today.

Keeping body and mind in tip-top shape.


I have a little box, inside a little drawer, inside my big desk, in which I keep a selection of presentations and documentaries which I deem to be of relevance and importance. Thank you Patrick….I just hope future generations will be able to read my USB-sticks haha ! But then……I think nature will find its own way. For once I am going to be ” blue eyed ” trust and fight ….Heil !!!

Anthony Roberts

Fantastic show Patrick – very inspiring and encouraging. I hope you do more wildcard shows. Be proud to be ARYAN!!

Robert Heimdal

Thanks for mentioning the already debunked fraud (((Zecharia Sitchin))) and the race-traitor Graham Hancock. I butt-hurt some people in one of my articles when I made some remarks about the latter. I hope this podcast sets the record straight.

I had the luck of meeting Andrew Collins in London some 20+ years ago in the first psychic conference he organized there. He was always very critical of Daniken and his ancient aliens theory (not so much of Sitchin if memory serves). Collins is not perfect either but at least he seems to be more honest.


Who but a jew, names their child “Zachariah”? LIke Zack de la Rocha from the commie band Rage against The Machine. Good music but kike to the core. Kike to the core… that is way to catchy.


Great show sir. One thing I would recommend is for people to learn ancient Greek, Gothic and Latin for starters, keep the culture alive. It isnt hard at all, it does require a bit of focus and practise but it’s not that hard at all. Read some original scripts like Euclid “Elements”. There is a great youtube series called GreekBeforeChristmas which I am watching, the guy is excellent.


Excellent show, love this guest. It is Blacks, it is Asians, it’s Fallen Angels…. it is even ALIENS!!!…. but NOT WHITE FOLK! NO couldn’t possibly be White people at all!!!

Taras Vasgard

The Italian question should be there. The sicilians run the mafia with the kikes.
WOPs is how they are called. Northern italians can be part of our race.
The pantheon of celtic slavic germanic is key.
The Mediterranean do not have archetypes of Perun, Wotan, Rusalki, Valkyries.
The Greek and Roman was very judified so i would not follow that. We must follow the neopagan non jewish traditions of our folk !!!


It’s not just the sicilians; that is a myth. In the Amanda Knox case, which happened in Perugia which is central Italy, the americans lobbying for Knox had to work with a faction of northern italians to get the appeals court judge changed. He wound up being a northern italian on the verge of retirement. It would not have been possible to get Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend a fair trial in central Italy, as the backdrop of their railroading (Knox was the targets an ‘anglo’ female) was a web of italian and jewish corruption. A famous french mathematician chimed into the case to lie about Knox; she is jewish and had zionist connections and some to the victim’s actual killer, Rudy Guede. There… Read more »


why are you talking about how a country you obviously don’t live in nor understand anything? just because you watched some special about the amanda knox case now you think you are an expert on Italy…you are pathetic


It could be awesome if he was a regular host.